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  • Microsoft Windows 8 to come with backup feature similar to OS X’s Time Machine?

    When it comes to restoring one's PC to an earlier state, there are usually two main methods of going about it, with each method being specific to the kind of operating system being used on the machine. However, leave it to Microsoft to improve on its restoration solutions for the upcoming Windows 8: rumour has

  • Google releases security update for Chrome, modifies existing logo

    Do you use Google Chrome as your default web browser on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux? If so, this might be a good time to ensure that the browser's auto-update feature is working properly, for Google has released a patch which it claims is aimed at fixing a few serious security vulnerabilities in its

  • RIM confirms support for Android applications in upcoming BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

    Remember the rumours made some time back about RIM's upcoming tablet being able to run both its own apps alongside that of Android's, even though it uses a different operating system? Well, it turns out that the rumours were true after all: the PlayBook will indeed come with such functionality built into the BlackBerry Tablet

  • NVIDIA to make parallel programming easier with CUDA 4.0 Toolkit

    NVIDIA today announced the latest version of the NVIDIA® CUDA® Toolkit for developing parallel applications using NVIDIA GPUs. The NVIDIA CUDA 4.0 Toolkit was designed to make parallel programming easier, and enable more developers to port their applications to GPUs.

  • Apple releases first developer preview of Mac OS X Lion

    Along with the updated line of MacBook Pros, Apple has also just announced the release of the first developer preview version of Mac OS X Lion. Let's see what is Apple going to surprise us with in this upcoming version of the Mac OS.

  • MSI releases finalized version of Afterburner 2.1.0

    After months of being in beta status, MSI Afterburner 2.1.0 has been finalized and is now available for download. The new version supports the latest graphics cards, including the NVIDIA GeForce 500 Series and AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series.

  • Microsoft launches free trial of Windows Azure Platform

    It is clear that Microsoft wants Windows to be as ubiquitous in the cloud as it currently is in the desktop and notebook PC market. And while Microsoft is also considered to be one of the latecomers to the entire  'software-as-a-service' ecosystem, it would seem that this minor setback is not about to hinder the

  • iWork ’11 available on February 19th?

    Best Buy's Mexico division has announced and are advertising a special in-store event for this Saturday involving Apple's iWork '11. What is unusual is, of course, Apple has not announced or release iWork '11.

  • Need to do some torrenting? There’s an App for that.

    Remember how Apple always loves to claim in its iPhone advertisements that there will always be an app available for just about anything the typical consumer can think of? Turns out that Google's latest addition to the Android Market has all but rubbished Apple's smug boasts. Anyone fancy the convenience of running a BitTorrent client

  • Singapore offically gets Office Web Apps, prepare to junk Microsoft Office away

    Remember how Google claimed that users no longer had to fork out money for a fully featured office productivity suite like Microsoft Office since its cloud-based Google Docs application could perform most, if not all of the tasks found in the former from the convenience of a web browser? Well, it seems that Google is

  • Microsoft to release updates for Windows next week

    Microsoft will be issuing 12 security bulletins and software updates to fix 22 vulnerabilities on Windows and Visio next week.

  • Microsoft rolls out 30-day trials for Office for Mac 2011

    Microsoft has rolled out 30-day trials for its new Office for Mac 2011. The new Office for Mac 2011 has Outlook integration, Windows Live Skydrive integration that lets you store your work online for free, and edit anywhere using Office Web Apps, and Online co-authoring with both Windows and Mac users of Office.

  • Port your number to Google Voice

    Google Voice is a free telecommunication service which provides users with a single number to call anywhere in the world, and also online voicemail. The search engine giant has confirmed that users would be able to port their own phone number as the one for use on the Google Voice service.

  • 10 Apps recommended for your BlackBerry

    With thousands of apps available on the BlackBerry App World, what are some good apps to download and use for your BlackBerry device? In this feature, we checked out some highly recommended ones, both free and paid, which we think you should get. And no, we aren’t talking about the common Facebook or Opera Mini apps which you may have

  • Microsoft Office gets a new competitor in the form of JUST Office

    It seems like Microsoft is going to face a little competition in getting its Office productivity suite into every single Windows PC, at least where Japan is concerned. A major Japanese software development company known as JustSystems has announced a new office productivity suite, JUST Office, which is said to be compatible with most of

  • You can now view videos on Google Docs

    Google has introduced an additional feature to Google Docs which allow users to upload, view and store their videos to the productivity suite. Although you can upload any files since last year, you can’t watch videos stored then.

  • Microsoft files lawsuit against Apple over “App Store”

    “App Store” is too common a name to be trademarked, and that is exactly the reason Microsoft has given on why it filed a lawsuit against Apple. According to the filing, the term should be allowed to be used by other companies, not just Apple.

  • Smarter Alarm – Innovative Alarm Clock

    The new ‘Smarter Alarm’ application would be able to read out information that the user synchronises to it. Users would be able to sync information such as weather, temperature, stock prices, headlines, Facebook events etc.  This would be a great way to start the day instead of the monotonous alarm from your handphone!

  • Dell introduces Streak 7, Venue, XPS and Alienware laptops with Full HD 3D display at CES 2011

    At the CES 2011, Dell introduced their new range of consumer products which include the Streak 7 4G tablet, Venue smartphone, as well as XPS laptop and Alienware gaming systems with Full high definition (HD) 3D displays.

  • Apple Mac App Store officially opens

    The Apple Mac App store was reportedly to launch mid December last year, but the official opening was delayed until yesterday. Well, you can now log in to your iTunes account and search and purchase the apps you want, and install them immediately. News Update: Seems like hours after it has been officially launched, piracy hits the Mac App