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  • OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid 1TB PCI-E SSD Review

      SSD drives undoubtedly are extremely fast, with their speeds being only limited by the bandwidth of the SATA bus interface. However they also remain disproportionately expensive per GB when compared to mechanical drives, forbidding mainstream customers from purchasing large capacity drives. For those who require a fairly large primary drive and want to reap

  • WD finally launches My Book Thunderbolt Duo, is cheaper than competition

    Thunderbolt devices are finally starting to trickle out into the market, albeit most of them so far have been storage devices and Western Digital's new My Book Thunderbolt Duo is no different in this regard. However, where WD has managed to excel compared to its competitors in terms of pricing.

  • Seagate preps 7200rpm, 9mm thick 500GB USB 3.0 FreeAgent HDD

    Revealed through European channels ahead of its official release, details of an upcoming addition to Seagate's FreeAgent GoFlex range of portable HDDs have been shared online and it looks like quite the sleek, well featured little drive.

  • Green House opt for SLC-based NAND Flash Drives

    A Japanese manufacturer by the name of Green House has just released its new GH-UFI-XSA series of 'industrial grade' USB Flash Drives that use Single-level cell NAND chips.

  • Hitachi announces Ultrastar 25nm SLC NAND flash SSD

    Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has announced the Ultrastar enterprise-class solid-state drive (SSD), which it claims is the industry’s first to use 25nm single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash.

  • Xilence release dual-drive 5.25-inch SSD/HDD-Dock

    Looking for a more accessible, convenient way to add a couple 2.5-inch SSDs or HDDs to your desktop along with a bit of extra functionality? Xilence might have just the solution for you with its new Dual-Drive Dock that's designed to be mounted in an available 5.25-inch drive bay.

  • Buffalo enhances LinkTheater line with multi-format happy LT-V200

    Buffalo has just announced its latest generation LinkTheater series LT-V200 which is basically a suped up multi-format capable media player for the lounge, featuring an internal SATA port to add in a HDD alongside the USB connectivity (in the form of a couple USB 2.0 ports; one on the front and one at the rear)

  • Western Digital announces My Book Live Duo personal cloud storage with dual drives

    Western Digital has announced My Book Live Duo with dual drives that offer high capacity and double-safe file protection, and provide anytime, anywhere access to stored media and files whether you are on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • IBM researchers makes storage breakthrough

    IBM's research division has made a monumental breakthrough in storage technology which could result in even smaller devices that can store larger amounts of information.

  • Etron first with four port USB 3.0 controller with PCI Express x2 interface

    Although Intel will be incorporating USB 3.0 support in most of its 7-series chipsets and AMD already having support in its A75 chipset, we're still a long way from ubiquitous USB 3.0 support and both Intel and AMD won't be offering more than four ports as standard. As such third party USB 3.0 host controllers

  • OCZ shows off Thunderbolt SSD, demos new Indilinx controller at CES

    With Intel's Ivy Bridge based Ultrabooks and a fair few other Ivy Bridge notebooks and desktops expected to offer Thunderbolt connectivity – the first time for computers no from Apple – it looks like several companies are getting interested in the still relatively new, high-speed interface. OCZ has shown off its upcoming external SSD with

  • Marvell announces new SATA 6Gbps controllers, unveils PCI Express x2 interface

    Third party SATA 6Gbps controllers haven't exactly impressed in terms of performance and Marvell has felt at least some of the criticism here as it was the first company to offer a standalone SATA 6Gbps controller. However, it looks like the company is about to solve problem with a range of new SATA 6Gbps chips

  • SATA-IO announces DevSleep for reduced power draw of SATA devices

    We seem to be living in the age of power frugality when it comes to mobile computing devices and although this is by no means a bad thing in most cases, we're starting to wonder if the technology companies aren't looking in the wrong direction sometimes. Now the SATA-IO is the latest organization to join

  • SSD prices are falling faster than HDD

    Solid state drives (SSDs) are dropping in price much faster than hard disk drives (HDD), according to figures released by website uptime monitoring firm Pingdom.

  • Pogoplug launches Series 4, ads USB 3.0 connectivity and USM

    The latest addition to Pogoplugs growing family of devices is adding quite a few new features and it looks like the company wants to take a serious slice out of the home storage/home cloud market with the Series 4. That said, the price has also gone up and you still have to add your own

  • Global external disk storage market grows 10.8 per cent in Q3

    The global external disk storage systems market has seen revenue growth of 10.8 per cent in the third quarter, according to an IDC report, as businesses return to spending on IT upgrades.

  • Intel RST 11 to bring TRIM support to RAID 0

    It's been a very long wait, but it looks like Intel is finally ready to bring TRIM support for SSD's in a RAID 0 configuration according to details appearing on Storage Review. That said, the details posted were very slim and VR-Zone is here to fill in the gaps with some exclusive details as to

  • Iomega launches eGo Mac edition portable hard drive

    Iomega has recently launched their eGo Mac edition portable hard disk which not only looks stylish, but it also packs plenty of storage space. Like its Helium portable hard drive and the Iomega Mac companion hard drive siblings, the eGo Mac edition is also formatted in HFS+ for compatibility with Maccomputers, making it a perfect

  • Hard drive supplies to run dry while Thailand stays wet

    The flood in Thailand caught manufacturers off guard, but damages and losses are more than initially analysed. The outlook of the hard disk supplies are grimly forecasted to run out at the end of the year, leading to backlash in the first quarter of 2012.

  • Western Digital launches WD TV Live, My Passport Studio and My Passport for Mac in Singapore

    This afternoon, Western Digital announced the launch of the WD TV Live, My Passport Studio and My Passport for Mac in Singapore. The WD TV Live streaming media player can connect to the Internet easily via Ethernet or wireless, and supports high definition video applications. The WD MyPassport portable hard drives come in compact form