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  • SanDisk Waterproof USB Flash Drive

    SanDisk today introduced the Waterproof(1) USB Drive, a new line of rugged flash drives aimed at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) targeting the health care market. Small enough to be worn all day as a necklace or kept on a key chain, the Waterproof USB Drive will be available to OEM customers in capacities of 64,

  • SanDisk 1GB miniSD Card

    SanDisk today announced that it is doubling the current capacity of its popular SanDisk miniSD(TM) card to 1-gigabyte. The miniSD card is used in a growing number of mobile phones with multimedia capabilities such as digital cameras, music players, video recording and playback, games and more. The SanDisk miniSD card includes an adapter allowing it

  • Iomega NAS 100d Wireless NAS Server

    Iomega announced the new Iomega® NAS 100d entry-level network-attached storage (NAS) server. Available this month in 160GB* and 250GB capacities, Iomega’s NAS 100d servers feature wireless network capabilities and offer flexible, easily expandable network storage for small business and home office networks. NAS servers act as storage appliances on a computer network, giving Windows®, Mac®,

  • LG New DVD Recorder : DVD-Network Combi

    LG Electronics developed a 120-gigabyte hard disk drive with a mounted digital versatile disc (DVD) recorder that can download multimedia contents from PCs through wireless local area network (LAN). LG’s RM-6902 can replay prerecorded DVDs, write new multimedia data on DVDs, play and record videocassettes and read and write data on seven types of memory

  • Hitachi Shipped 60GB 1.8-Inch Hard Drive

    HGST is announcing worldwide availability of a 60 GB1.8-inch hard disk drive, enabling makers of handheld consumer electronics to design miniature devices without sacrificing storage capability. The new Hitachi 1.8-inch Travelstar C4K60 represents an ideal marriage between small physical size and ultra-high capacity for the digital, mobile consumer. At 60 GB, Hitachi’s newest small-form-factor hard

  • New M¼ Flash Memory Card Standard

    A Taiwanese flash card maker said it will take the wraps of a new flash memory architecture this March at the CeBit exhibition in Hannover, Germany. The memory architecture will enable flash-based cards that are 66 percent smaller than reduced-size MMC or miniSD cards currently coming into the market. The new memory is called M¼-Flash.

  • WD New 1-inch Drives Up To 6 GB

    Western Digital announced today that the company will enter the market for miniature hard drives with a family of 1-inch drives that enable a variety of handheld consumer devices, which are experiencing explosive demand. An increasing number of current applications, such as MP3 players, PDAs, digital still cameras and digital video cameras, rely on 1-inch

  • Corsair 2GB USB Flash Voyager Drive

    Corsair today announced immediate availability of a new 2GB Hi-Speed USB 2.0 flash drive. The new CMFUSB2.0-2GB card offers a great amount of storage capacity in an extremely small package. Corsairs new Flash Voyager products are as highly acclaimed for their durability as they are for performance. Their soft rubber shock resistant, water resistant casing

  • WD Raptor HDs Offered In Compaq X Gaming PCs

    Western Digital today announced that WD Raptor® hard drives are now being offered as an option in Compaq X Gaming PCs, including the latest GX5010T model built for extreme gaming. WD Raptor, the world’s only 10,000 RPM Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive, is the highest performing SATA hard drive available today, according to multiple independent

  • New U3 Platform For USB Flash Drive Market

    M-Systems and SanDisk today announced the creation of the U3 platform, a new hardware and software platform that will expand the USB flash drive market beyond storage. The goal of U3(TM) LLC, based in Redwood City, Calif., is to transform the USB flash drive market from simple storage devices into exciting new consumer products that

  • Toshiba Ships 0.85-inch, 2GB Hard Drive

    Toshiba is about to start shipping its 0.85-inch, 2-Gbyte hard drive aimed at use in smartphones and other mobile devices. In addition,it will start shipping a 4-Gbyte version of the drive about the middle of the year with capacities increasing to as much as 8 GB in 2006. The hard drives weigh less than three

  • MSI DRE8 External DVD Dual Writer

    To meet the mobility requirement of notebook users, MSI introduces the DRE8 external DVD Dual Writer and XS24 external slim combo writer especially for these users. With DRE8s powerful specifications, it allows users to work with 8 different formats and speeds – DVD+R writing speed at 8x, DVD+RW rewriting speed at 4x, DVD-R writing speed

  • New CE-ATA Storage Interface In Progress

    CE-ATA, the storage interface for next-generation handhelds and portable consumer electronics devices, has reached a number of milestones that underscore progress made with the specification and the industry since the initiative was launched at the Intel Developer Forum in September.The most recent development, announced at CES, is an arrangement between the CE-ATA Promoter Group and

  • Seagate To Ship 5GB CF Photo Hard Drive

    Seagate announced today at CES that the Seagate CompactFlash Photo Hard Drive, with a massive 5GB capacity, begins shipping next month into retail stores across the country. The first 5GB CompactFlash media storage card ever introduced, the Seagate CompactFlash Photo Hard Drive offers unparalleled capacities at cost-effective price points for digital photography hobbyists and professional

  • Seagate 400GB External Hard Drive

    Seagate announced today at CES it is now shipping its popular Seagate External Hard Drive with new capacities up to 400GB. Available with easy pushbutton-button backup and award-winning backup software, and with its stylish design, cool-running ruggedness, and a convenient on/off switch for power savings and data security, the Seagate External Hard Drive offers the

  • Hitachi announces Half Terabyte Hard Drive, the Hitachi 7K500, featuring NCQ & SATA II

    Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) today announced an expanded product line that will take on the 3.5-inch ATA hard drive segment with a three-prong, performance-focused approach. Hitachi is adding three new 7,200 RPM drives to its family of Deskstar products, targeting the broadest range of 3.5-inch consumer and commercial applications: mainstream PCs and workstations,

  • Plextor Low Cost PX-230A CD-R/RW drive

    Plextor announced the PX-230A CD-R/RW drive. The new burner offers today’s top CD recording speeds, 52X CD-R and 32X CD-RW, and delivers reliable, high-quality CD recordings. With an MSRP of just $ 65, the drive is specially designed for high-volume systems integrators, major enterprises, and OEMs seeking a moderately priced CD drive with high performance

  • SLS: Acard Serial ATA HDD to SCSI bridge available at Storage Studio

    The Acard AEC-7730 LVD SCSI to SATA Bridge Adapter is now available at Storage Studio Singapore for slightly more than S$ 200. Click here for more details on the product.

  • SLS: Seagate 7200.8 NCQ SATA 300GB Drive available at Storage Studio

    The latest Seagate 7200.8 NCQ SATA 300GB Drive featuring the latest 133GB platter and Native Command Queuing technology is now available at Storage Studio at a price tag of about S$ 400

  • Iomega USB 2.0 Mini Hard Drive

    Iomega today announced a sleek little external hard drive in a 40GB model* that is small enough for the shirt pocket and weighs just 99 grams. The new Iomega® USB 2.0 Mini Hard Drive is the first Iomega hard drive to receive 100 percent of its power from a standard USB data port, allowing mobile