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  • Canonical releases Ubuntu 10.10 on October 10

    If it is an easy-to-use Linux distribution that you are looking for, look no further than Canonical’s Ubuntu. The popular Linux distribution has just recently announced its latest version, 10.10 (which is also known as Maverick Meerkat), which claims several improvements over its predecessor, 10.04 LTS (or Lucid Lynx). Read on to view the press

  • Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7, or not?

    Microsoft had apparently placed an icon of Angry Birds on its Windows Phone site, suggesting that the highly popular game would be available on its new mobile platform. The move, however, ruffled the feathers of the game’s developers Rovio Mobile, prompting them to make an annoucement on their Twitter page which says otherwise…

  • Motorola Collaborating With Microsoft On Windows Phone 7

    About a week ago, Microsoft sued Motorola over patents infringement on their Android phones. And not long ago, both companies announced that they may be working together to build a smartphone based on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 operating system.

  • Samsung Expands Bada Smartphone With Wave II

    Based on the company’s proprietary Bada open platform, the Samsung Wave was first announced in February and launched in Singapore in May. And not long ago, the Korean maker announced the Wave II (model: GT-S8530) that is based on the latest Bada 1.2.

  • Ballmer: Windows-based Slates By Christmas

    Apple’s iOS may have the lion’s share of the slate market with Android coming in a a distant second, but you can be sure that Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer is not about to sit back and let the competition steal the show. To that end, Ballmer has made a bold announcement: consumers will see Windows-powered

  • Nokia MeeGo Chief Resigns

    With the MeeGo devices scheduled to launch before end of 2010, Nokia looks to have a final fighting chance to stay in the competition against Apple and the other platforms. However, bad news continue to hit the Finnish company as Ari Jaaksi, head of Nokia MeeGo platform, has also resigned.

  • Windows 7 Family Pack To Be Re-Released For Retail

    In a country where most people usually work their entire life to make ends meet, killer deals and bargains are always highly sought after. And being able to get three legitimate Windows 7 licenses at a price comparable to a singer-user license is definitely one of such deals, thanks to Microsoft’s decision to re-introduce the

  • Samsung Terminates Support For Symbian

    Samsung has announced in the news section of its Mobile Innovator website that it will terminate its support for the Symbian operating system by end of this year. This means that the Korean company is probably not going with Symbian OS for its future phones.

  • Samsung Signs Agreement With Microsoft For Windows Phone 7

    Samsung to adopt Windows Phone 7? That might sound unlikely, considering how the Korean electronics giant has embraced Android and even created its own Bada operating system. But then again, anything is possible in the business world, and the Korean electronics giant has just announced the signing of an agreement with Microsoft to use the

  • ViewSonic plans tablet device, dual-boots between Windows and Android

    You know what people always say about one being never enough. That can also apply to computing, and nobody likes to be stuck or locked into just one operating system. And ViewSonic has just the thing to cater for customers who prize choice above everything else: a tablet which offers a dual-boot option for both

  • Upcoming Ubuntu release 10.10 to have built-in multitouch support

    Apparently, Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth believes that multitouch is every bit as useful on the desktop as it is for mobile devices and smartphones. In fact, he believes in it so much that the upcoming release of Ubuntu, codenamed Maverick Meerkat, will ship with some form of multitouch support built into the OS. Read on

  • BlackBerry OS 6 Debut on BlackBery Torch

    Research In motion has announced their BlackBerry 6 OS which provides better performance and ease of use for the consumers. According to the maker, the new OS will debut on the new BlackBerry Torch smartphone announced today. However, this is only available in US, though it should be available to Asia soon.

  • Dell Streak tablet: Is it coming?

    Dell has announced that it will be launching a 5-inch tablet-phone this summer. Called Dell Streak (formerly Mini 5), the portable device is based on Google’s Android OS version 1.6, though it will have the option to the updated 2.2 (Froyo) by the end of this year.

  • HP Trademarks “PalmPad” Tablet

    HP has announced that it has filed trademark for the name “PalmPad”, which probably refers to their new tablet based on the WebOS. According to some analysts, the PalmPad could pose a major competitor to Apple’s iPad.

  • Novell releases OpenSUSE 11.3, takes usability to a new level

    Ubuntu is not the only popular Linux distro in the market: in fact, way before the Debian-based fork was even conceived, at least three other Linux distributions were considered to be wildly popular with the Linux crowd. And one of them is Novell’s OpenSUSE, which had just received a new release a couple of days

  • Microsoft Extends Windows XP Downgrade Rights Till 2020

    Microsoft is dropping support for their Windows XP operating system today (13 July 2010), though just a day earlier, the company has announced that users on Windows 7 can downgrade to the older OS till 2020.

  • Rumors of Windows 8 Surfaced, In Details

    Details of Microsoft Windows 8 have recently surfaced on the web, and that is because Francisco Martin, a Windows enthusiast, has gotten a few powerpoint slides and posted it on his blog.

  • Samsung organizes Bada Developer Day, hints at upcoming local Samsung Wave release

    Samsung organized a Bada Developer Day seminar on 21 May, 2010 at The Arts House to introduce developers to some details of the new Bada smartphone operating system, along with a few subtle hints about the local release date of the much-anticipated Samsung Wave smartphone. Read on to find out more.

  • New Android OS Offers Mobile Hotspot Support

    Google’s new Android OS for mobile smartphones, codenamed ‘Froyo’ (Frozen Yogurt), is arriving. The version claims to offer additional features including mobile hotspot support. This means you can turn your mobile handset into a mobile hotspot to other Wi-Fi devices.

  • Google Unveils Chrome Web Store

    Google have announced in their IO event of Chrome Web Store, yes, you ain’t reading it wrong. Hop on for more.