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  • Antarctica WaterChill CPU block

    To demonstrate asetek’s position as the leading manufacturer of water cooling solutions and to fulfil the demands from the most hardcore enthusiasts, asetek has released a new and EXTREMLY POWERFUL CPU COOLING BLOCK: The Antarctica CPU Cooler Block.

  • ATi License Fast14 Technology For XBox 2?

    Intrinsity and ATI announced a licensing deal Thursday which could give ATI a performance edge in the competitive graphics IC market. Intrinsity, based here, has developed a form of dynamic logic, called Fast14, that it is licensing to ATI “for use in future consumer products.” ATI believes that Fast14 technology can deliver up to four

  • Applied low-k Roadmap

    2004 2007 2010 2013 Black Diamond (k value of 3, 90nm) Black Diamond II (k value of 2.2-2.4, 65nm) Black Diamond III? 45nm Black Diamond IV? 32nm Applied Materials outlined its roadmap in what it calls the "Low k Era" of semiconductor manufacturing. Under the plan, Applied hopes to extend its so-called Black Diamond line

  • Windows XP 64-bit Edition For Athlon 64 & Opteron

    Microsoft now offers a public preview of its 64-bit operating system for computers based on AMD’s Athlon 64 and Opteron processors. The program is designed to offer an early look at Windows XP 64-bit Edition for 64-bit Extended Systems, for computers based on the two relatively new AMD chips. While the OS has been in

  • Rambus Demo 90nm Serial Link Cell

    Rambus is showing the industry’s first serial link cell developed on TSMC’s 90 nanometer (nm) process technology. The demonstration features a Rambus RaSer(TM) PHY serial I/O solution providing 10Gbps aggregate bandwidth with a quad XAUI cell. The live demonstration features a Rambus RaSer cell for XAUI and turbo 4Gbps XAUI applications running on 90nm process

  • BenQ Joybook 8100

    BenQ unveils its stunning 15.4-inch wide-screen Joybook 8100 today. Its magnificent display and ultra-brilliant multimedia technology (world’s brightest at 220 nits), easily surpasses the viewing experience available on other notebooks. The BenQ Joybook 8100 incorporates the blazing fast ATI® Mobility Radeon 9600 graphics chip, for your best cinematic experience. This diamond black Joybook will truly

  • HyperTransport 2.0 Specs

    A representative of the HyperTransport Consortium, a group supported by IBM, AMD and other major tech companies, said the organization on Monday announced version 2.0 of the HyperTransport standard. The new version will be up to 75 percent faster than the original specification and will support PCI Express, an emerging high-speed standard for connecting PCs

  • Micron Claimed First DDR2 Validation with Intel

    Micron Technology today announced it is the first supplier to validate the one gigabit (Gb) DDR2 component and first to validate all densities of DDR2 components, including 256Mb and 512Mb, with Intel. Validation and production availability of all three densities provides the foundation for multiple module solutions for notebook, desktop, and server computing products. “Micron’s

  • TSMC Delivers Low-K ATi Mobility Radeon 9700

    TSMC today announced that its industry-leading low-k technology has entered mainstream production following the introduction today of ATI’s MOBILITY RADEON 9700. The introduction of the low-k graphics processor to the notebook PC market reaffirms the arrival of the low-k technology era. Low-k technology improves device performance while reducing power consumption, making it an ideal choice

  • Dothan Scheduled For May

    Taiwan’s notebook makers have been upset as the launch of Intel’s mobile Dothan processors has been delayed to April or May from a revised schedule most recently slated for early February. Local makers said they are now uncertain when Intel will start actually delivering the Dothan processors, but they have rescheduled their production lines for

  • ATi Radeon 9600SE Price Cut

    ATI recently slashed the price of its desktop-use Radeon 9600SE chip by about US$ 10, from over US$ 40 earlier facing fierce price competition from Nvidia in the mid-range graphics chip market. ATI evidently hopes to secure the market before Nvidia launches its GeForce 5700LE chip in March. The GeForce 5700LE chip is set to

  • VR-Zone New OC Databases Up!

