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  • [UPDATED] GF100 to be branded Nvidia Geforce GTX 480?

    Update: Nvidia have now announced on their Twitter page that GF100 will be branded Geforce GTX 480 and Geforce GTX 470. Long rumoured to be codenamed GT300, with branding as the GTX 300 series, Expreview is now reporting that Nvidia has named GF100 as Geforce GTX 480 for the top model and GTX 470 for

  • TSMC: 40nm issues resolved

    TSMC’s Senior VP of Operations, Mark Liu, has mentioned that TSMC’s troubled 40nm process is now of the same quality as the mature 65nm process. The chamber mismatch issue which dropped the yields of the HD 5800 series to a reported 40% have now been resolved, and yields are recently rumoured to be between 60%

  • [Rumour] Dual GPU GF100 in April? Possible?

    Fudzilla has reported the existence of a dual-GPU version of Nvidia’s upcoming GF100 in April, roughly one month after the single-GPU GF100 launch, if all goes well and A3 is the final stepping. However, is such a mammoth product, the dual-GF100, actually feasible? Earlier rumours pointed to a TDP of 180-200W for the single GPU

  • [Rumour] ATI Radeon HD 5800 series refresh in summer

    Much like the Radeon HD 4890 last generation, ATI is rumoured to be preparing a refresh for its Cypress GPU. Details are unavailable at this stage. Whether it will be a die shrink, increase in shader counts, or just clock speed optimizations (ala HD 4890) is unknown. The HD 5800 refresh should come in right

  • Exclusive Peek at Gigabyte’s GA-P55A-UD7

    “7″ might not be the most oft-used number for naming products this side of the globe, but Gigabyte has chosen to use the “UD7″ moniker on it’s upcoming feature-packed mainboard. Today we landed our hands on a pre-production sample, so here we are with the photos.

  • [Rumour] Cypress yields at 60-80%; Fermi 20%

    There has been considerable speculation of yields for TSMC’s troubled 40nm process. From single-digit percentage yield rumours of early steppings of Fermi to under 40% for Cypress, there has been very little positive reports from TSMC’s process. TSMC themselves admitted yields hovering around 40% in November, due to “Chamber mismatch issues”. They promised to fix

  • [Rumour] Nvidia Fermi production in 3rd week February

    In a curious report from TomsHardware, an Nvidia partner claims Nvidia’s next generation Fermi chips will go into production in the 3rd week of February, with limited quantities available in mid-March. It is not clear if this is the desktop (GF100) or the Tesla version of Fermi. The source goes onto say that 40nm TSMC

  • [Rumour] Dual-GPU GF100 in May?

    Fresh from Nvidia’s premiere of a GF100 working prototype, the dual-GPU variant of GF100 is now rumoured to be released some time in May 2010, at earliest. Not surprisingly, the dual-GPU, if it releases, will be a good one or two months after the single-GPU GF100 variants. However, the feasibility of such a product is

  • Nvidia demonstrates GF100

    As expected, Nvidia have finally demonstrated a working Geforce based Fermi (GF100) card at CES 2010. Few details are available, but at least we know GF100 is up and running. PC Watch have captured a video of GF100 running Unigine’s DX11 benchmark. Visually, the GF100 prototype looks like any Geforce product – though there is

  • [Rumour] Nvidia Fermi GF100 to be shown on January 7th

    Nvidia is all set to demonstrate its Fermi based desktop chip, GF100, at CES 2010 on January 7th. While there is no doubt it has been a long time coming, we can finally look forward to see a real GF100 card in a PC. The extent of the demonstration is not clear, though it is

  • [Rumour] Nvidia Fermi release

    A contrasting set of rumours regarding Nvidia’s Fermi have hit the web following a meeting involving Nvidia’s top men in Hong Kong. First up is a Fudzilla report which claims a late January release for Fermi based Geforce products. On the other hand, HardOCP is speculating an April 2010 release. More next page.

  • Nvidia: Data on Fermi’s gaming features “forthcoming”

    Despite constant rumours that Nvidia is focusing on the potentially lucrative HPC industry with Fermi – rather than gaming – company spokesperson Bryan Del Rizzo dismisses such rumours as “unfounded” and “ludicrous”. “Gaming remains our bread and butter focus area. However, there are other opportunities for us to explore as the company grows, such as

  • ASUS Unveils New Eee PC, EeeTop and EeeBox Powered by NVIDIA ION

    ASUS has adopted award-winning NVIDIA® ION™ graphics for many of its top-selling “Eee” netbooks and nettop PCs. All of the NVIDIA ION-based PCs and motherboards from ASUS fully support Windows 7, which takes advantage of graphics processors to accelerate a variety of applications, freeing the CPU to handle other tasks. The new ASUS products include:

  • Nvidia Fermi demonstrated at SC ’09

    Following the release of ATI’s flagship Hemlock, we first witnessed the first picture of a working Fermi based Geforce system, and now at SC ’09, Nvidia have demonstrated Fermi going up against GT200. All in one day! The demonstration is a N-body simulation running on CUDA with 20,480 body interactions in double precision. This demonstration

  • Nvidia GF100 pictured!

    Finally, we have a picture of what looks like real Fermi based Geforce product rendering graphics! Probably not a co-incidence it was revealed on the same day as AMD’s Radeon HD 5970 release. The picture, posted on Nvidia’s Facebook page, is of a GF100 product running Unigine’s Heaven DX11 benchmark. Visually, the card look similar

  • Galaxy GeForce GT240 D3 and D5 Announced

    Galaxy releases the new GeForce GT240 D5 and Galaxy GeForce GT240 D3 with 1GB/512MB. It is based on 40nm process with 96 stream processors, 128-bit memory interface, 512MB GDDR3/5 memory. The cards come with its own custom cooler to keep the GPU operating 10-15 degrees lower than the standard cooling system.

  • Fermi in trouble?

    We all know it is constantly being delayed – but at the end of all those delays, what we were expecting was a stellar product from Nvidia. However, with today’s press release, certain inconvenient details are revealed. Let’s forget about the delays for now, and just consider the product itself. The first Fermi GPU –

  • [Press Release] Nvidia announces Fermi Tesla GPUs

    Nvidia have “paper launched” the HPC version of its next-generation Fermi architecture. Branded as Tesla 20 series, the HPC GPGPUs will release in Q2 2010. Like the Tesla 10 series based on GT200, Tesla 20 will feature single GPU and four GPU options. The single GPU will come in to variants – C2050 and C2070,

  • Nvidia Geforce GT 240 priced at $99

    A day before release, Fudzilla have finalized specifications and price for what is likely to be Nvidia’s final release before Fermi. The product is the GT 240 – based on the 40nm GT215 shrink. It packs in 96 shader units and an unusually low clock speed for a product of it’s kind of 550 MHz.

  • Nvidia says “No” to x86 CPUs and Globalfoundries

    Nvidia diversifying to the CPU business is an ancient rumour, which recurs with every generation or two. No surprises then, that a version of the same rumour – that Nvidia is developing an x86 CPU - has been doing rounds on the internet over the last week. In an interview with CNET, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun