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  • Samsung to announce Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Suit and Galaxy Mini at MWC 2011?

    Earlier, we reported about the Samsung Galaxy Ace which was spotted on the Thailand website. It seems that this is only one of the three smartphones which could be announced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2011 in Barcelona.

  • Samsung announces Star II for superb social networking experience

    Based on the success of the Samsung Star, the manufacturer has unveiled the phone’s successor, Star II which is designed to provide superior social networking experience for users anytime, anywhere.

  • Samsung Galaxy Ace Android smartphone spotted on Thailand website

    A new Samsung Android smartphone, called the Galaxy Ace, has been spotted on a Thai website. It has a 3.5-inch display, run Android 2.2 Froyo and comes with a 5-megapixel built-in camera. More information inside.

  • Samsung Singapore introduces Wave II and Galaxy 551

    Samsung Singapore today introduced two new smartphones to their portfolio, the Wave II and Galaxy 551. The Wave II succeeds its Samsung Wave sibling and runs the company’s proprietary Bada OS 1.2, while the Galaxy 551 is based on Android 2.2 Froyo platform.

  • Microsoft Surface 2: looks fantastic but will never ‘surface’ in homes

    Once again, Microsoft has shown the world why it is never a smart decision to write them off any competition, even if it has a less-than-stellar track record to back itself with. Hot off CES2011 is the software giant’s new Surface 2 tabletop computer, which actually sounds somewhat impressive based on the information that has

  • Samsung unveils new Blu-ray player and set-top box; brings Adobe Air to TV

    Korean manufacturer Samsung also had a few announcements at CES 2011 which include their new Blu-ray player and set-top box, and their partnership with Adobe to bring Adobe Air to the TVs.

  • Samsung Announced Sliding PC 7 Series at CES 2011

    Can’t decide between a tablet or a notebook? Samsung might have the solution. The company just announced its Sliding PC 7 Series and it looks very promising.

  • Micro-USB charging made standard in Europe

    Tired of having too many different chargers for your various mobile devices? Well then, the European Commission has announced plans to adopt the Micro-USB port as a universal charging medium for all smartphones sold in Europe starting 2011.

  • Samsung SH100 Wi-Fi-enabled camera lets you share images wherever you are

    Samsung’s latest digital camera comes in the form of SH100 which features 14.2-megapixel rating, 5x optical zoom, 3-inch touchscreen display and Wi-Fi enabled. This lets you share your photos easily without the hassle of first transferring the images to your PC.

  • Samsung sells 10 million Galaxy S phones in less than 7 months

    The Samsung Galaxy S was officially launched in June last year. And within seven months, it has achieved a milestone of 10 million unit sales, averaging 1.4 million smartphones per month.

  • Samsung develops industry’s first DDR4 DRAM, using 30nm class technology

    Samsung announced today that it has completed development of the industry’s first DDR4 DRAM module last month, using 30nm class process technology. The new DDR4 DRAM module can achieve data transfer rates of 2.133Gbps at 1.2V, compared to 1.35V and 1.5V DDR3 DRAM at an equivalent process technology.

  • Samsung To Introduce World’s Lightest 3D Glasses

    3D-capable television sets are slowly but surely trickling down to mainstream consumers, and it usually goes without saying that consumer electronic devices need to have a certain visual appeal in order to do well in the market. And Samsung seems to have taken this knowledge to heart with its latest range of 3D glasses, which

  • Major telcos in Korea reluctant to sell Google Nexus S

    While Google’s latest Nexus S Android smartphone was recently launched in US and some parts of the world, it looks like the phone may face some problems with some telcos who are reluctant to sell the phones. The reason? The search engine giant insists on its distinctive software apps which makes its difficult for carriers (especially in Korea)

  • Samsung launches new NX11 and lens line-up

    The NX10 was Samsung’s first APS-C crop CMOS mirrorless interchangeable lens digital camera, and in September, the NX100 was launched. Today, the maker has announced NX11, the upgraded model of the NX10 and is compatible with the new i-Function lens, introduced for the NX100.

  • Samsung ultra-slim WB700 digital camera features 18x optical zoom

    The ultra-slim WB700 is the latest addition to Samsung’s line of digital cameras, and boasts an 24x zoom power and 16-megapixel CCD sensor. According to the maker, the WB700 can also capture high definition videos as well as still images.

  • Samsung to unveil Galaxy Player at CES, rivals iPod Touch

    Samsung has the answer to Apple’s iPod Touch, and it comes in the form of Galaxy Player - in short, a Samsung Galaxy S minus the phone functionality. And according to news, the Galaxy Player will be unveiled at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.

  • Samsung Bada phones target 10 million in sales by 1H 2011

    When Samsung Wave was first announced earlier this year, based on the company’s proprietary Bada open platform, many were skeptical about it. However, the sales figures speak otherwise. And the latest Samsung Wave II S8530 that is using the new Bada 1.2 has gotten favorable results.

  • Samsung Wants You To Celebrate a Pink, White And Black Christmas With New MP3 Players

    Everybody knows what a “white Christmas” is supposed to mean, but Samsung is apparently thinking that this year’s festive season and its accompanying public holiday ought to be celebrated with a little more color variety. And it plans to do so by introducing two new MP3 players in time for the festive season, which are

  • Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet

    Apple may have their iPad tablet device, but so do other makers now. With the growing popularity of Google’s Android platform, it is no surprise that manufacturers are coming up with their own tablets based on the mobile operating system. In this review, we check out the Samsung Galaxy Tab, one of the first Android

  • Samsung Korea Announces Froyo Upgrade For Galaxy S

    Anyone who owns a smartphone knows how it feels like to wait for the much-anticipated announcement of an OS firmware upgrade that usually never comes. However, it seems that for owners of the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone, all that patience has finally paid off. Samsung Korea has just announced that the awaited Froyo upgrade for