    After several months of development, VR-Zone new overclocking databases that has encompass overclockers’ feedbacks and suggestions are finally ready! In order to paint a more accurate picture on how overclockable a particular processor is and to facilitate easier search, overclockers can now search the database and sort the results by type and model of processor,

  • SiS Chipsets Ready For Prescott

    SiS today announced that their SiS648FX, 655FX and 655TX high performance chipsets will support Intel®s new Prescott CPU. The SiS648FX, 655FX and 655TX chipsets are designed for high performance PC application, integrating a high performance host interface for the Intel® Pentium® 4 HT 800 processor, and utilizing SiS MuTIOL® 1G Technology for the fastest bus

  • Vantec AeroFlow 2 Coolers

    Vantec is going to release AeroFlow 2 CPU Cooler in Late February, 2004, improving on one of the best price/performance heatsinks on the market. The AeroFlow 2 features a larger copper core and an enhanced 4-way aluminum fin design that not only draws heat away faster, but allows more air to reach the CPU itself.

  • Next Gen. XBox Come In Fall 2005

    The next version of Microsoft Xbox video game console could be released in the fall of 2005, without the hard drive that was one of the defining characteristics of the current game console. The console would use three IBM processors based on the new generation of powerful 64-bit computing technology and a graphics chip from

  • BenQ Joybee 110 MP3 Player

    Enjoy music and have fun like never before with BenQ’s Joybee 110, your irresistible music companion. The fourth in the Joybee series, this bee-like personal player provides you with a wide range of multimedia features. With its small dimensions and long battery life (~10 hours), the sleek and compact Joybee 110 is designed for on-the-move

  • Notebook Makers To Use Desktop Prescott

    Some second-tier Taiwanese notebook makers will roll out models using Intel desktop-use Prescott processors before the chip giant launches notebook-use Mobile Prescott processors in the second quarter of this year. Aimed at the desktop replacement market, the desktop Prescott notebooks will weigh around 3-3.5 kilograms, have a thickness of about 40mm and consume around 103

  • Intel CPU Price Cut

    Processor Models FSB/Cache Old Price (US$ ) New Price (US$ ) % Change Desktop P4 EE 3.40 800/2MB L3 - 999 - P4 EE 3.20 800/2MB L3 - 925 - P4 3.40E 800/1MB L2 - 417 - P4 3.40 800/512KB L2 - 417 - P4 3.2E 800/1MB L2 - 278 - P4 3.2 800/512KB L2

  • Upcoming DirectX 9.0c Info

      Q1 2004 NVIDIA NV40 (AGP8X) NV36X (PCI Express x16) ATi R420 (AGP8X) R380 (PCI Express x16) R370 (PCI Express x16) DirectX Class DX 9.0c (Shader 3.0) The upcoming implementation is likely simply to be called DirectX 9.0c. It will be matched with the Software Developers Kit 2004 update and it will have bug fixes

  • Intel Centrino Roadmap Updates

      Q2 ’04 Q3 ’04 Q4 ’04 Q1 2005 Processor Dothan 1.6A/1.7A/1.8Ghz Dothan-LV 1.3Ghz Dothan-ULV 1AGhz Dothan 2Ghz Dothan-LV 1.4Ghz Dothan-ULV 1.1AGhz Dothan 1.6B/1.73/1.87/2A/2.13Ghz Dothan-LV 1.4Ghz+ Dothan-ULV 1.1Ghz+ Dothan 2.26Ghz Chipsets Alviso (Intel 915GM, 915PM, 915GML) 800/533/400Mhz FSB, DDR-2 533/400, PCI Express 16x, ICH6-M Wireless LAN PRO/Wireless 2200BG (11b/g, WPA v1) Calexico 2 (PRO/Wireless 2915ABG)