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  • Nokia announces developer competition for Series 40

    Considering how a large app repository is vital to any mobile phone platform's survival today, what is an established mobile phone company like Nokia to do now that it needs to find a way to encourage developers to produce applications for its software platform? Simple: organize a competition and put some fascinating prices up for

  • Nokia Windows Phone 7 “Sea Ray” Leaked

    Nokia unveiled the N9, the company's  first MeeGo device, at the Nokia Connection in Singapore last week. And not long after, the Finnish company's internal presentation was leaked, including a Windows Phone 7 smartphone codenamed "Sea Ray".

  • Nokia Connection 2011: Unveiling the next chapter

    This year's Nokia Connection is slightly different from the past years. Firstly, it is hosted on the same day as Communicasia and the company has a booth at the convention hall. On top of that, Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop, is in town to deliver his keynote speech. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.

  • Nokia holds E6 and X7 Symbian smartphone preview

    Today, Nokia Singapore held a media preview for their new E6 and X7 smartphones, based on the latest Symbian Anna operating system. Read on for the details.

  • Nokia unveils E6 and X7 smartphones for business users and mobile gamers

    It will be some time till we see the Windows Phone 7 devices from Nokia. Meanwhile, the Finnish company has unveiled two new smartphones today, the Nokia E6 and X7, aimed at business users and entertainment enthusiasts respectively.

  • 10 recommended apps for your Nokia phone

    Nokia may be going the Windows Phone 7 way, but it will be a long time before we see the device retailing in stores. Meanwhile, the Finnish phone maker is not going to phase out its Symbian offerings, seeing there are more than 200 million Symbian-based devices on the market to date. If you are

  • Nokia launches E7 business phone in Singapore, available now

    Today, Nokia announced their new E7 that claims to be "The Ultimate Business Smartphone" in Singapore, designed for mobile professionals. The E7 is available now.

  • Google: We tried to woo Nokia over to our fold

        Think that the deal between Microsoft and Nokia was like a match made in heaven? Far from it, especially if Google has got anything to do about it. According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the search giant had actively attempted to woo Nokia over into taking back their 'pissing in the pants for

  • Nokia and Microsoft Enters Strategic Partnership with Windows Phone and Mobile Experience.

    Nokia calls it the third ecosystem as the company forms a strategic partnership with Microsoft, bringing the strengths of both companies together. More after the jump

  • Nokia X1-00 music phone exposed

    Nokia X series smartphones are designed for the young adults, focusing on music and entertainment. The upcoming Nokia X1-00 will be the new addition to the family and boasts a candybar form factor with built-in speakers (from the rear).

  • Ever see a driverless car? No, we’re not talking about model cars either

    In an collaboration between Nokia Asia and a pair of friends, a Nokia C7 was made to control a BMW 1 Series car. The result? A car that can move and even drift without a driver behind the wheel. The pair aren’t satisfied, and are looking forward to conquer the skies as well.

  • Symbian foundation rumored to close down

    Bad news continue to befall the Symbian camp as Nokia has scrapped plans for X7 smartphone with AT&T in US. Not to mention, Samsung has terminated support for the operating system, while Sony Ericsson has said that the company has chosen Android over Symbian.

  • Nokia shuts down Ovi Music Unlimited, nobody knows that it existed

    Another day, another unfortunate bit of news involving Nokia. This time, it is the company’s software services that is involved: apparently Nokia has decided that its Ovi Music Service which offered free music downloads was not attracting enough attention to warrant any farther investment and has pulled the plug on it. Wait, Nokia actually offered

  • AT&T gives Nokia the heave-ho on the X7

    If Nokia was hoping to use upcoming X7 as a tool to regain a hold on its rapidly declining market share in the mobile phone space, USA is definitely not going to be one of the countries it can rely on. Unfortunately for the Finnish mobile phone giant, US carrier AT&T has reportedly canceled all

  • Nokia E6-00 with 4-inch display, specs leaked

    The yet-to-release Nokia E6-00 based on Symbian^3 mobile operating system has its specifications leaked online. The smartphone is reportedly going to be launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

  • Micro-USB charging made standard in Europe

    Tired of having too many different chargers for your various mobile devices? Well then, the European Commission has announced plans to adopt the Micro-USB port as a universal charging medium for all smartphones sold in Europe starting 2011.

  • Hacked Nokia N900 running Google Android 2.3

    While Nokia has already said it will not go for Android, but Windows Phone 7 instead, hacker Alexey Roslyakov (DrunkDebugger) has managed to replace the Nokia N900′s Maemo 5/MeeGo operating system with Google Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

  • Nokia and Microsoft to team up on Windows Phone 7?

    In September, Nokia has expressed that between Android and Windows Phone 7 platform, it would go for the latter instead. While waiting for the new MeeGo products to be out, which has been delayed to early next year, it seems like the Finnish company is in talks with Microsoft which could lead to a Nokia Windows Phone

  • MeeGo Tablet Coming in Q3 2011?

    Nokia and Intel collaboration on the MeeGo mobile platform has been delayed for the longest time, and till now we still have yet to see MeeGo smartphones or devices on retail shelves. Interestingly, some online sources reported about a tablet that runs on MeeGo. Read on to see the demo.

  • Nokia C7-00 to be available in Singapore this weekend

    This stylish Nokia C7-00 is designed for the fashionistas and users who want to constantly keep track of their friends’ updates on social networks. It sports a 3.5-inch AMOLED capacitive touch display (640×360), 8-megapixel camera and is preloaded with Ovi Maps for easy navigation.