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Thanks to Qualcomm, $80 quad-core Windows 10 smartphones are possible

Pushed to the wall by MediaTek and Spreadtrum’s low-cost chip competitiveness, the San Diego-based semiconductor giant reportedly “cooperates with Microsoft closely” to deliver a killer dirt-cheap Snapdragon 210 solution for Windows 10 handhelds. It’s no big secret Snapdragon 810’s failures have badly harmed Qualcomm’s high-end mobile reputation this year. Meanwhile,

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Chinese company to sue Qualcomm for $100 billion

A China-based company wants Qualcomm to fork over $100 billion for trademark infringement. Genitop Research said Qualcomm deliberately used the trademarked phrase “Gaotong” in its Chinese company name and product brand.  The phrase, which means “high communication”, was purportedly registered to Shanghai-based Genitop Research in 1992.  The company sought $16

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