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  • Prescott Shipments By End Dec

    Looking to beat its rivals to the punch, Intel is currently ramping up its new 90-nm process technology, with product shipments due by year’s end. Intel, which claims its own process is on schedule, initially plans to ship a 90-nm version of its Pentium 4 microprocessor, code-named Prescott. This 32-bit processor is expected to be

  • MSI Cards On ATi GPUs Next Year

    MSI is expected to launch MSI-branded graphics cards using ATI GPUs in January next year. MSI decision to adopt chips from both Nvidia and ATI follows the similar moves by competitors like Asustek and Gigabyte. MSI has been cooperating with ATI continuously and uses ATI processors for its ODM production for Medion, a distributor of

  • Intel Server CPUs Roadmap

      Q1 2004 Q2 2004 H2 2004 2005 2006-07 Itanium MP     Madison 9M (1.5Ghz, 9MB L3, Q3) Montecito Dual Core (~2Ghz, 90nm, 24MB L3) Tanglewood Multi Core (65nm, 32MB L3?) Itanium DP     Fanwood (1.5Ghz, Q3) Fanwood (533Mhz, Q4) Fanwood LV (1Ghz, DP) Millington Millington LV   Xeon MP Gallatin-4M 3Ghz /

  • Elpida Ships 1GB DDR2 SDRAM

    Elpida today announced the availability of its 1 Gigabit DDR2 SDRAM device. Elpida’s newest DDR2 devices were shipped to customers on 2 Gigabyte Registered modules* developed by Elpida so that customers can quickly and easily evaluate the new devices on next-generation server platforms. 4 Gigabyte Registered dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) and 2 Gigabyte SO-DIMMs

  • Seagate Shipped 1.5M Serial ATA Drives

    Seagate has shipped more than 1.5 million Serial ATA (SATA) hard drives – more than twice the number of its nearest competitor, according to analysts – confirming its Barracuda SATA drive family as the most popular and widely-adopted SATA disc drive in the world. Seagate SATA drives have been adopted by all the top ten

  • palmOne Mini Cradle

    palmOne introduces the new Mini Cradle, perfect for holiday gift-giving. This attractive pedestal-style cradle works with all handhelds from palmOne with the Universal Connector (see complete list below). It conveniently recharges and quickly synchronizes data through the USB port of a PC or Mac. Unlike the regular in-the-box cradles, the Mini Cradle has a unique,

  • Intel P4 Chipsets Price Cut

      Sep 28 Dec 28 Change 875P 50 50 0% 865G 38 36 (5.3%) 865GV 32 30 (6.3%) 865P 32 30 (6.3%) 865PE 32 30 (6.3%) 848P 29 28 (3.4%) 845GE 32 30 (6.3%)

  • AMD To Sample 90nm CPUs In Q2 2004

    AMD is scheduled to deliver chip samples using a 90nm manufacturing process on 8-inch wafers in the second quarter of next year. The chip samples will be cranked out from AMD’s Fab 30 in Dresden, Germany. The fab, which uses a 0.13-micron process, will migrate to 90nm in the second half of 2004. AMD hoped

  • Corsair TwinX1024-4400 DDR550 SDRAM

    Corsair Memory today announced the worlds first XMS4400 products. The two new parts, TwinX1024-4400 and CMX512-4400, will begin shipping immediately. Based on 550MHz DDR technology, Corsairs new XMS4400 parts deliver extreme memory performance when used with the Asus P4C800E and other hyper-overclockable 875P-based dual channel DDR motherboards. Corsair designed these new modules to support clock

  • PLANET Hot Spot Wireless Subscriber Gateway

    PLANET today unveiled WSG-401 Hot Spot Wireless Subscriber Gateway. With “any IP plug and play technology”, PLANET WSG-401 is the perfect solution for setting up Hot Spot Internet service applications. Via built-in billing mechanism and receipt printing capabilities, WSG-401 can easily provide Internet access of businesses and deliver perfect PWLAN (Public Wireless LAN) applications at

  • Intel Itanium 2 Solution Challenge

    With its Intel® Itanium® 2 processor boasting record-setting performance, several operating systems and the availability of 1,000 applications, Intel Corporation is challenging companies to compare Intel Itanium 2-based servers head-to-head against proprietary systems during a free trial period that is part of a new “try-and-buy” program. Called "The Intel Itanium 2 Solution Challenge," the worldwide

  • palmOne and Handango Extend Worldwide Alliance

    palmOne, Inc. and Handango have announced the extension of their worldwide, multiyear strategic alliance. The new agreement builds on the foundation of two years of successful collaboration with aggressive new initiatives expanding the palmOne Software Connection into Asia Pacific markets and raising customer awareness of software for palmOne handhelds and smartphones. Among the initiatives, there

  • CPL On NVIDIA GeForce FX Cards

    NVIDIA has renewed and expanded its sponsorship of the Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL), the world’s largest professional gaming league, to include support for all CPL tournaments and events held in North America, Europe and Asia, including two new “Super Bowl” style events slated for 2004. As a worldwide sponsor, NVIDIA will exhibit at all key

  • Athlon 64 3000+ Much Cheaper Than Expected

    For 1000 units AMD presented a price of US$ 278 for the Athlon 64 3000+ (1.8 GHz). In spite of the current strong Euro this means that a end-user in Europe have to pay over 300 Euro. The end-user-price will go down to 220 to 240 Euro, when the product finally comes (End of Dec

  • AMD Future High-Speed Transistors

    AMD provided additional details on its next-generation, silicon-on-insulator (SOI) transistor design for use in microprocessors. AMD’s transistor design uses three gates and is geared for the 45-nm node, although the circuit can be scaled down to 20-nm and below. The transistor is not dependent upon the use of high-k gate dielectric materials, which have been

  • VIA PT890 PCI Express Chipset In Jan

    VIA will begin sampling the PT890, an 800MHz FSB Pentium 4 chipset supporting dual-channel DDR400 DDRII and PCI Express, next month. Motherboards using the PT890 chipset are expected to be exhibited at CeBIT in March. VIA hopes to overtake SiS in the P4 chipset market before the second quarter of next year. VIA ships about

  • Vantec Spectrum Fan Card & Mouse Pad

    Vantec is going to release Spectrum Fan Card & Mouse Pad in January, 2004. Spectrum UV LED Fan Card w/Adjustable Fan Control(Blue) MSRP: $ 18.99. Spectrum mouse pad with blue cold cathode light (Blue) MSRP: $ 24.99  

  • Mobo & Graphics Cards Shipments In Nov

    With shipments for the upcoming Christmas holidays reaching their end, major Taiwanese motherboard companies sustained an average of 10-15% month-on-month decline in November shipments, compared to 12% in the same period of last year. Asustek which was more seriously hit by falling sales in Europe, reportedly endured about a 20% month-on-month decrease in November motherboard

  • IBM Demos Silicon-On-Polymer Method

    IBM has created a non-volatile memory using the self-assembly of polymer molecules. In addition, the engineers have demonstrated the compatibility of this nanometer scale activity with conventional sub-micrometer scale semiconductor processing. The engineers used the self-organizing tendency of certain types of polymer molecules to pattern critical device features that are smaller, denser, more precise, and

  • Micron Shipping DDR2 SDRAM

    Micron has begun producing large numbers of DDR2 chips, a new generation of memory for computers and is now assembling DDR2 chips into memory modules. It has been shipping those modules in sizes up to 4GB to chipmaker Intel and several PC makers. The improved performance it offers is expected to appeal to both computer