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  • OCZ Unveils 3.5″ Colossus LT SSDs

    OCZ has announced the 3.5” Colossus LT SSDs, targeting enthusiasts. More details…

  • OCZ Technology Announces Vertex 2 and Agility 2 Solid State Drives

    SAN JOSE, CA—April 8, 2010—OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (OTCBB: OCZT), a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and flash-based storage as an alternative to hard disk drives (HDDs), today unveiled the Vertex 2 and Agility 2 SATA II 2.5″ Solid State Drive (SSD) Series. These are new enthusiast-class SSDs designed for

  • OCZ Technology Launches Next Generation Z-Drive PCI-Express Solid State Drive

    Addressing the emerging performance demands of storage area networks (SANs), workstations, and servers, the Z-Drive R2 creates new possibilities in enterprise data management. The R2 delivers extremely fast transfer rates up to 1.4 GB/s, while offering enhanced reliability and durability compared to mechanical hard drives. More of the Press Release inside.

  • OCZ Onyx SSD Stripped

    Previously, OCZ announced the arrival of the Onyx range of value SSDs. We had a chance to snap some shots of the value drive in its most naked. The exposé inside.

  • OCZ to drop coolers and peripherals, focuses on core businesses

    OCZ, a well-established name in the enthusiast hardware front, has announced that they will be ceasing production on all products which are not related to their core business. Read on for more information.

  • OCZ Technology Rolls Out Affordable Onyx SSD Series

    OCZ Technology Group, Inc. has announced its OCZ Onyx 2.5″ SSD Series, targeting mainstream users. Read more…

  • OCZ Technology Unveils Vertex Limited Edition SSD

    OCZ Vertex Limited Edition (LE) SSD OCZ Technology Group, Inc., has announced the long-awaited Vertex Limited Edition (LE) SSD, targeting enthusiasts who are on the look-out for the “fastest SSD” in the market. Read more…

  • OCZ Demos New PSUs at CES

    OCZ Fatal1ty 750W OCZ will be unleashing a couple of new PSUs, the The Fatal1ty 750W and PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK II PSUs, in the coming weeks. Read more…

  • OCZ Officially Launches Colossus 3.5-inch 1TB SSD

    OCZ today released the Colossus 3.5” Solid State Drive (SSD) Series available in up to one terabyte configurations delivering excellent performance on internal RAID 0 architecture. The maximum read speed/write speed is 260MB/s while the Sustained write is at 220MB/s and Max IOPS at 14K. The Colossus SSD is available in other capacities such as 128GB, 256GB,

  • OCZ To Deliver SandForce-based Solid State Drives

    OCZ Technology announced its collaboration with SandForce on OCZ’s next generation of mainstream and enterprise solid state drives (SSDs). OCZ’s impending solutions will feature various configurations of SandForce’s innovative SF-1500 and SF-1200 SSD Processors and multi-level cell (MLC) and single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash memory, all with the objective of providing best-in-class storage with exceptional

  • OCZ Unveils Low-Voltage AMD Black Edition DDR3-1600 Memories

    OCZ expanded their lineup of DDR3 to include certified OCZ Black Edition 4GB kits for compatibility with AMD Phenom II processors. Featuring the AMD OverDrive™ (AOD) feature, users can select the remote stored profiles when used with 790FX / 790GX motherboards. They will be available as DDR3 PC3-12800 4GB kits operating at 1.65V.

  • OCZ Ships High Performance Z-Drive SSD

    OCZ today unveiled the Z-Drive, a PCIe based bootable SSD for high performance and reliability enterprise solutions. With 8 PCI-E lanes and an internal four-way RAID 0 configuration, the Z-Drive is available in MLC and SLC models referred to consecutively as p84 and e84 in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities.

  • OCZ Releases Affordable SLC based SSD – Agility EX

    OCZ today unveiled the OCZ Agility EX Series featuring speeds, up to 255MB/s read and 195MB/s write speeds, 64MB of onboard cache, and performance optimization to keep the drives at peak performance. OCZ will initially release the Agility EX in a 60(64)GB solution with an MSRP of $399 and a 3-year warranty.

  • [Press Release] OCZ announces DDR3 RAM kits for LGA-1156 CPUs

    OCZ has announced six 2x2GB DDR3 RAM kits for the upcoming Lynnfield Core i7/i5 CPUs. According to OCZ, they have been tailor-made for the P55 platform, which means they will also be supported by the subsequent Clarksfield Core i5/i3 dual-core CPUs releasing in Q1 ’10, also based on the LGA-1156 socket.     More details next page.

  • SSD Stackup

    How do the many solid state drives in the market stack up? We ran some benchmarks, and here are the results…

  • OCZ 80+ Gold Z-Series 850W & 1000W PSUs Available

    OCZ today announced the immediate availability of the Z-Series power supplies, the Z850 and Z1000 PSUs delivering over 90% efficiency at typical load. The Z-series is available at retailing for $299.99 (Z1000M), $289.99 (Z1000), $239.99 (Z850M), and $219.99 (Z850).

  • OCZ Overclocks SSD with Vertex Turbo Edition

    OCZ today released the latest addition to their Vertex SSD series, the Vertex Turbo Edition with higher host clock-speed and the SDR DRAM Cache @ 180MHz versus 166MHz on the original series. Available in capacities of 30GB (32), 60GB (64), 120GB (128), and 250GB (256) and backed with 3 Year Warranty.

  • OCZ Unleashes Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard

    OCZ Technology has announced their latest product release – Sabre, a OLED gaming keyboard. It is not a full backlit OLED keyboard but rather the user-programmable hotkeys are unique OLED keys that can convert any digital image or text into distinctive icons.

  • OCZ Agility SSD Series for Cost-Conscious Consumers

    OCZ released the Agility SATA II 2.5” SSD Series for mainstream users including professionals, students, gamers, and enthusiasts on a budget.  The Agility Series has an efficient controller design reaching a speed of 230MB/sec read and 135MB/sec write speeds, along with 64MB of cache.

  • OCZ Demos 1TB SSD Powess @ Computex

    SSD is definitely the focus for OCZ this year at Computex 2009 where they have unleashed a slew from SSDs from budget to high end. Today, OCZ unveils the “Colossus” one terabyte SSD prototype housed in a 3.5” form factor. This drive is made up of two MLC based SSDs in RAID 0 array using a JMicron RAID