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  • LGA775 Prescott/Celeron Pricing

    Processor Model Processor Model Number Processor Speed Jun ’04 Q3 ’04 Pentium 4 (LGA775 Prescott) 570 3.8Ghz   $ 640 560 3.6Ghz $ 640 $ 420 550 3.4Ghz $ 420 $ 280 540 3.2Ghz $ 280 $ 220 530 3.0Ghz $ 220 $ 178 Celeron (533Mhz FSB, 256KB) 520 2.8Ghz $ 180 $ 165 (July)

  • Intel Upcoming Plans

    Grantsdale chipsets will shipped to OEM makers by the end of the Q2. Multi-core is the future of HT Technology. However, if the number of cores are increased, die size will increase and power consumption will also go up Vanderpool is a hardware technology that will allow users to partition the processor inside their computers

  • Itanium & Xeon On Same Socket In 2007

    Intel Itanium and Xeon processors will share a common physical socket beginning in 2007. The two architectures, which use different instruction sets, would be designed to use as many common components as possible. The common socket will mean that a Xeon and an Itanium will be able to be swapped for each other. Both architectures

  • LongHorn Scheduled For H1 2006

    Microsoft is aiming to release Longhorn in the first half of 2006–a move that will require the company to scale back some of its more ambitious plans for the next version of Windows. Longhorn will still include three major advances: a new file system known as WinFS, a new graphics engine dubbed Avalon and a

  • ATi 16 Pipelines VPU : R420/423?

    ATI could propose a 16 pixel pipelines VPU instead of the current 12 pipelines this spring to match up with the NVIDIA GeForce 6800. The R420 family either R423 or R480 comprising of 16 pipes will be produced in small quantity for the top-of-the-range market. The 16 pipes of R4xx will be available in AGP

  • ATi R420 To Launch On April 26th

    Nvidia has set the launch date for its latest AGP8X chip, the NV40, on April 14, aiming to penetrate the high-end market of around US$ 499. ATI is likely to debut its next-generation AGP8X chip, the R420, on or around April 26. ATI R420 : Radeon X800, Low-k 0.13-micron, April 26 ATI RV370 : Radeon

  • Nokia 3120 : Trendy Yet Classic

    Nokia today expanded its range of classic phones with an introduction of a new phone with an appealing design and rich feature set targeted at young professionals. With its chrome and matt silver finishing, the compact Nokia 3120 exudes a sense of style and confidence, offering a unique combination of rich functionality, fun and entertainment

  • IOMega Super DVD QuikTouch Video Burner 8x USB 2.0 External Drive

    Iomega today announced the new Super DVD QuikTouch™ Video Burner with leading-edge 8x write performance. With an expanded bundle of software applications, the new Iomega® Super DVD QuikTouch Video Burner 8x USB 2.0 External Drive gives PC enthusiasts the right tool for virtually any CD or DVD creation task. The Super DVD QuikTouch Video Burner

  • Crucial DDR2 Memory Modules Available

    Crucial today announces immediate availability of PC2-3200 (DDR2-400) and PC2-4300 (DDR2-533) synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) modules on the Crucial Web site at DDR2 is the next evolution in DDR memory technology and features advancements in voltage, density, and design to achieve speeds beyond the bus speed limitation of current DDR. Aside from the advantages of

  • Intel Debuts 4 New Mobile CPUs

    Intel introduced four processors for use in value mobile PCs. Intel’s new offerings are the Low Voltage Intel Pentium M processor at 1.30-GHz, the Ultra-Low Voltage Intel Pentium M processor at 1.10-GHz, the Intel Celeron M processor at 1.40-GHz and the Ultra Low Voltage Intel Celeron M processor at 900-MHz. Prices are $ 284, $

  • Inno3D Named Best Graphics Card In Philippines

    Inno3D won all the major citations in the Graphics Cards Category during the 1st PC World Philippines Annual Awards held on March 26 at Dusit Hotel Nikko. Inno3D was named Best Product of the Year (Graphics Card Category), both in the Editors’ Choice Award and Users’ Choice Award of the Year. The PC World Philippines

  • Graphics Card Prices Likely to Rise in May

    With Infineon cutting production output for their DRAMs and increase in demand for these items, the global outlook for the graphics card industry seems bleak. Tight DRAM supply is set to force graphics card makers to raise product prices. Elsa Technology, indicated that some industry players are considering raising prices for graphics cards from May

  • TSMC To Make Future XBox

    Microsoft and TSMC have reached an agreement for TSMC to provide semiconductor manufacturing services for Microsoft’s future Xbox products. The breakthrough agreement expands an ongoing relationship between the two companies by providing Microsoft with direct, collaborative access to TSMC’s advanced semiconductor process technologies. "TSMC has consistently demonstrated industry leadership in the development and deployment of

  • Creative Launched MuVo Slim

    Creative Technology today introduced an entirely new achievement in size and substance to its award-winning family of portable audio players. Catering to the individual who appreciates rich features combined with ultimate portability and style, the Creative MuVo® Slim dresses for success at a slim 7mm thick, yet this player’s true genius lies in its exceptional

  • Memory Prices To Rise Further

    Computer memory chip prices jumped more than 10 percent on Monday amid growing demand for personal computers and concerns about supply. A surge in buying by PC makers, among other issues, has supported the price rise. All of this has pushed spot prices to nearly double what they were a year earlier. On the supply

  • NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Series (NV40)

    0.13 micron process 175M transistors (205-210M?) 500-600MHz core clock 600-800Mhz memory clock 8x32MB memory modules – 256MB GDDR3 Samsung 16×1 rendering pipelines Pixel and Vertex Shaders 3.0 DirectX 9.0c and OpenGL support High Speed Interconnect (HSI) Requires two 4-pin molex power connectors Single slot solution GeForce 6800 / GeForce 6800 Ultra 3DMark2003 score of 12535!

  • Athlon 64 CPUs w/ 512KB L2 Cache

    Desktop Mobile Athlon 64 2800+: 1.8Ghz, 512KB L2 Athlon 64 3000+: 2.0Ghz, 512KB L2 Athlon 64 3200+: 2.2Ghz, 512KB L2 Athlon 64 3400+: 2.4Ghz, 512KB L2 Athlon 64 2700+: 1.6Ghz, 512KB L2

  • Intel CPU Numbering Scheme Updates

      700 Series (High End) 500 Series (Mainstream) 300 Series (Value) Mobile Pentium M (Dothan) 770 : 2.13Ghz 760 : 2.0BGhz 755 : 2.0Ghz 750 : 1.86Ghz 745 : 1.8Ghz 740 : 1.73Ghz 735 : 1.7Ghz 730 : 1.6BGhz 725 : 1.6Ghz 715 : 1.5Ghz Mobile Pentium 4 (Prescott) 2.8AGhz 3.06AGhz 3.2Ghz Celeron M 340

  • AMD Core Math Library 2.0 Launched

    AMD today announced the availability of AMD Core Math Library (ACML) version 2.0, an advanced tool that allows software developers to further exploit the large memory space and ground-breaking performance enhancements offered by the AMD64 architecture. ACML 2.0 provides an expanded feature set, optimization of existing features and improved performance. Developers using ACML 2.0 can