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  • With World Domination On The Agenda, Google Moves To Prepare Chrome OS For Slates

    Now that Google has come clean on its future plans to make the Chrome OS user experience the default computing method in the near future, it should come as no surprise that the search giant is starting to look beyond notebooks. A quick look at the development page of Chromium OS reveals that plans for

  • Mac App Store For OS X Gets A Competitor In The Form Of Cydia

    Anybody who has jailbroken their iOS-powered device would have heard of the alternative mobile app repository known as Cydia, but it seems that the repository’s creator have got something a little more ambitious lined up. Apparently, Cydia will soon be launching its own App Store for OS X in a matter of weeks, thus setting

  • It’s Official: Google is Planning For World Domination With Chrome OS

    Many developers do not attempt to compete against Microsoft in the desktop OS space, preferring instead to give consumers alternative choices. However, ‘giving a choice’ is not what Google has in mind: the search giant has revealed in an interview that it plans to go all out in making Chrome OS the ‘default way of

  • Apple removes iOS jailbreak detection

    Apple has disabled jailbreak detection API in its iOS, secretly. This means that if users can choose to use alternatives, rather than iTunes, to load and modify apps on their jailbroken phone more easily.  

  • Microsoft To Release Huge Security Bulletin On Patch Tuesday

    Christmas may be the best time to finally get off that PC and spend time with friends and family, but users would do well to ensure that their computers are in shape for some serious updating. Come Patch Tuesday, Microsoft will be releasing a large number of patches to fix flaws in its software products

  • Google’s Chrome OS netbook coming next week

    Aside from the Android mobile platform, Google also has the Chrome OS which is a platform designed for netbooks and laptops for users to work with web applications. Earlier in January, the Singapore media had a glimpse of the Chrome OS and that it is scheduled to be available later this year. Well, according to

  • Google Insists Chrome OS Will Be Out By Year’s End

    The last time we spoke about Google’s upcoming Chrome OS, the search giant was in the midst of adapting the operating system to work on ARM processors and devices featuring System-on-a-chip designs. Since then, news about the development of the browser-based OS has mostly gone cold. However, the project is far from dead, and the

  • Registry Hack Allows Mounting Of Windows Phone 7 Handsets As Portable USB Drives

    Of course, there is the approved Zune software to use for that, but some traditionalists may prefer to load files into their brand-spanking new Windows Phone 7 smartphone the old way: via drag-n-drop in Windows Explorer. And the good news is that there is apparently a clever way to do so, as long as one

  • Sophos announces free Mac anti-virus for home users

    While PCs are more prone to viruses and malware, Macs are not entirely safe from these threats either. Good news is, there are anti-virus software developed on Mac OS platform, and recently, Sophos has announced their free Mac anti-virus for the home users.

  • LG Windows Phone 7 customers to get free access to popular apps

    If you have just bought the new LG Optimus 7 Windows phone, you will be pleased to know that you can download quality apps (including paid one) free for use. Today, LG and Microsoft have jointly announced that quality apps will be made available free for LG customers who bought the latest Windows Phone 7 handsets.

  • Viewsonic Launches ViewPad Tablets In US

    Looks like almost everyone is having a tablet device, and the latest manufacturer is Viewsonic who is known for their display products. The manufacturer has recently announced the Viewsonic ViewPad tablets, which come in 7-inch that runs on Android 2.2, and 10-inch that can dual boot Windows 7 and Android 1.6 operating system.

  • Rumour: Microsoft Has Its Own iPad Division?

    Everyone knows that the iPad will be the tablet to beat, and Microsoft is sparing no effort in trying to get its own OS out on the new breed of slates. But as much as Microsoft is going to fight tooth and nail against Apple in this particular segment, it appears that part of the

  • Nokia’s Saviour, MeeGo 1.1 Is Here

    It is a long wait, but MeeGo is now here. The version 1.1 of the new mobile platform, jointly developed by Intel and Nokia, is available for download and is highly likely that the Nokia N900 will be tested with this. Windows Phone 7 has recently been launched, but it is still anyone’s guess as to

  • RIM Announces BlackBerry Bold 9780 Smartphone

    Research In Motion, manufacturer of BlackBerry devices, has recently unveiled their latest Bold 9780 smartphone that claims to be the first in its series to be equipped with the latest BlackBerry 6 operating system. The QWERTY phone will be available around the world early November.

  • Java-based Trojan For Mac OS X Discovered

    Malware? On the Mac? Barely a year ago, saying something like that to a Mac user would be akin to blasphemy of the walled Apple ecosystem. But now that a new Trojan has been found on OS X which has the potential to complete disable the OS’s access protection features, it seems like Mac users

  • Microsoft Releases Beta Windows Phone 7 Connector Application For OS X

    Remember how Microsoft raised some eyebrows when the company announced its plans to push out a Mac-compatible syncing client barely two weeks ago? It seems that the good guys over at Redmond were really serious about it, having released a beta for Windows Phone 7 Connector for OS X merely two weeks after the announcement.

  • LG Optimus 7 – A Windows Phone 7 Review

    Last week marked the official launch of the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system and LG was one of the makers to introduce their smartphone based on this platform. We at VR-Zone managed to get our hands on the LG Optimus 7 and see if the Windows Phone 7 has what it takes to take on the competition.

  • Palm Pre 2 With WebOS 2.0 Coming To Verizon

    HP acquired Palm in April this year, including their webOS operating system. And it only took the company less than a year to announce a Palm Pre 2 smartphone, based on the new webOS 2.0. Unfortunately, it is going to be available in US, on Verizon.

  • Motorola Joins HTC In Attempt to Throw Out Apple Patent Suits

    Apple may have launched patent infringement suits against the likes of HTC, but you can be sure that OEMs who have committed themselves to Google’s platform are not about to take Apple’s accusations lying down. In a move most would not have anticipated, Motorola has sided with HTC in its attempt to invalidate the patents Apple has used to sue the latter.

  • HTC Launches New Windows 7 Phone Smartphones

    Windows Phone 7 has finally been launched, and smartphone makers are quickly moving to push out new smartphones running on Microsoft’s latest mobile OS. HTC brings its trademark innovation and design to a fresh, new Windows Phone 7 portfolio with three new smartphones: the HTC 7 Mozart, HTC 7 Trophy and HTC HD7 Read on