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  • PowerColor’s Devil 13 graphics card is likely the Radeon R9 295X2

    The four 8-pin PCI-E power connectors are a giveaway to the card’s identity.

  • PowerColor Debuts a Limited Edition AMD Radeon HD 7990 6GB Card

    Even though AMD remained silent on the availability of New Zealand, the final member of the Southern Islands GPU family, the partners are slowly beginning to launch products on their own. The first out the door is PowerColor, with their Devil13 Limited Edition card.

  • PowerColor Launches Radeon HD 7950 Boost State Edition

    PowerColor is among the first graphics card vendors to launch a Radeon HD 7950 with AMD's revised specifications for the SKU. The card retains board design and price-tag of the original, and has NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce GTX 660 Ti in its crosshairs.

  • PowerColor Outs Single-Slot, Low-Profile Radeon HD 7750 Graphics Card

    Although it was Sapphire, which charmed visitors of its Computex booth with its single-slot, low-profile Radeon HD 7750 graphics card, PowerColor beat it to the punch by taking such a design to its logical conclusion, the market. PowerColor's HD 7750 LP is fully loaded, despite its puny size.

  • Post-Computex high end GPU analysis – More memory for Radeon, quad-GPU attempts for Kepler?

    While the volumes aren't high, most vendors had enough to show at least a sample of GTX680 – and occasionally a GTX690 – on their booths, while AMD gunned for higher clock revisions and more memory.

  • PowerColor’s HD 7970 LCS is up for Pre-Order

    A pre-order listing for PowerColor's beefed up Radeon HD 7970 LCS Ed. graphics card has appeared on a UK website with an also beefed up price tag of £599.99.

  • PowerColor Displays HD 6870 X2 and HD 6970 X2 at Computex

    It was only a matter of time before this happened: PowerColor has shoehorned two HD 6970s onto a single PCB (ridiculously large heatsink included). Also on show was a more reasonably sized HD 6870 X2. Look inside for pictures and specifications. (Updated with HD 6870 X2 pricing)

  • AMD E-450 APU Spotted At Computex

    AMD will be refreshing its Fusion APU line with new processors in Q3. We managed to get a glimpse of a E-450 APU motherboard at Computex.

  • [Finalised] Computex 2011 Round-up: Motherboard, Graphics

    Finalised. We see loads of upcoming motherboards, graphics card and have sorted them out based on different manufacturers. Enjoy.

  • Powercolor Barts/6800 Dual-GPU Pictured

    SemiAccurate have leaked a pictured of Powercolor Dual-GPU board based on Barts / 6800. Both dual-Barts and dual-GF114 are on the cards (no pun intended), with a release scheduled in early Q3. The dual-Barts card is expected to be revealed at Computex, in three weeks' time. 

  • PowerColor LCS HD6990, HD6950 Vortex and SCS3 HD6850

    We are greeted with some of the upcoming PowerColor graphics cards in their Taipei office. First, we have LCS HD 6990 graphics card fitted with EK waterblock for the watercooling enthusiasts. This thing sure weighs a ton and expect availability in early May. Pricing and specs are not finalized at this point of time. Next, we

  • PowerColor announces dual mode setting in the HD6950

    PowerColor, a well known manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, has announced a dual setting design in its newest HD6950 design — the PowerColor PCS++ HD6950. This card features a dual BIOS setting, allowing a factory overclock of up to 880MHz on the core speed and 1250MHz on the memory speed, and more importantly, it will allow unlocking

  • PowerColor Releases Own-Design HD6970/6950 Series Solution

      Taipei, Taiwan –December 27, 2010 — TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, today announces its own design HD6900 series solution. Featuring all the latest technology, the PowerColor HD6900 series includes the HD6970 and HD6950. The HD6970 clocks at 880MHz core speed and 1375MHz memory speed, easily accelerating your PC with up

  • AMD Radeon HD 6970 Pictures Leaked

    A forum poster at Hardware Luxx has posted the first high resolution pictures of the production reference design of AMD Radeon HD 6970. Specifically, it is a Powercolor HD 6970. At first glance, the card looks identical to the leaked pictures from November. The HD 6970 card is 27.5″ long, or nearly 10.8″, or the

  • PowerColor introduces Active Mini DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI-D adaptor

    TUL Corporation has announced a DVI adaptor to utilize AMD’s Eyefinity technology through mini DisplayPort outputs. The PowerColor Active Mini DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI-D adaptor allows multiple displays through DVI monitors, which allows for an ultra-wide field of view in games, in the most affordable way.

  • PowerColor HD 5970 Eyefinity 12 pictured

    Since 6 displays just isn’t enough, PowerColor is busy preparing their Eyefinity 12 card, as we have known for a while. Surprisingly, the Eyefinity 12 seems to be based around the reference HD 5970 design, sporting the same cooler (at least from the outside), with an extra attachment taking up an extra third slot sporting

  • POWERCOLOR HD5770 Eyefinity 5

    TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, today introduces the first and only graphics solution on the planet: the HD5770 Eyefinity 5. The HD5770 Eyefinity 5 features multi-display eyefinity technology, enables up to 5 monitors to be operated from one card through its five mini displayport onboard design. Gamers can easily make use

  • PowerColor Partners EK for Liquid-Cooled Radeon HD 5870

    EK waterblock for the Powercolor Radeon HD5870 TUL Corporation, owner of Powercolor and leading supplier for ATI based graphics cards, is partnering with EK to provide a Liquid Cooling Solution (LCS) for the Radeon HD5870. For those who do not know, EK is an award-winning liquid cooling solution provider based in Slovenia and we had

  • PowerColor Adds a Custom Cooled PCS HD4770 Card

    TUL adds an upgrade to the HD4770 series, the custom cooled PCS HD4770. The card clocks in with a 750MHz core speed and 800MHz of memory speed cooled by ARTIC COOLING. The PowerColor PCS HD4770 will retail for US$109 and will be available on August, 10th.

  • First Radeon HD 4730 Card To Hit Retail Soon

    The situation right now seems a little unfavorable for AMD as the Radeon HD 4770 stocks ran dry the moment the cards hit the market. Switching over to Radeon HD 4850 and HD 4830 might help a little but it seems HD 4830 stocks are running dry too. Read on to find out more about this card.