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  • Samsung Series 9 TA950 3D LED HDTV monitor review: As good as it looks

    The Samsung Series 9 TA950 3D LED HDTV monitor is designed for both entertainment and work, and comes with Smart TV features for users to navigate YouTube and social networking services like Facebook and Twitter. So how good is this 3D LED backlit monitor? Read on.

  • Samsung introduces NX200 mirrorless compact system interchangeable lens camera

    Samsung has introduced their new mirrorless compact system interchangeable lens camera, the NX200, which boasts professional image quality with great ease of use. The NX200 is fully compatible with nine different i-Function lenses with new lenses for the i-Function system including 18-200mm, 16mm, 60mm and 85mm focal lengths.

  • Samsung launches Series 7 GAMER and CHRONOS notebook PCs

    Samsung has announced the launch of their latest Series 7 GAMER and CHRONOS notebook PCs. The Series 7 GAMER notebook (700G) is designed to deliver smart and rich gaming experience, while the Series 7 CHRONOS notebook (700Z) is made for maximum performance and productivity.

  • Samsung and Google unveils GALAXY Nexus, first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone

    The wait for the Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich platform is finally over. Today, Samsung and Google have jointly announced the GALAXY Nexus, which claims to be the first smartphone running the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich mobile operating system.

  • Polycom goes mobile with release of RealPresence Mobile for Tablets

    Unified communications provider Polycom has announced the general availability of Polycom RealPresence Mobile, a high-definition video software solution for tablets.  Designed to work with the company's RealPresence Platform, RealPresence Mobile promises to bring collaboration technology beyond the confines of office and conference room.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Nexus leaks ahead of launch

    By now, Samsung and Google can't be too happy with Japanese NTT DoCoMo, as the company has leaked the very soon to launch Galaxy Nexus flagship phone that will be the first Ice Cream Sandwich/Android 4.0 handset. The specs should be correct this time around, although we'll wait for the announcement at around 10-ish today

  • Is this the Samsung Nexus Prime specs?

    Google and Samsung are together expected to announce what is currently codenamed the Nexus Prime on the 12th of October and now detailed specification of what is purportedly the new handset. The new handset will feature a curved screen and Samsung has already released a teaser video that shows little else but the curve.

  • Samsung unleashes multiple mobile building blocks

    It's actually quite amazing how many products Samsung makes and there's no wonder that the company is starting to have such a dominant place in the mobile market space. The company announced no less than five new products related to mobile products, a new HD CMOS sensor, a 16Megapixel CMOS sensor, faster 64GB eMMC flash

  • Intel, Samsung and Linux groups collaborate to develop Tizen platform for phones

    It looks like Samsung may have another trick up its sleeves. It was just last week that the Korean manufacturer said that it plans to open source their Bada platform to rely less on Android operating system. And it looks like the company is collaborating with Intel and Linux groups to develop a new Linux software

  • Windows Phone 7.5 officially launched in Singapore; Samsung Omnia W to retail in Q4

    Good news to users who are using Windows Phone 7. This morning, Microsoft Singapore has officially announced the launch of their long-awaited Windows Phone 7.5 (formerly codenamed "Mango"). The update for existing Windows Phone 7 will begin today and available to most customers by end of October. HTC and Samsung were also at the event

  • Samsung launches affordable Omnia W Windows Mango smartphone

    Samsung has unveiled their new Windows 7.5 (Mango) smartphone which comes in the form of Omnia W, and it will have a price tag of approximately US$420. The Omnia W will ship from end October in Italy and slowly to other countries including Asia.

  • Samsung to launch Galaxy Skin with flexible AMOLED screen next year?

    The Samsung Galaxy Skin was unveiled at CES 2011 and features a bendable and foldable display that is able to withstand hard blows. However, the phone was still in conceptual stage, though if reports are true, the Samsung Galaxy Skin could become commercial next year.

  • Samsung open doors to new memory fab, starts churning out 2Xnm DDR3

    Back in May last year Samsung started building its Line-16 memory fab and trial production kicked off back in June this year, followed by mass production in August and the company has now announced that the Fab has gone into full production. According to Samsung this is the world's largest memory Fab and that in

  • Samsung introduces MultiView MV800 compact camera with flip-out touch display

    Flip-out display on a digital camera for user to capture pictures even in an awkward angle, isn't a new feature, However, Samsung has implemented the flip-out touch display (including some of the buttons) on the their new MultiView MV800 compact camera.

  • Samsung to open source Bada, rely less on Google Android

    With Google acquiring Motorola, it looks like Korean company Samsung plans to open source its Bada platform next year. The move is to get more manufacturers and developers to help grow the Bada ecosystem, and also to be less reliant on the Android mobile operating system.

  • NTT Docomo announces two tablet devices for LTE Xi

    Today, NTT Docomo unveiled two tablet devices which support the telco operator's extra-high-speed next-generation LTE Xi (read “Crossy”) service. The two tablets are the Samsung GALAXY Tab 10.1 LTE SC-01D and Fujitsu ARROWS Tab LTE F-01D, and both will be available in October next month

  • Samsung announces Wi-Fi optical drive and then some

    Over the years we've seen a lot of peculiar bits of hardware launch, but Samsung's new SE-208BW optical drive with Wi-Fi interface is among the strangest we've ever seen. Samsung calls it the Smart Media Hub rather than an optical drive, as beyond being able to connect to a PC over Wi-Fi, it also works

  • Samsung Series 7 notebooks have big screens in small footprints

    Even if the rumours about Samsung's interest in HP's PC business were refuted by the company, if Samsung's Series 7 notebook announcement is anything to go by, the company has a bright future in the notebook market. The Series 7 is Samsung's new performance line of notebooks, but possibly the most impressive feature is the

  • Samsung announces availability of new mobile phones with Bada 2.0

    So you want a new smartphone to play around with, but do not wish to get involved with the fan war that is currently raging between Android, Symbian, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone 7 and iOS users, don't you? If so, don't sweat it; Samsung has just announced the availability of a new batch of smartphones

  • Samsung announces availability of new portable media players in Korea

    For most people, the fact that their smartphones boast the capability to provide basic audio and video playback means that there is little need to invest in a dedicated portable media player when their smartphones can satisfy that need. However, it seems that there are enough people who believe in the value of having such