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  • Angry Birds Valentine’s Day edition, Angry Birds 2 and Kinect mode coming soon?

    Looks like Angry Birds fans will have more to look forward to this year. With the popular game recently made available on laptops and Mac machines, it looks like the developer isn’t going to stop just there. Apparently, a Valentine’s Day edition is due to be out next month; Angry Birds 2 is in the making;

  • HP Topaz specifications leaked; more on Touchstone v2

      HP's new WebOS tablet will come in the form of Topaz. It will be running 1.2GHz  Qualcomm processor and comes with 512MB DDR2 memory and up to 64GB eMMC storage.

  • Apple to include contactless payment services in future iDevices?

    The rumour mill regarding the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad 2 just got a little more interesting today – Apple is rumoured to be working on contactless payment solutions that will allow consumers to pay for purchases using nothing more than their mobile handsets.

  • Tenq P07 Ubuntu tablet specification and pricing unveiled

    Near the end of last year, an unnamed Ubuntu tablet device was spotted in China, and it looks like the official specifications and pricing of the Tenq P07 Ubuntu tablet is out. We believed that it should be on retail soon, though it is may be only available for the China market.

  • Leaked: NVIDIA’s 3D-capable Tegra 2 processor arriving sooner than expected?

    Now that the Nintendo 3DS console has earned the honour of being the world’s first handheld computing device capable of producing 3D images, it should come as little surprise that the race to be the next such device has just gotten a little more intense. A leaked NVIDIA slide has revealed that the graphics giant

  • This XOOM will have no ‘Blur’

    Seems like consumers who desire a true ‘stock’ installation of Android on a slate PC device can heave a sigh of relief now that Motorola has finally made public its official stance on customized first-party ROMs. In response to a query made by Android.PandaApp, the company has confirmed that its upcoming XOOM tablet will not

  • ASUS unveils new U series laptops and adds colors to X series notebook PCs

    ASUS Singapore today unveiled their latest U series laptops, U31, U36J and U41, which claim to offer ultra-slim designs with superb computing performance. On top of that, the manufacturer has also introduced four new colors to the X series notebook PCs.

  • More information about Toshiba’s upcoming slate PC revealed

    Exactly three weeks ago, VR-Zone posted some information about an upcoming slate PC from Toshiba that was slated to receive the Android Honeycomb treatment and will feature NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 SoC for some high-performance smartphone computing. And if that has got your interest, we got news for you: Toshiba has just released more information about

  • Rumour: HTC’s upcoming tablets will sport quite the Sensation

    HTC may make some of the better Android-powered smartphones in the market, but the Taiwanese OEM has no offerings that can go head to head with the Android-powered tablets currently flooding the market. This does not mean that it has nothing up its sleeves though: now that the company has announced plans to make its

  • No money to own the Galaxy? Get a Cherry instead

    And no, we are not referring to ‘that’ kind of cherry, despite how it may sound. But if you fancy an Android-powered tablet that has the raw computing horsepower and hardware to go up toe to toe against Samsung’s popular (and overpowered) Galaxy Tab, China may just be the best place to be for the

  • It’s “Bye bye netbook, hello Sandy Bridge tablet” for Acer

    Claims made by higher authority in large corporations can make for interesting reading material, especially when their predictions about how the market will react to certain issues do not always go as planned. And Acer is no exception to the rule. Barely four months after its president claimed that netbooks can hold its own against

  • Fancy owning a tablet for less than US$80?

    No, we are are not making this up. And no, this device is no clone of the countless mobile internet devices (MIDs) available in the market today. Apparently, Chinese OEMs are still the masters when it comes to producing extremely low-cost devices that sport top-dollar looks and designs, of which these sub US$100 MIDs are

  • Instagram your videos with iSupr8

    First there was Instagram and Hipstamtic. Now, there is the new iSupr8, which also adds retro filter effects; but to the videos you record.

  • Plextor Unveils PX-L611U External DVD writer

    Plextor, a brand best known for its high-quality optical drives, has launched its PX-L611U external slim DVD writer.

  • MSI announces 10-inch WindPad 100W

    MSI has announced their latest 10-inch tablet on their website that boasts great portability and extended battery life, and ideal for communication and entertainment. It runs Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium OS and features a multi-touch screen and comes with dual cameras and sufficient ports for most standard connectivity.

  • Rumour: HP will port webOS to netbooks?

    Dumping a smartphone operating system onto a computing device like a netbook may not be the most sensible thing to do, but it cannot be denied that OEMs have attempted to do so with varying levels of success. And if HP has its way, the next entrant to the netbook game will be powered by

  • BlackBerry Torch 2 Leaked

    For all BlackBerry fans out there, here is one good news you’d need to know. Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry Torch will have a younger brother soon. Excited? Read on for rumored specifications!

  • The special one-day Apple shopping event is here!

    It’s less than three weeks till the Year of the Tiger makes way for the Year of the Rabbit, and Apple has given us ample reason to celebrate early by slashing prices in the online Apple Store.

  • One day only: Apple’s special shopping event this Friday

    Are you after an iPod or iPad? A MacBook? Or perhaps some accessories to bling up your beloved Apple gadgets? You might want to wait till this Friday, 14 January, for Apple’s special one-day shopping event, just in time for Chinese New Year.

  • This ‘Mouse’ will make cheese out of your notebook

    Mice are small and timid creatures, right? Well, be prepared to see what this giant ‘Mouse’ is capable of: with the power of Intel’s recently launched Sandy Bridge platform backing it along with 16 jaw-dropping gigabytes of DDR3 memory, the new G-Tune NEXTGEAR-NOTE i730PA1 laptop from Mouse Computer is all set to make cheese out