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  • Viewsonic Unveils New Computing Line

    Viewsonic is a well-known name closely associated to LCD monitors and LCD TV displays. But at the CES show in Las Vegas, the manufacturer has recently announced their new line computing line including the 10.2-inch VieBook netbook.

  • Panasonic Z1 1080p Plasma HDTV

    Panasonic has introduced their new flagship 1080p 1-inch thin Z1 Plasma HDTV at Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It features WirelessHD technology which can transmit Full HD video, audio and control signals wirelessly.

  • QTV Digital Photo Frame

    Although it may look like a mini TV, this QTV is actually a digital photo frame, FM Radio, MP3 and MP4 viewer all-in-one. Comes in pink or yellow, this cute gadget is retailing at USD89.

  • Transcend PF810 Digital Photo Frame

    Not only can you view your holiday photos with this Transcend PF810 Digital Photo Frame, but you can also listen to your favorite songs and radio stations, as well as watch your videos and movies too. It comes with an 8-inch color TFT LCD display, 2GB flash memory and supports JPG and BMP images.

  • Apple’s New Macbooks and Cinema Display

    Apple’s next generation of Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and Cinema Display were unveiled in Singapore to the delight of many of the loyal fans from the media. VR-Zone posed some tough questions…

  • Nvidia Forceware 180 Series Preview Part 2

    This is the 2nd part of the Forceware 180 Series Preview. The first part was reviewed using Forceware 180.10 drivers and games were not used for the tests. This time, we manage to grab hold of a newer, Forceware 180.32 drivers and we will be testing it using Crysis:Warhead + FBWH Benchmarking tool v0.29 in Split/Extended mode + SLI function enabled.

  • Nvidia Forceware 180 Series Preview

    Ever since we got our hands on the 180.10 Forceware drivers, we were wondering whether it will be what Nvidia has been talking about, the “Big Bang II”.  “Big Bang II” drivers has thus far, rumoured to enable SLI with multi monitor support. Has it been implemented in this first set of 180 Forceware drivers? The answer is yes, they have

  • Sony Singapore Unveils New BRAVIA LCD TVs

    Bearing in mind the needs of the modern consumers who want their LCD displays to deliver unparalleled audio and visual quality while making an impactful lifestyle statement, Sony Singapore unveils today new additions to its wide range of BRAVIA LCD TV series. Besides stylish designs, pristine visual quality and stunning sounds, exclusive BRAVIA technologies have

  • E2200HDA Preludes BenQ’s Upcoming 1080p Full HD LCD Monitor Lineup with 16:9 Format

    BenQ leads the emerging Full HD trend with the introduction today of the E2200HDA, the world’s first 21.5” Full HD 16:9 LCD monitor featuring 100% mapping to 1080p content and will urther pioneer 1080p display applications by expanding HD thrill beyond the conventional family room TV into all areas of daily life – to offices,

  • BenQ Unveils New Award-Winning 24” V2400W Widescreen LCD

    With the release of its new V2400W premium LCD display, BenQ not only debuts the world’s slimmest 24” widescreen LCD monitor, but creates a new lifestyle trend in computer hardware design that targets the sophisticated and stylish consumer. The V2400W, in fact, recently received the internationally-renowned iF Design Award, a prestigious and coveted recognition of

  • LG Electronics launches latest L227WTG widescreen monitor

    LG Electronics (LG), a major player in the global flat panel display market, today announced the launch of LG L227WTG LCD widescreen monitor. Featuring the industry’s highest DFC 10,000:1 contrast ratio and 2ms response time, the 22-inch L227WTG rises above the rest to deliver the ultimate crystal clear high definition picture viewing.

  • ASUS Launched PG221 LCD Monitor

    To satisfy users who want more multimedia value out of their LCD monitors, ASUS has launched the latest offering in the LCD market – the ASUS PG221 LCD monitor. The ASUS PG221 is a 22-inch widescreen that incorporates a stylish and innovative industrial design with great visual and audio performance to let users fully experience

  • LG Redefines TV design w/ LB9 Series

    LG today announced the Launch of the LB9 LCD TVs, the first in the company’s Design Art series. With these tempting black pearl design inspired LCD TVs, LG hopes to build its reputation for producing designer TVs matched with advanced digital display technology. A unique ring-shaped stand is the key feature of the LB9 series.

  • Limited Edition Loewe LCD TV w/ Swarovski Crystals

    Atlas Sound & Vision, Singapore’s leading premium audio visual retailer and distributor, today announced the availability of the limited edition Loewe Individual television adorned with Swarovski crystals. The high resolution LCD panels (1366 x 768 pixels) combined with the new Loewe Digital+ platform allow for optimal viewing pleasure and brilliant pictures in 16:9 cinema format

  • LG Unveils Full HDTVs Line-up

    LG announced the launch of its new 2007 line of premium Full HD LCD TV and plasma TVs. The LB7RF series LCD TVs will be released in 42- and 47-inch sizes (models: 42LB7RF and 47LB7RF) while the Full HD plasma TVs will be available in 60- and 71-inch sizes (models: 60PY3RF and 71PY1M). All models

  • CeBIT : Best LCD Displays of CeBIT 2007

    Four LCD displays we feel stole the CeBIT limelight; 30″ LED BLU LCD monitor from Samsung, 42″ 3D LCD from NEC, 42″ Weather Proof LCD from Sanyo and lastly world’s largest 108″ LCD from Sharp. Samsung SyncMaster XL30 incorporates LED as backlight source for richer colors. It also sports features such as 3,000:1 dynamic contrast

  • CeBIT : Sharp Put Largest LCD TV On Display

    Sharp has two new Aquos LCD TVs in 46″ and 52″ sizes and they support Full HD in 1080p resolution with in-built video recorder. Other features includes picture refresh rate at 100Hz, 4ms response time, and a contrast ratio of 3000:1. Sharp also has put the world’s largest LCD TV topping at 108″.

  • LG New Line of Innovative 19-22 inches LCD Monitors

    LG Electronics (LG), a global leader in high-performance liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, today introduced its 2007 line of innovative LCD computer monitors for the APAC market which are all “Certified for Windows Vista” widescreen LCDs. The three flagship models, which range in size from 19- to 22-inches and incorporate Microsoft’s Industrial Design Toolkit (IDT),

  • ASUS MW221U/201U LCDs Are Vista Certified

    With the newly released Microsoft Vista™ operating system supporting widescreens and the increasing multimedia requirements of users, the display market trend is migrating towards higher resolutions and wider screens. ASUS’s MW221U and MW201U widescreen monitors have passed the WHQL tests and are both certified for Windows Vista™ Premium version. Both monitors will bring a more

  • Intel & Samsung Back DisplayPort

    Intel and Samsung officially put their weight behind the Displayport 1.1 specification at a press conference at the CES. With their support the competing Universal Display Port (UDI) effort is essentially dead. DisplayPort backers see the interconnect as the digital successor to analog VGA, the Digital Visual Interface used on TVs and PCs and the