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  • Sony Announces Updates to Existing VAIO Lineup

    Singapore may be in a pemernant state of summer all year round, but that is not going to stop Sony from releasing updated models of its VAIO computers in time for the Winter season. In addition to sporting newer CPUs and graphics cards, certain models are also going to come with some additional enhancements and

  • Sony: Fake PS3 Controllers Can Just Explode

    Sony Computer Entertainment have released a consumer alert that counterfeit PS3 controllers could explode and advises consumers to be alert when buying controllers from unknown sources  

  • Sony Introduces New PIIQ Headphones

    Should headphones serve a dual role of delivering both outstanding audio quality and a fashion statement? Apparently Sony seems to think so: the Japanese electronics company has just announced its new range of PIIQ headphones, which claim to make both bold and unique fashion statements. Read on for the full press release by Sony.

  • Sony Reveals Release Date For PlayStation 3′s 3D Blu-Ray Firmware Update

    Do you remember one of our earlier posts which stated that 3D Blu-ray will be coming to the PlayStation 3? It seems that Sony has finally got a date ready for the highly-anticipated firmware update that will add such functionality into the console, essentially converting it into an essential part of a home theatre setup.

  • Sony Celebrates PlayStation 15th Anniversary

    The Sony PlayStation was launched on 9 September 1995 in North America, which means that yesterday was the 15th anniversary of the popular Japanese game console. Sony has created a page for the celebration. Well, happy 15th birthday Sony Playstation!

  • Sony Releases Firmware Update For PlayStation 3

    Playstation 3 owners, the time has come to hit the downloads once again. Sony has announced the availability of the new v3.42 firmware which it claims contains various patches to address security vulnerabilities found in the system software.

  • Sony NEX-5 Review

    Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC) are getting popular these days as they are designed for users who want the form factor of compact cameras, with performance that is as good as the digital SLRs. The NEX-5 is Sony’s first mirrorless interchangable-lens camera in the Alpha series lineup and VR-Zone has the chance to get one

  • Sony Announces Energy And Space-saving LED-backlit BRAVIA EX710

    Sony Japan has launched their new BRAVIA EX710 LED-backlit TVs which are energy and space saving, in addition to its stylish design and outstanding performance. The EX710 come in 32- and 40-inch and will be available from mid October.

  • Playstation 3 ‘Jailbreak’ Now Workable With Tethered Smartphones

    Remember the special USB dongle one was required to purchase in order to successfully circumvent the Playstation 3′s security features? Apparently, one can dispense with the dongle now: it seems that the software has already been adapted for use on smartphones. And the best part? It reportedly works just as well.

  • Sony South East Asia Unveils Alpha 33 and Alpha 55 Digital SLR Cameras

    Yesterday, Sony South East Asia invited the local media to check out the latest Sony Alpha 33 and Alpha 55 digital SLR cameras that were globally announced yesterday. Incorporating a translucent mirror technology, the cameras boast full-time, TTL phase-detection autofocusing during live view and movie shooting, and high speed continuous shooting with continuous autofocus (AF).

  • Sony ponders charging customers for PlayStation 3 online gaming

    Ever heard of the saying ‘there is no free lunch in the world’? Apparently, Sony seemed to have taken, or at least, are taking the saying seriously. And they are starting with the PlayStation 3, where the company is reportedly considering charging a fee for access to the online gameplay capabilities of its titles. Read

  • Sony PlayStation Move to launch in Singapore on 15 September

    This afternoon, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong (SCEH) announced their highly anticipated PlayStation Move motion controller for the PlayStation 3, which will be available in Singapore next month, on 15 September.

  • Latest firmware update for Playstation 3 accidentally bricks consoles (but only if you upgraded the hard disk)

    Just when you thought that Sony’s recent firmware update to disable the console’s ‘Other OS’ feature could not have been more controversial, out comes the company with yet another firmware update which is reportedly capable of bricking the console. But there is a difference though: this one is purely unintentional, and affects only a small

  • 8-inch portable computing wonder: the Sony VAIO P

    The VAIO P may be one of the more desirable ultraportables in the market, but it also comes with a very impressive price tag which for most people happens to be way out of reach considering its hardware specifications. We take a look at the new, improved VAIO P to see if it has what it

  • Sony Introduces New Entry Level Alpha Digital SLR Cameras

    Sony has introduced two new additions to their Alpha line of cameras – the Alpha 390 and Alpha 290. Both cameras feature 14.2-megapixel (effective) CCD image sensor with BIONZ image processing engine and are designed for amateur phtographers on the go.

  • 160GB and 320GB Sony PlayStation 3 to reach Singapore on 29 July 2010

    While Microsoft have a slimmer Xbox 360 with larger hard disks, Sony isn’t backing down either. The Japanese company has announced the new Sony PlayStation 3 with higher capacity hard disks – 160GB and 320GB - are scheduled to be in Singapore on 29 July.

  • Sony Recalls VAIO With Temperature Control Defect

    Sony has recently announced the recall of 535,000 VAIO laptops due to a temperature control defect that could cause excessive heat and leads to skin burns. The models are F and C-Series VAIO sold this year.

  • Sony announces the touchscreen VAIO J all-in-one PC, complete with Intel Core i5 and a Full HD display

    “While the computing experience has all along been regarded as an individual activity, Sony has developed the touch screen VAIO J Series so families can enjoy and share multimedia entertainment together,” said Mr Taisuke Nakanishi, Managing Director, Sony Singapore. “The intuitive operation of the VAIO J Series enables all users to browse through and enjoy

  • Sony Introduces PlayStation Plus Subscription Service

    Sony Computer Entertainment has announced a new subscription service on the PlayStation Network, the PlayStation Plus, for users to get access to exclusive set of features and content including new game trials.

  • E3 2010: Playstation Move’s Price and Availability Announced

    Sony have announced their price bundle for Playstation Move. Availability is coming pretty soon…More after the break