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  • Sony launches VAIO Spring Collection in Singapore

    This afternoon, Sony held a VAIO Spring launch in Singapore, showcasing their latest VAIO notebook PCs - VAIO E, VAIO W, VAIO S, VAIO F and the new flagship VAIO Z series.

  • Samsung Unveils New Laptops, Netbooks and External Hard Drives

    Today, Samsung unveiled their latest products which consist of the R series laptops that feature good performance and stylish design; the portable N series netbooks with impressive battery life; and the G series external hard drives for users to backup their data.

  • MSI To Offer SuSE Moblin U135 Netbooks

    It is always not surprise when it comes to netbook announcements as the specifications are usually more or less the same but this red netbook caught my attention somehow. Introducing MSI U135 Netbook with a touch of Moblin flavor

  • Google holds Chrome OS preview in Singapore

    Google Singapore held a media preview of their latest Chrome OS yesterday, which is is designed to provide better mobile computing and web experience. The Chrome OS is scheduled to be available on netbooks by various manufacturers in the second half of the year.

  • ASUS introduces new notebook PCs at CES 2010

    ASUS has announced some of their latest products that would be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. Among the products include the N Series, K Series and U Series Bamboo Collection notebooks.

  • Toshiba unveils NB300 series netbooks

    Toshiba’s latest netbooks came in the form of NB300 series which promise all day computing with up to 11 hours battery life, with great design and usability. The NB300 features a 10.1-inch LED backlight display, the latest Intel Atom processor, full-sized keyboards, and a large Multi touchpad with gesture support.

  • Samsung expands netbook offerings

    Samsung Korea has introduced their new netbooks just few days into the new year 2010 -  N210, N220, N150 and NB30. The netbooks feature a slim form factor, stylish design and an anti-reflective 10.1-inch LED display. Equipped with Intel Atom N450 processor, they promise adequate performance and improved battery life for the mobile users.

  • Acer “Pine trail” Netbooks First Look

    Acer’s lineup of “Pinetrail” netbooks were revealed some time ago but was officially announced by Acer just recently. Lets see what Acer’s netbooks have to offer.

  • MSI announces Wind Series Special Edition U135 and U130

    Taiwanese manufacturer MSI has announced their new stylish Wind Series Special Edition U130 and U135 are using the latest Intel Atom N450 processor, and claims to be the first to receive International WiMAX Forum certification. Check out the new release.

  • Fujitsu introduces mini-notebooks with latest Intel Atom processor

    Fujitsu has announced their mini-notebooks are equipped with the new Intel Atom N450 processor, and among them is the LifeBook MH380 which sports a 10.1-inch display with Bluetooth and boasts up to seven hours battery life.

  • ASUS equipped Eee PC Seashell netbooks with new processor

    Today, ASUS has announced that its Eee PC “Seashell” netbooks will be using the latest Intel Atom N450 processor. Combining the new CPU with the maker’s proprietary Super Hybrid Engine technology, the netbooks boast extended battery life which is ideal for mobile users who travel frequently. Read on for the full release.

  • Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific unveils new LifeBooks

    This afternoon, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific launched their latest ‘winter collection’ of Lifebooks, which consists of LifeBook T4410, P3110, P3010, P8110 and the highlight of the collection, the new UH900.

  • ASUS launches Eee PC T91MT, first netbook with multi-touch

    ASUS has came up with the first multi-touch netbook, the Eee PC T91MT, which sports a 8.9-inch multi-touch screen that you can write or draw with your finger or stylus. Powered by Intel® Atom™ Z520 processor, the T91MT features 1GB DDR2 memory, 32GB SSD (with 500GB ASUS Web storage) and weighs just below 1kg.

  • ASUS Introduces New Eee PC 1201N

    ASUS has added a new model to their line of Eee PC netbooks, which comes in the form of 1201N. Equipped with Intel Atom 330 dual core processor and NVIDIA ION GPU, the 1201N boasts superior performance to run your multimedia applications including video editing and video conversion.

  • AMP Launches SaberTooth S4 SSDs for Eee PCs

    AMP SaberTooth S4 SATA mini PCIe SSD Active Media Products (AMP) has unveiled the SaberTooth S4 series of SATA mini PCIe SSDs, adding on to its family of Half/Mini PCIe SSDs for netbooks. Measuring 70 x 32mm, the SSD features a Jmicron JMF602B controller and is based on MLC NAND flash for lasting endurance with

  • ASUS enhance features on their laptops, desktops, netbooks and nettops for better Win 7 experience

    Today, ASUS has announced that selected PCs would be equipped with enhanced features to bring a better Windows 7 experience to its users. According to the manufacturer, all ASUS notebooks installed with Windows 7 will run the 64-bit versions of the operating system. Read on for the news release.

  • Nokia Booklet 3G to sold in Germany on Oct 22

    The much talked about netbook from Nokia, the Booklet 3G, will be made available in German stores on October 22, 2009. reported that the Nokia Booklet 3G will be sold via a telecom operator with a contractual 3G-plus service. To take home the Nokia Booklet 3G, Germans will have to sign up for a

  • Sony unveils its new VAIO lineup – VAIO X, VAIO L, VAIO CW, VAIO NW

    Sony Singapore unveiled its new VAIO lineup earlier today. There are four models, namely the VAIO X series, VAIO L series, VAIO CW and VAIO NW. In short, the VAIO X is Sony’s thinnest and lightest VAIO. Targeted at mobile professionals, it weighs just 655g and has a 13.9mm thin, yet rigid chassis. The VAIO L is Sony’s

  • Google Chrome OS in the Loongson CPU powered netbook?

    Netbooks and all-in-one desktops powered by Chinese Loongson CPU is expected to be powered by Google Chrome OS and will be made available as early as next month. Google, however, announced in July that the Chrome OS only available to consumers in 2010.

  • Swordfish Net N102 Dual netbook is powered by 2 Atom N270 processors

    If the current range of N270 Atom netbooks are not up to your performance expectations, you may want to check out the Swordfish Net N102 Dual. Manufactured by a Columbian computer company, Haleron, the 10.2-inch Swordfish Net N102 Dual is powered by two Atom N270 CPUs and features 2GB DDR2 memory, 160GB hard disk, Wi-Fi, 4-in-1 card reader