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  • Sharkoon Launches SATA QuickPort Duo USB3.0 Docking Station

    Sharkoon Technologies has rolled out the SATA QuickPort Duo USB3.0, a docking station that is able to hold up to two SATA HDD/ SSD. Read more…

  • Sharkoon Announces New Mid-Tower Chassis

    German based Sharkoon Technologies has unveiled four new mid-tower chassis, the Rebel9 Pro Economy, Rebel9 Pro Value, Rebel9 Aluminium and Nightfall. Read more…

  • Sharkoon Launches Ethernet-ready SATA HDD Docking Station

    QuickPort Pro LAN German based Sharkoon Technologies has unveiled the QuickPort Pro LAN , adding on to its “SATA QuickPort” hard drive adapter series. Read more…

  • Sharkoon Unveils USB-LAN adapters

    USB LANPort 400 Connected to 4 Flash Drives German based Sharkoon Technologies has launched the USB LANPort 100 and LANPort 400. These compact USB-LAN adapters allow the connection of USB devices like flash drives, printers, external HDD etc to a LAN. Read more…

  • Sharkoon SilentStorm CM PSUs Available In Mid May

    Sharkoon unveils its SilentStorm power supply series featuring a new design with modular cable system, 135mm fan and in three different power ratings: 460, 560 and 660W. There are 4 separate 12V rails producing 72 amps with a maximum efficiency rating of 84 percent. Sharkoon SilentStorm CM will be available in mid May with prices ranging

  • Sharkoon FireGlider Gaming Mouse Unveiled

    Sharkoon has added a new laser mouse to its Rush series. The FireGlider Gaming Mouse has a glossy flame design featuring 6 programmable buttons, weight tuning system, non-slip black thumb pad and Teflon mouse feet. Its ADNS-6010 sensor has a maximum resolution of 3600 DPI (7080 fps) and can handle acceleration speeds of up to 20 Gs. Available immediately from authorized retailers for

  • Sharkoon Releases Silent Eagle Modular Case Fans

    At CeBIT, Sharkoon will be showcasing a new innovation in fan design: a case fan with modular cable system. The Sharkoon Silent Eagle SE features a 4 pin connector built into the fan’s frame and comes with four different cables for connecting the fan to a mainboard, fan controller or power supply. Sharkoon offers the