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  • Plantronics M100i limited edition radiant red Bluetooth headset retailing at Apple Stores

    Plantronics has announced their new limited edition M100i Bluetooth headset which sports a stylish, ultra-slim and lightweight design. It is available now at Apple stores till 18 April.

  • LG introduces wireless charging pad for mobile phones

    While wireless battery charging technology has existed for sometime, it looks like LG in Korea has introduced their new charging pad that lets users charge their mobile phone wirelessly. Read on for more details.

  • Hands on with the Jabra FREEWAY and Jabra Stone 2

    Jabra held an informal working lunch with the media today at the Grand Hyatt Singapore hotel, and VR-Zone was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to the event. In addition to talking about their plans for expansion in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region, the company unveiled two products aimed at taking media connectivity to

  • Europe to get universal smartphone charger

    How does the idea of being able to use a single universal charger to power all the smartphones in the world sound like? Well, such an ideal solution might probably come much sooner than we have expected it to: the EU has seemingly taken on the initiative of rolling out such a charger, and several

  • Disney opens first mobile phone store in Tokyo, Japan

    Disney fans in Japan rejoice! The first Disney mobile phone store has opened in the heart of Tokyo – Shinjuku - and you can expect to find, not just phones but phone accessories and other products.

  • LUXA2 ready to accessorise your iPad 2

    Thermaltake's LUXA2 branding announced the pre-launch of Apple iPad 2 product line on the same day Apple revealed their upcoming iPad 2. And according to them, they're products are good to go as soon as Apple's iPad 2 go on sale.

  • Transform your iPhone 4 from black to white

    Do you happen to own a black iPhone 4 and still have a burning desire for the white one? Well, there are several options out there. You can strip your phone apart and change the panels from a third-party supplier. Or, you can consider a vinyl decal.

  • Want to get a transparent iPhone 4? Here’s how!

    While the rumoured official white iPhone 4 has yet to be released, someone in China has made his iPhone 4 completely transparent and the result is completely awesome.

  • Nokia X1-00 music phone exposed

    Nokia X series smartphones are designed for the young adults, focusing on music and entertainment. The upcoming Nokia X1-00 will be the new addition to the family and boasts a candybar form factor with built-in speakers (from the rear).

  • Leaked: NVIDIA’s 3D-capable Tegra 2 processor arriving sooner than expected?

    Now that the Nintendo 3DS console has earned the honour of being the world’s first handheld computing device capable of producing 3D images, it should come as little surprise that the race to be the next such device has just gotten a little more intense. A leaked NVIDIA slide has revealed that the graphics giant

  • Plantronics announces Savor M1100 Bluetooth headset with advanced voice controls

    Plantronics has recently announced their new Savor M1100 Bluetooth headset in Singapore. It features advanced voice commands which allows users to answer or ignore the call by simply saying them out.

  • Jawbone Era claims to be world’s first Bluetooth earpiece with built-in accelerometer

    The latest in Aliph’s Jawbone product lineup has improved noise-canceling capabilities, longer battery life compared to previous models, and to top it off, a built-in accelerometer. Read on.

  • StarHub unleashes Facebook mobile app for Java feature phones

    Today, StarHub and Facebook have jointly announced the new Facebook mobile app for Java feature phones. The app is free for mobile pre-paid Happy Stars customers and there is no data access charges for all other mobile post-paid and pre-paid customers till end April 2011.

  • Converse in Spanish on your Android device

    Google has refreshed its Translate app for Android devices, making it not only easier to interact with, but has an added Conversation mode which you can translate between English and Spanish.

  • Samsung Singapore introduces Wave II and Galaxy 551

    Samsung Singapore today introduced two new smartphones to their portfolio, the Wave II and Galaxy 551. The Wave II succeeds its Samsung Wave sibling and runs the company’s proprietary Bada OS 1.2, while the Galaxy 551 is based on Android 2.2 Froyo platform.

  • Frozen Apple iPhone 4 not covered under warranty

    If you are travelling to cold countries where the temperature falls below zero degree celsius (or 32 degree Fahrenheit), remember to leave your iPhone 4 at home. Apparently, if your iPhone got frozen and is damaged due to the extreme cold weather, Apple will not replace or repair it.

  • LG disappointed about Windows Phone 7 visibility at launch

    Even though Microsoft have announced the Windows Phone 7 few months back, with LG being one of the closest partners, it looks like the Korean manufacturer isn’t too happy about the weak visibility at launch.

  • Motorola Atrix 4G – Redefining Mobile Experience

    At CES 2011, Motorola unveiled the Atrix 4G, a Tegra 2 based smartphone. Today, Motorola has also showcased in their video how the smartphone is able to adapt to different docks in different environments. Look inside for more information…

  • Charge your phone anytime, anywhere with TUNEMAX STICK BATTERY

    Mobile chargers are life-savers especially if you have forgotten to charge your phone the night before. And this latest mobile battery charger from TUNEWEAR not only charges iPhone, but also iPod Touch, iPod Nano and other mobile devices.