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  • OCZ Agility 3 240GB SSD Review

    With the shortage of mechanical disks and the constant price reductions of flash memory, 2012 turned into the year of Solid State Drive war. One of the major contestants in this war is definitely OCZ and one of their greatest weapons is the 3rd generation of their Agility series drives. The company ranks the Agility

  • PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III 600W PSU Review

      PC Power & Cooling is a company both well known and favored among enthusiasts for their high performance power supplies. Although the company had been acquired by OCZ several years ago, PC Power & Cooling maintained their (at least partial) autonomy and continues their operation to this date, offering a long list of power-related

  • OCZ RevoDrive X2 240GB & RevoDrive 3 X2 480GB PCI-E SSD Review

    PCI-Express SSD drives are not new in the market, with the technology being implemented in several portable devices and companies offering various PCI-E SSD drives for home and professional applications. One of the first to offer a commercial PCI-E SSD drive in the form of a PC card was OCZ, several years ago. The company

  • OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS 240GB SSD Review

    Even though SSDs are a relatively new technology and market penetration is not yet extensive, demand from performance-crazed enthusiasts has led several of the major manufacturers to release products designed for maximum performance regardless of their high cost. Today we will examine OCZ’s currently fastest 2.5” SSD offering, the Vertex 3 Max IOPS 240GB drive.

  • OCZ Synapse 64GB Caching SSD Review

      The SSD market is continuously growing, yet high capacity devices will most likely not be affordable by the bulk of consumers for several years to come. Even after the Thailand catastrophe which increased mechanical drive prices by as much as 300%, high capacity SSDs were far too expensive to be competitive. Many manufacturers are

  • OCZ shows off Thunderbolt SSD, demos new Indilinx controller at CES

    With Intel's Ivy Bridge based Ultrabooks and a fair few other Ivy Bridge notebooks and desktops expected to offer Thunderbolt connectivity – the first time for computers no from Apple – it looks like several companies are getting interested in the still relatively new, high-speed interface. OCZ has shown off its upcoming external SSD with

  • OCZ Nocti 60GB mSATA SSD Review

    OCZ is yet another company which started off as a computer RAM manufacturer and later diversified into other areas of the market. Nowadays OCZ is a renowned manufacturer of computer RAM, power supply units, solid state disk drives and more. OCZ however is one of the very few companies which offer mSATA SSD drives for

  • OCZ announces mSATA SSD for Ultrabook hard drive caching

    Being in the retail SSD market isn't a money maker and OCZ has been trying to work its way into the OEM market space for some time. Now the company has announced a new mSATA SSD under its Deneva 2 brand that the company is targeting towards Ultrabooks for some Intel Smart Response caching action.

  • OCZ ZS Series 650W PSU Review

    It has been over half a decade since OCZ has begun marketing performance power supplies. The company turned into a major player in the PSU market after they acquired PC Power & Cooling, a company which specialized on the field.  OCZ currently markets three series: The premium ZX series, the modular ZT series and the

  • OCZ Technology releases PC P&C Silencer MK III Power Supply Series

    Today OCZ announced the release of the new PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk III Power Supply Series. Although the mainstream character of the series might not draw the attention of enthusiasts, this is the very first modular design coming from PC Power & Cooling, which is interesting all by itself.

  • OCZ to launch TLC NAND based SSDs next year

    If you still think SSDs are too expensive, then OCZ might have a solution for you come early next year, as the company is planning to offer SSDs with TLC (three bits per cell) NAND flash. This means that less flash memory is needed to make an SSD of the same capacity as when MLC

  • OCZ ZT Series 550W PSU Review

    OCZ might have started off as a memory modules manufacturer but the company diversified into several other segments of the computer components market, such as CPU coolers, SSD drives and power supply units. OCZ has been marketing performance power supplies for over half a decade; however they turned into a major player after they acquired

  • OCZ launches Indilinx based Octane SSDs

    Besides OCZ's mSATA SSDs, we haven't seen anything based on Indilinx controllers since OCZ bought Indilinx back in March, well, that was until today when OCZ announced its new Octane series of SSDs based on the new Indilinx Everest controller. The new SSD controller not only offers SATA 6Gbps support and of course added performance,

  • OCZ announces second SSD caching solution with the Synapse series

    If OCZ's RevoDrive Hybrid is outside of your budget, then its new Synapse series of SSDs might appeal to you as the new range of drives have been designed specifically for SSD caching. The good news is that you don't need chipset level support to take advantage of the SSD caching feature either, as OCZ

  • OCZ’s mSATA SSDs appear in Japan ahead of launch

    If recent developments are anything to go by, the next SSD battlefield is mSATA and OCZ is getting ready to join Intel, Sandisk, Kingston and several other companies with a couple of new products line that might prove to be popular in the upgrade market and possibly even with notebook manufacturers. OCZ new Nocti and

  • OCZ’s SSD caching solution launches

    It's hard not to call OCZ an innovative company as they keep coming up with new ways of either connecting your SSD or take advantage of SSD technology somehow in your PC. The latest addition to the RevoDrive series of PCI Express based SSDs is the RevoDrive Hybrid and if you've been around for a

  • OCZ Agility 3 240GB Review

    Enter the Agility 3 – the low-cost offshoot of OCZ's Vertex 3. With the same SandForce controller but slower NAND flash, is the Agility 3 a good deal for those seeking an economical 6Gbps SSD?

  • OCZ to launch Z-Drive R4 SSD with capacity of over 3TB

    OCZ is going to launch its Z-Drive R4 SSD soon which was first seen at the Computex 2011. The SSD will be available in various capacities from 480GB to 3.84TB.

  • [Finalised] Computex 2011 Round-up: Casing, PSU, Cooler

    Computex 2011 Round-up for both day 1 and 2. SILVERSTONE's TJ12, NZXT Pink Case, Noctua's Prototype Cooler and the PCCOOLER's W120 are some of the interesting things we get to see. The various casings, PSUs and coolers are sorted according to the different manufacturers for your convenience. 

  • SSD + HDD + PCIe = OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid

    OCZ has announced the RevoDrive Hybrid, which pairs a 2.5" hard drive and a cache SSD onto a single PCIe add-on card. Read on for more details and some performance numbers.