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  • LG introduces eye-tracking technology for the Optimus G Pro

    The South Korean-based LG has developed a new type of eye tracking software that will soon be available on the Optimus G Pro series of smartphones.  LG is the first electronics maker to bring this type of technology to market.

  • LG acquires Hewlett Packard’s webOS for new smart TV line

    LG just recently acquired Hewlett Packard’s WebOS and says they will be using it in their new line of smart TVs.  LG will be the second such company to try and make something consumers will like with the operating system.

  • WebOS developers say HP TouchPad was doomed from start

    Developers who worked on WebOS have revealed that HP's rival to Apple's iPad, the TouchPad, was doomed from the start, thanks to a number of design flaws.

  • HP Palm TouchPad and BlackBerry PlayBook share similar user interface

    HP Palm TouchPad was announced at the recent "A New HP World" event in Shanghai, and with Research in Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook launching next month, it seems that both tablet devices have some things in common.

  • Leaked webOS tablets are the Opal and Topaz of HP’s eyes

    Well this is certainly a surprise. Even though HP has been extremely tight-lipped about its ongoing project for a webOS tablet, it seems that even the company does not have the power to stop leaks such as these from making their way around cyberspace. And this latest leak unearthed by Engadget reveals some juicy details

  • It’s Official: Unlocked HP Palm Pre 2 Is Now Available For Sale And Shipping (In The US)

    Well, we apologize if the first few words of our headline got you all excited for a brand new Palm Pre 2 before you could finish reading the rest of it. But even then, think of it as a harbinger of good things to come. Now that the smartphone is available for sale in the

  • Palm Pre 2 With WebOS 2.0 Coming To Verizon

    HP acquired Palm in April this year, including their webOS operating system. And it only took the company less than a year to announce a Palm Pre 2 smartphone, based on the new webOS 2.0. Unfortunately, it is going to be available in US, on Verizon.

  • HP Trademarks “PalmPad” Tablet

    HP has announced that it has filed trademark for the name “PalmPad”, which probably refers to their new tablet based on the WebOS. According to some analysts, the PalmPad could pose a major competitor to Apple’s iPad.

  • HP Buys Palm For $1.2 Billion

    Just two weeks ago, Palm was up for sale and there were potential buyers from HTC as well as Lenovo bidding for the company. Well, today, from various news sources, it seems the HP would be the new owner as it buys Palm for a massive $1.2 billion.

  • HTC will not purchase Palm Inc

    Remember the article we posted some time back about Palm being on the lookout for potential buyers? Well, we know of at least one company which have decided that they do not want to purchase the ailing smartphone maker: HTC. Read on for more information.

  • Smartphone Manufacturer Palm Seeks Buyer

    Its been a while since we hear news from smartphone maker Palm, and today, the news from various sources cited something that isn’t at all pleasant; Palm is seeking buyers to take over the company.

  • Palm unveils Pixi phone

    Palm has come up with a new, affordable phone called Pixi, which claims to be the thinnest with Palm webOS. It would be exclusive to Sprint Nextel in U.S, and there’s no word as to whether it will be available here.

  • Details of Palm WebOS 1.2 leaked

    According to BrightHand, Palm has accidentally leaked an early edition of WebOS 1.2 to some users. One user has also put up a YouTube video to show off the features of the new WebOS 1.2 on his Palm Pre.