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  • [Rumour] TSMC to skip 22nm

    After canceling the 32nm process, TSMC is now rumoured to skip 22nm and move straight to 20nm in H2 2012. Despite the poor 40nm process, TSMC is over-burdened with orders, including Nvidia and ATI GPUs. Initially, TSMC was expected to move to 32nm some time in 2010, thus enabling refresh/next-generation GPUs in late 201-. However,

  • Apple MacBook Pro refresh, adds Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 mobile processors

    Here comes the moment, where Apple finally refreshes its MacBook Pro line of laptops with Intel’s latest Core i5 and Intel Core i7 mobile processors. It took Apple this long, no thanks to a processor shortage. And, we have NVIDIA joining the party too, with their Optimus Technology. Full specifications of the updated MacBook Pro laptops

  • [Rumour] GTX 400 availability to stay limited indefinitely

    It is 13th April, and our worst fears seem to be coming true. While the GTX 470/480 cards are listed in most e-tail stores, very few, if any, have any stocks at this point. Some e-tailers did get a small quantity, which were sold out within minutes as expected. Fudzilla reports that Nvidia AIC partners

  • Major HYDRA Driver Update Boosts Performance of MSI Big Bang-Fuzion

    MSI, leader in mainboards and graphic cards, announces the major HYDRA driver update – V1.5.106 – to the MSI Big Bang-Fuzion. HYDRA Technology supports up to 3-way cross-vendor multi-GPU processing and DirectX 11 for experiencing the latest and most detailed 3D gaming environments with the most flexibility of any platform. More of the Press Release

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 Quad SLI Benchmarked

    NVIDIA’s SLI has been around for over half a decade already, and VR-Zone was amongst the first to try Quad SLI on GeForce 7 series graphics accelerators. You can’t call Quad SLI news, but you definitely want to see what a foursome of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 can do at the end of a 3DMark

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 and GeForce GTX 480 cards hit retail on schedule in Singapore

    After much delays, NVIDIA’s next-gen graphics cards were launched on 26 March 2010. Availability however, was pushed back to 12 April 2010. Many expect a ‘no-show’ by NVIDIA on the 12th, but Gigabyte has dropped some GeForce GTX 470 and GeForce GTX 480 cards on the shores of sunny island Singapore.

  • Nvidia Geforce GTX 400 Availability Update

    It is April 12th at last, and Nvidia’s Geforce GTX 470 and GTX 480 cards are finally starting to appear all over e-tail. Unfortunately, “Out of Stock” and “Notify Me” are the most common messages when shipping for GTX 400 products. Still, the listings are encouraging and hopefully we will see cards on sale in

  • Koolance Ships Fermi Water-blocks

    VID-NX470 Koolance has announced the VID-NX480 and VID-NX470 water-blocks for nVidia’s 400 series of graphic cards. More details…

  • [Rumour] Nvidia GF104 taped out; Summer release

    Fudzilla reports that Nvidia’s GF104, which has been subject to considerably speculation since the Geforce GTX 400 reveal, has taped out. GF104 will be part of the ~$200 segment, competing against ATI’s Radeon HD 5700 series, which have been available for over 5 months already. Some speculations suggest the top GF104 part will compete with

  • Nvidia Geforce GTX 400 shows up in NA E-tail

    The Nvidia Geforce GTX 470 and GTX 480 cards are starting to show up on North American e-tail. The ETA is listed as 12th April everywhere, as expected. As per our previous article, the cards have only made it into the two premier e-tail outlets thus far. Bot the GTX 470 and GTX 480 have

  • [Rumour] Nvidia Geforce GTX 400 set for extremely thin availability

    No one expects either the Nvidia Geforce GTX 470 or the GTX 480 to be available in any significant quantity come 12th April. Even optimistic rumours have placed the worldwide availability at 30,000 units. Nvidia themselves informed reviewers that the GTX 400 products will be available in >10000 units. SemiAccurate, who have been accurate with

  • EVGA demonstrates 4-way GTX 480 SLI

    Last year, EVGA had released 4-way SLI X58 Classified motherboards and special Classified GTX 285 cards to make 4-way SLI on GTX 285 a reality. Unlike the GTX 285, however, the GTX 480 does not require special edition Classified cards. The reference GTX 480 is compatible with the 4-way SLI Classified X58 motherboards. More next

  • Nvidia’s EU partners receive Geforce GTX 400 cards

    Fudzilla has managed to score Geforce GTX 480s boxed and ready at Point of View’s warehouse. These cards will be shipped to (r)etailers to meet the 12th April projected release date. More next page…

  • [Rumour] Nvidia preparing Geforce GTX 460

    Nvidia is reportedly preparing a further cut down GF100 part – Geforce GTX 460. Set to arrive in June, the GTX 460 will be priced against the Radeon HD 5850, which retails for $300, with some variants as low as $280. The GTX 460 is rumoured for release in June, with a 256-bit memory interface

  • [Rumour] Nvidia Fermi codenames GF104 and GF119 emerge

    The first codename, GF104, has been doing rounds in the rumour mill ever since GF100 was first announced. Simply put, it will be the GTS 400 series, or, GTX 400/GF100 roughly cut in half. It has been rumoured for 256 shaders. However, the “uncore” part, i.e. memory interface, ROPs, etc. are likely to end up

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 Voltage Modifications

    The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 might not be the coolest running graphics accelerator around, but that doesn’t stop overclockers from attempting voltage modifications on it. Guide inside.

  • EVGA Exclusive Extreme Tour

    We decided to visit EVGA’s Taipei office to see where all the bright ideas that went into the Classified SR-2 mainboard had come from. Brief tour of the Research & Developent departments inside.

  • EVGA Unleashes Water-cooled Fermi GPUs

    EVGA has unveiled its GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 Hydro Copper FTW cards, claiming to drastically reduce operation temperatures twofold. Read more…

  • Danger Den Unleashes Fermi Water Block

    Danger Den is preparing to release a trio of water blocks for nVidia’s GTX 400 series of graphic cards. More…

  • XFX to not offer Geforce GTX 400 products

    XFX, Nvidia’s greatest AIB ally in the past, are reportedly not releasing any Geforce GTX 470 or 480 products. While XFX have claimed this was their own decision, as they simply seem to be unsatisfied with the new Nvidia products. Other quarters claim that Nvidia are “punishing” XFX for selling ATI Radeon cards recently –