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  • Haipad M9 tablet gets upgraded with newer processor and better touchscreen

    Looks like Haier is on a roll this week. In addition to launching a new, upgraded version of a yet-unnamed Haipad tablet which we talked about recently, it seems that the company has got yet another product which has been given an upgrade of sorts, and it comes in the form of a slight specifications bump

  • Sanyo Home outs world’s first Android-based Smart Home robot, calls it Mirai SANZO

    We have heard of the Android operating system being used to power all kinds of appliances that it was never designed for, such as TV set-top boxes, GPS navigators and even actual PCs. But putting Android into a robot has probably got to be a world's first, and this is exactly what Sanyo Home has

  • Twitter for Android: Now with push notifications

    If you are the proud owner of an Android-powered smartphone who cannot afford to pass a single day without getting your daily fix of Twitter on your mobile phone, today will definitely be a very good day to hit the Android Market and update that Twitter app currently residing in your smartphone to the latest

  • Europe to get the Meizu M9 soon?

    Remember Meizu's M9 smartphone? You know, the one that seemingly resembles an iPhone but brings along with it its own share of originality in the form of a customized UI for its Android-based operating system and its own unique tweaks to the hardware's design? Well, it turns out that Europe might have no problem with

  • Dell Venue smartphone review: the venue where style and professionalism call home

    Dell is widely considered to be one of the later entrants into the market for a slice of the lucrative smartphone pie. And the fact that its first true-blue Android-powered smartphone, the Venue (and not the Streak), has only started seeing the light of day on the retail shelves recently is certainly not about to win the company any

  • WitsTech unveils new Android-powered A91 tablet device for sale in China

    It is a common perception that most, if not all of those China-branded tablet devices that are currently making their way onto the retail shelves in the gigantic Chinese domestic market are nothing more than cheap toys which sport poor build qualities and weak hardware, right? Well, leave it to WitsTech to prove such critics

  • Microsoft issues Critical security bulletin for Windows Bluetooth Stack vulnerability

    Is your PC running off the Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating system? If your answer to that question is a "yes", you might want to start firing up the Windows Update utility in your operating system and performing a full system update today, for Microsoft has announced that it has released four security bulletins

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 to launch in US next month?

    Remember the little story we published a month ago about Research In Motion or RIM unveiling its upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone, while conveniently choosing to keep consumers in the dark by not providing any details about pricing and availability? Well, we got some good news; apparently BlackBerry fans who cannot wait to get their

  • Haier upgrades HaiPad tablet device, still available only in China

    It has been some time since we talked about Chinese products, but that does not mean that the consumer electronics scene in China has been mellowing out somewhat. On the contrary, it seems to be just as lively as it always has been, and the best proof of that fact is has got to be

  • Samsung leaks upcoming Nexus smartphone with Ice Cream Sandwich

    Seems like the good folks over at Samsung were just not able to keep a secret in their excitement over the major changes that Google is reportedly bringing to the Android ecosystem in time. Apparently, the Korean electronics giant has essentially leaked just about every important aspect of an upcoming Nexus-branded smartphone, right down to

  • Pantech releases Vega N5 smartphone for sale in Korea

    When it comes to fanciful gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, it goes without saying that Singapore is always one of the last to get its share of the fun (if ever), and the latest announcement from Pantech only seems to confirm that fact. Apparently, the Vega N5 super-powered smartphone that was announced back in

  • Gingerbread update for HTC Desire to arrive by end July

    We have always said that good things come to those who wait, and it seems that this saying applies to owners of HTC's Desire smartphone who are anxiously awaiting news of the eventual Gingerbread release for their handsets will probably have much to look forward to this month, for HTC has finally confirmed that the

  • HTC to start unlocking devices via firmware updates this August

    Remember how HTC made headlines not too long ago when the Taiwanese smartphone OEM claimed that it will eventually sell its smartphones without locking down the bootloader? Turns out that users need not have to worry about older devices not getting some unlockable love fron HTC, for the company has announced that it will be

  • Canonical releases Ubuntu One Files app for Android

    With so many cloud storage providers to choose from today, you'd think that there is hardly any more space for competitors to try their luck in this crowded market, right? Well, Canonical apparently does not think so, for the company has just made available its Ubuntu One cloud storage solution to Android users, which can

  • Still no release date for Gingerbread update on HTC’s Desire

    Just when you thought all is nice and well with HTC and the world now that the company has confirmed that it will indeed be updating its Desire smartphone with version 2.3 of the Android operating system (aka Gingerbread), out comes Murphy with his ominous Law, and it seems that not even a company like HTC can

  • Skype announces updated client for Android, brings video calling to supported smartphones

    For the longest time, users of Android smartphones could only watch in envy while their iOS-totting friends were happily utilizing Skype's services to initiate video calls among their fellow iOS users, but it seems that things are about to change for the better very soon. This is because Skype just announced the availability of an updated client

  • Angry Birds finally smashes into Windows Phone 7

    Microsoft may have left a less-than-favourable impression on Rovio Mobile by using the Angry Birds logo in an advertisement to tout that theWindows Phone 7 will have a ton of cool apps well before the latter has yet to even commit to such a port (if at all), but the latest turn of events seems to suggest

  • Nokia Connection 2011: Unveiling the next chapter

    This year's Nokia Connection is slightly different from the past years. Firstly, it is hosted on the same day as Communicasia and the company has a booth at the convention hall. On top of that, Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop, is in town to deliver his keynote speech. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.

  • HP Pre 3 shows off Skype integration

    Some time back, rumour had it that HP was planning to launch its Pre 3, webOS-powered smartphone with version 2.2 of the operating system instead of the newer 2.3.1, and that support for Skype will be fully integrated into said operating system, thus negating the need to install a separate, standalone app if a user

  • Relive the Windows 8 Partner Preview Demo Event (better video!)

    Relive the ground breaking Windows 8 Partner Preview Event, this time in a 32 minute-long HD video! Experience the new touch-centric UI and the mysterious prototype devices! Windows 8 is scheduled to be released in 2012 and will run on both x86 and ARM platforms.