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  • Endangering DirectX? New OpenGL Arrives for Desktop and Mobile Devices

    At the first day of Siggraph 2012, which is taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Khronos group announced the new iterations of OpenGL API for conventional computers and consoles (OpenGL), as well as mobile devices (OpenGL ES).

  • Renesas gets into the LTE device chipset market

    By now it's pretty clear that LTE is the next generation of mobile wireless connectivity technology for smartphones and tablets, but so far there has been a shortage of SoCs with integrated LTE support and apparently Renesas Electronics thinks it's found a good entry point into what is a very competitive market. In all fairness,

  • Buffalo launches 4-port Renesas based USB 3.0 card

    If you read our USB 3.0 host controller roundup you might've noticed the Renesas µD720201 as one of the contestants. Back then we had to rely on a reference card, but now Buffalo has launched a retail card based on Renesas latest generation of USB 3.0 host controllers. 

  • Renesas passes USB-IF certification, again

    Although we're not entirely surprised, Renesas has passed the USB-IF certification for its most recent USB 3.0 host controllers, the µPD720201 and the µPD720202. We're most likely looking at the last host controllers to get certification this year, although we know that both Etron and ASMedia are looking at the four port market.

  • Renesas announces its first SATA 6Gbps to USB 3.0 bridge controller

    Judging by today's announcement, Renesas has realised that it only has so much time left in the so far for the company, very profitable USB 3.0 host controller market and it's now branching into other USB 3.0 markets. As such the company has announced its first USB 3.0 peripheral chip, the µPD720230 which is a

  • USB 3.0 Speed Tests: 7-Way Host Controllers Roundup

    Believe us when we say that this is one of the most epic reviews we've ever put together. Not because it was the hardest roundup we've ever done, but it's by far the most time consuming one and it doesn't even have anything to do with the benchmarks we ran. We thought it'd be a

  • Cheaper Renesas USB 3.0 host controllers coming next year

    Renesas has gone from being the sole USB 3.0 host controller maker to a company that's in a very competitive market with a handful of competitors, most of which offer far more affordable solutions. As such the company is now looking at lowering its pricing, but apparently this won't come into effect until early next