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  • IBM’s Blade 30% More Energy Efficient Than HP’s

    IBM announced today that its BladeCenter system uses up to 30 percent less energy than HP BladeSystem. Based on internal IBM testing, IBM’s AMD Opteron-based BladeCenter (LS21) within the BladeCenter system uses up to 30 percent less energy than the comparable HP AMD Opteron-based BladeSystem (BL465c) in the HP c-Class system when both systems are

  • TyanPSC Typhoon T-600 Series

    TyanPSC, the OEM business unit of Tyan Computer Corporation, today announced the launch and availability of the next generation in personal supercomputing: the Typhoon 600 series using Intel Xeon 5300 “Clovertown” processors. Features are 256 gigaflops peak performance, 1400 Watts max, plugs into standard wall outlet, Small form factor, portable, Low-noise, whisper quiet operation… less

  • EPA Sets New Standard For Energy Efficient PCs

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the first update in seven years to its Energy Star program for power saving PCs. On average, the revised requirements for the Energy Star program will require PCs to be 65 percent more power efficient than current models. The new requirements call for improved efficiency across all modes

  • Dell Unveils AMD Opteron 2P/4P Servers

    Dell unveiled the PowerEdge 6950 and PowerEdge SC1435 along with the integration of Dell OpenManage(TM) and Oracle Enterprise Manager at a press conference at Oracle OpenWorld. The Dell PowerEdge 6950 is a four-socket server designed for demanding enterprise applications such as database, server consolidation, virtualization and migration from costly RISC-based systems. The PowerEdge SC1435 is

  • IDF : Tyan Unveils Typhoon Cluster Server On Clovertowns

    Tyan has unveiled their latest Typhoon cluster server running of 10 Quad-core Xeon 5300 processors at IDF Taipei today. There are 5 nodes altogether and each node has 2 sockets. It can perform at 45Tflops and consume less than 15KW power. This server will cost around $ 50K set to launch on Nov 14th. Tyan

  • NVIDIA Quadro Plex VCS Shipping

    NVIDIA today announced the Quadro Plex 1000, the world’s first dedicated visual computing system (VCS) delivering a quantum leap in visual computing, is now shipping in volume and available directly from the NVIDIA store at the Company Web Site or authorised partners. The NVIDIA Quadro Plex VCS, available in three models, is designed to interface

  • VoodooPC Acquired by HP

    Gaming PC manufacturer VoodooPC has been acquired by HP. After the acquisition is completed VoodooPC will remain the same. Its offices will remain in Calgary with the same primary focus on building customized gaming machines. As a result of the acquisition Sood will become the Chief Technologists while Ravi Sood takes a new position as

  • Computex Special : TYAN Most Powerful Personal Supercomputer

    Tyan has announced new Typhoon™ Personal Supercomputer (PSC) embedded with Intel® processor built specifically to answer the budding IT market requirement for High-Performance computing platforms, powerful, portable super computer that is quiet, low heat and designed for use in the office without the need for extra power. The highest configuration comes with 8 Woodcrest LV

  • TYAN Bensley Platforms

    For high-end performance servers which need expansive I/O and full-scale capabilities there is the Tempest i5000PX (S5380) , and for entry to mid-range servers, the Tempest i5000VS (S5372) and the Tempest i5000VF (S5370) are the key solution. Both the S5380 and the S5370 are based on Dual-Core Intel® Xeon® processor 5000 series technology with exceptionally

  • Hell Freezes Over: Dell Goes AMD

    Dell Computer today released its financial performance report for the quarter. But despite all the numbers, Dell has announced a major milestone in the history of the company: Dell will now start to offer AMD-based servers.

  • Dell’s XPS Renegade 700 Features Core Duo 2, Quad SLI

    Dell Inc.’s new generation gaming system, which the company unveiled early on Thursday, will sport four GeForce 7900 graphics processors along with dual-core Intel Core 2 Duo-series chip, it was revealed during the E3 exhibition.

  • Apple Tight Lipped About Upcoming Servers

    Despite Apple’s transition to Intel processors, a lot of questions are rising about Apple’s line of servers. Since their introduction, Apple’s servers have not been well embraced by the business community. In fact, some analysts say that Apple’s sales of its Xservers account for only 1% of the company’s total revenue. Despite this, Apple continues

  • Customers losing business due to Internet downtime

    Singapore, 19th April – customers of Internet Colocation provider SphereoSoft have been experiencing downtime for the past few days. SphereoSoft has been defaulting payment to their back-end infrastructure provider Pacific Internet Network Operations Center, and this resulted in Pacific Internet cutting off the internet lines to all customers of SphereoSoft. Even though customers of SpeheroSoft

  • Fujitsu to Launch PC/TV Hybrid With Blu-ray in This Month

    Fujitsu launched the Deskpower TX PC/TV hybrid system in Asian markets back in November of 2005 which boasted full media center capabilities built right into the 32-inch LCD TV. That model featured a Pentium 4 3GHz CPU, 512MB of DDR2 memory, 600GBof hard drive space, a DVD writer, multi-format memory card reader, 10/100 Ethernet. The

  • Sony may decrease PlayStation 2 Pricing

    Sony Corp., the world’s leading maker of gaming consoles and consumer electronics, is projected to decrease pricing of its PlayStation 2 machines in a bid to be more competitive on the market and spur higher demand for the existing game machines. “Our industry checks indicate that Sony is planning to cut the PS2 price to

  • Microsoft to sponsor World Cyber Games

    World Cyber Games said on Thursday that Microsoft Corp. has signed on as the premier sponsor for its global video game tournaments through 2008. Under the terms of the alliance, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Games for Windows business units will provide hardware, games and marketing support for all World Cyber Game events – including three

  • PathScale Says AMD Platform Superior for High Speed InfiniBand

    High-speed clustering on 10Gbit InfiniBand proves superior on AMD platforms. During IDF, we had the pleasant experience of being able to speak with PathScale, a company with products that are shaping the landscape of high-speed networking and communications for clustering environments. These applications include biotech research, space research, large-scale 3D rendering and any other high-level

  • Panasonic’s DECT phone with Skype features?!

    The Skype internet telephony protocol had gained quite a large acceptance over the short few years since it’s debut. Now, Panasonic has a new cordless phone, that not only could do your regular landed line telephony, it also had WiFi and supports Skype telephony. Not only that this device doesn’t require a PC or router,

  • Intel Formed Itanium Solutions Alliance

    Senior executives from the Itanium® industry met today in San Francisco to lay out a united strategy for Itanium® solution delivery with a goal of mission critical computing market segment leadership by the end of the decade. To take advantage of the growing momentum in enterprise and technical computing environments for Itanium® solution deployments, industry

  • MediaMart Budget Intel System for just $ 999 for Club VR Members!

    For those who are looking to build a new system just in time for Christmas, here’s something for you. MediaMart Computers together with VR-Zone, have just released a $ 999 budget complete system just for you! To enjoy this promo, sign up as a Club VR Member and then proceed down to MediaMart Computers (#06-68,