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  • Microsoft Windows 8 to come with backup feature similar to OS X’s Time Machine?

    When it comes to restoring one's PC to an earlier state, there are usually two main methods of going about it, with each method being specific to the kind of operating system being used on the machine. However, leave it to Microsoft to improve on its restoration solutions for the upcoming Windows 8: rumour has

  • Dual-booting x86 tablet shows up in China

    Have you ever found yourself wishing that your tablet comes with more than one operating system installed so that you can switch between either OS to suit various needs? Well, it turns out that the Chinese are already one step ahead in the game: a new x86 tablet that comes pre-loaded with both Windows 7

  • RIM confirms support for Android applications in upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

    Remember the rumours made some time back about RIM's upcoming tablet being able to run both its own apps alongside that of Android's, even though it uses a different operating system? Well, it turns out that the rumours were true after all: the PlayBook will indeed come with such functionality built into the BlackBerry Tablet

  • Google deliberately withholding source code for Honeycomb?

    The open-source nature of Google's Android operating system means that just about anybody can pick up the underlying source, adapt it for their own use and contribute bugfixes patches back to the main source tree if they feel inclined to. However, it seems that this close relationship between Google and the open-source community might be

  • Rumour: iPad 3 to debut in September this year?

    Sure, Apple's iPad 2 has just been released to widespread fanfare across the world, but it seems that the Cupertino giant is not about to stand still, especially with the competition in the tablet space is starting to heat up. Once again, leave it to the rumour mill to churn out a never-ending stream of

  • Rumour: ASUS plans sub US$250 netbook to avoid competing against tablet PCs?

    With tablet PCs fast gaining acceptance among consumers as the mobile computer of choice for media consumption, what does one think netbook OEMs should do to restore the competitiveness of a product that appears to be fast approaching its 'use by' date? Well, ASUS apparently thinks that the answer is rather straightforward: make them cheaper.

  • Microsoft launches free trial of Windows Azure Platform

    It is clear that Microsoft wants Windows to be as ubiquitous in the cloud as it currently is in the desktop and notebook PC market. And while Microsoft is also considered to be one of the latecomers to the entire  'software-as-a-service' ecosystem, it would seem that this minor setback is not about to hinder the

  • Windows 7 SP1: Now available for download

    Do you see that Update button hiding inside the Control Panel in your copy of Windows 7? Well, now is the best time to actually start making use of it if you have not been doing so. That is because Microsoft has just released the highly-awaited SP1 update for its popular operating system for public

  • Motorola confirms a special feature on Xoom for Android enthusiasts

    Motorola has had its fair share of criticism from the Android hacker community, especially with its less-than-friendly policies regarding any act of ROM or firmware modification. However, the latest news from the company seems to hint at a complete about-turn of Motorla's Android strategy: apparently, the upcoming Xoom tablet will sport a certain feature that

  • News’flash’: No Flash for Xoom + Honeycomb combination

    It might not be the case down here in sunny Singapore, but in other countries, it would appear that the success of a tablet is tied to a single critical factor: support for the 'full Web content'. Which, needless to say, includes Adobe's proprietary Flash plugin used in a vast majority of websites today. However,

  • ZTE tablet from China gets Android 3.0 treatment

    Of all the China-brand tablets that we have been covering for news updates, it would appear that ZTE is one of the few OEMs which have the potential to make a name for itself in both the domestic and the global arena. Apparently, the Chinese OEM has just churned out a new tablet that is

  • No iTunes? No problem: new music service offering for Android supposedly in the works for Honeycomb

    Think that a new user interface and built-in support for devices with larger display sizes are the only draws that Honeycomb has to offer for the Android lovers out there? Well, it seems that Google has got one more ace up its sleeve in ensuring that the latest version of its mobile operating system has

  • Leaked Dell roadmap reveals 3 new smartphones and 6 tablet devices for 2011/2012

    Leaked documents show Dell has planned for three smartphones (Android and Windows Phone 7) and six tablet devices which are based on Android 3.0 Honeycomb and Windows platform this year and early 2012.

  • Windows hit by zero-day vulnerability, XP and Windows Server 2003 affected

    Seems like Microsoft had gotten a little too confident about the security of its ageing Windows operating systems and fell asleep at the wheel after the success that was Windows 7. Apparently, the software giant had forgotten that there are large numbers of people who still rely on older versions of its Windows operating system

  • Android Ice Cream combines both Gingerbread and Honeycomb; scheduled to launch within six months

    At the Mobile World Congress, Google said that the next Android mobile operating system, codenamed "Ice Cream" or "Ice Cream Sandwich", will be launched within the next six months.

  • Google: We tried to woo Nokia over to our fold

        Think that the deal between Microsoft and Nokia was like a match made in heaven? Far from it, especially if Google has got anything to do about it. According to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the search giant had actively attempted to woo Nokia over into taking back their 'pissing in the pants for

  • Microsoft Kinect: Now available on Android…somewhat

    If there is one truth about the world of hardware, it is the fact that hackers are always on top, especially  when it comes to using devices in ways that they were never intended for. And this latest hack seems to confirm that little fact of life. That being said, does anyone fancy playing around

  • Windows 7 SP1 finally marked for RTM, home users need not apply

    As always, one can always count on Microsoft to kill off any interest in what has to be one of the more highly-anticipated software releases for the year. After generating a huge deal of hype over what would eventually be the first Service Pack ever for its popular Windows 7 operating system thanks a couple

  • Microsoft plays nice with Google, restores H.264 support in Chrome

    It is probably an open secret that Microsoft and Google do not always see eye to eye on many aspects about the Internet. Unlike the free and open Internet ecosystem championed by Google, Microsoft typically favors 'tried-and-tested' standards that are readily available for users, regardless of their origins. And this philosophy extends to both companies'

  • HP’s 9-second video teaser suggests a new HP Palm device

    A HP Palm device has recently been spotted on the company's website, via a 9-second teaser YouTube video.