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  • Fairchild semi has solved the headset connector issue

    In as much as we're all for Bluetooth headsets, they're generally not that great for listening to music on, but getting a high-quality wired headset that actually works with your phone isn't always that easy, as not every manufacturer wires up the connector the same. An unlikely candidate has stepped up to the task of

  • Plantronics BackBeat 216 and BackBeat 116 headphones promise superb audio quality at amazing prices

    Plantronics has introduced the Backbeat 216 and 116 headphones with microphones which are compatible with iPhone and Android devices, and boast high-quality audio performance be it listening to your favorite music, or answering calls.

  • Belkin unveils new brand identity and People-Inspired Products for 2012 in Singapore

    At yesterday's event in Singapore, Belkin unveiled their new brand identity and new products for this year. The new products include the ScreenCast AV4 which lets you connect your home theatre equipment to your HDTV wirelessly, N900 Advanced dual-band N+ router, LiveAction Mic for the iPhone and other accessories.

  • iLuv launches new multi-functional, premium Mac adapters and cables

    iLuv, a company that manufactures a comprehensive line of accessories for Apple devices, has launched their new mutli-functional, premium Mac adapters and cables. The award-winning plug-and-play Mac adapters and cables claim to incorporate Thunderbolt Technology that supports high-resolution displays and high-performance data devices through a single, compact port.

  • Bose launches Bluetooth Headset Series 2 in Singapore

    Incorporating various proprietary technologies, the compact Bose Bluetooth headset Series 2 is designed to meet the demands of consumers on the go. You are ensured clear conversations, thanks to its noise-rejecting microphone system and automatic reaction to noise levels.

  • Plantronics Marque M155 Review: Small, stylish and smart Bluetooth headset

    Not everyone uses a Bluetooth headset to have hands-free conversation. But for those who do, they are mostly busy business professionals or drivers on the road, though it seems that there is also a growing number of mainstream consumers who are using the device. The Plantronics Marque M155 was announced in Singapore earlier last month, and we

  • Jabra releases Clipper with new mono and stereo headset options in Singapore

    For business road warriors who are looking for a Bluetooth headset, check out the Jabra Clipper. The Clipper claims to be a fuss-free tool for users to take calls, as well as superb companion for music enthusiasts on the move. It has both new mono/stereo options and is available at Jabra's authorized resellers.

  • Sony Ericsson “Xperia Arc HD” images surfaced again

    Sony Ericsson's rumoured upcoming flagship was sighted yet again, and this time it is from a Chinese source. The amazingly thin profile and a mysterious illumination strip along the bottom of the phone certainly leads one to wonder what the phone manufacturer is up to this time.

  • Meizu officially joins the fray with the MX smartphone

    Chinese electronic manufacturer Meizu has officially announced the release of their MX smartphone. Prior to this, the Meizu MX had its share of rumours and leaked photos unveiled on the Internet. It is now confirmed that the smartphone will feature a 1.4GHz processor and penta-band network support.

  • Patent Wars: HTC phones to face ban in USA?

    HTC smartphones may soon be barred from being imported into the US due to a patent infringement dispute with Apple. This is a big problem for the Taiwanese based handset maker and will send shockwaves throughout the entire Android ecosystem.

  • Plantronics launches Marque M155 headset in Singapore

    This afternoon, Plantronics has announced the launch of the Marque M155 in Singapore. Designed for iPhone and Android smartphones, the compact headset offers voice-guided pairing as well as voice recognition for answering or ignoring calls hands-free.

  • Slim 12.1-megapixel sensor to dominate mobile markets

    A 12.1-megapixel camera module was revealed by Japanese manufacturer Sharp recently, sporting a series of features packaged into a very slim form, suitable for use on compact smartphones, which have dominated the mobile market recently. 

  • Phone on fire again. Culprit: Samsung GALAXY S II Skyrocket

    A Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket nearly burnt the owner in his pocket due to a malfunction. Is this just seemingly humorous collection of incidents of very hot phones, or is there a serious flaw which smartphone makers should look at?

  • Spit on your phone for good health

    Technological advancements empower our phones to do so many things, but soon you can spit on your phone to know if you're down with flu, quite literally. A new developement from Korean utilizes capacitative screens like those on smartphones to detect the presence of bacteria.

  • Apple iPhone 4 on fire, twice

    In two bizarre  accounts, two separate Apple iPhone 4 ignited themselves in dangerous proximity to users, but ultimately causing nothing more than the inconvenience of losing the phone and some disruptions of the moment. Will Apple find out if this is just a duo of accidents or a flaw in manufacture process?  

  • ‘Sleek’ to be the name of Samsung’s new superphone?

    Samsung may already have a name for their next blockbuster smartphone. Called the "Galaxy Sleek", will this phone live up to its name?

  • Droid 4 carries latest specs in QWERTY flavour

    The Motorola Droid 4 has been churning the rumour mill recently, but now some tangible numbers and more pictures have emerged. The most powerful QWERTY phone to date is nigh.

  • “Siri, start the car.”

    Apple's iPhone 4S Siri has more tricks up her virtual sleeve than one expects. Now she can start your car for you, and even open the boot compartment. Read on to find out how it is done. 

  • Philips unveils speaker docks for Android

    Android devices finally receive not one but three speaker docks designed for the platform, courtesy of Philips. A repackaged version of its iPod-oriented cousin the DS8500, this new kid in the block seems like a hit from early reports.

  • HTC embraces ICS with Ville

    It seems that HTC has ironed out their position with Andriod's new Ice Cream Sandwich mobile platform with this recent leak of a new phone they are working on, codenamed "Ville". This new addition to the HTC family gives a double dose of goodness by including the HTC Sense UI 4.0 as well, an update to