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  • Blizzard delays Diablo III release until next year

    Blizzard has announced that the release of its upcoming hack-and-slash role-playing game, Diablo III, will be delayed until next year, due to unfinished features. Edit: April Fools

  • Asus warranty does not protect computers during alien invasions

    Asus computers are not protected by its warranty in the event of an invasion by aliens from outer space, it has been revealed.

  • Smart bombs go quantum

    It has only been a week since our report that the Canadian company D-Wave released the first ever quantum computer, the D-Wave One. Today D-Wave confirms the sale of their first computer to Lockheed Martin, the famous aerospace defense contractor. It is currently unknown what…

  • April Fools’ Day Tech Pranks Roundup

    Today is clearly a bad time for any companies to release any legit press releases or information as they could easily be taken as April Fools' Day jokes, pranks or hoaxes. Anyway, here are some of the tech pranks we roundup for some good laughs we hope. *Constantly updated*

  • Pizza Workers Strike Over Internet Porn

    Cnet has an article about pizza workers picketing  over internet porn at a pizza factory in Naas, Ireland. It appears that 3 workers were fired for looking at an email containing “some material of a pornographic nature”. In a show of support for the dismissed workers, the staff at the pizza plant went on strike

  • Bank Sues Google Over Sensitive E-mail Sent to Wrong Gmail Address

    Wired has an article on a Wyoming bank suing Google over its bank employee’s mistake. The employee had mistakenly sent an email containing sensitive information on 1,325 individual and business customers to the wrong Gmail account. The information included names, addresses, tax identification or Social Security numbers and loan information. So folks, remember to check

  • Ninja Kunai USB Drive has a really cool looking ninja kunai memory drive for sale online. Measuring 107 mm(W) x 21 mm(D) X 13.5 mm(H), it features a 2Gb storage capacity and retails for ¥ 11,500.00 (SGD$178.25 equivalent). Certainly nice to own 1 but $178.25 for 2Gb of storage space is kind of outrageous… News via

  • Top 10 travel destinations for geeks

    Digital Trends has posted an article on “10 of the coolest science and tech destinations in the world” for geeks. Some of the recommended destinations in the list include Akihabara District in Japan, the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Silicon Valley, CA, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone etc. My personal favorite is the Akihabara District, home to the

  • Nissan Leaf Electric Car makes “beautiful” Noise

    Bloomberg has an article on the almost silent Nissan Leaf all-electric vehicle. A major concern is the vehicle’s almost zero noise operation as it may be potentially dangerous to pedestrians, children and the elderly on the streets. To address the concern, Nissan shall be equipping the Leaf with a noise generator. Read more…

  • Jetpack Ride Awaits on eBay

    Ever wanted to realize your dream of personal flight? Martin Aircraft Company Limited is auctioning off the opportunity to be the first person outside the “Martin Jetpack” development team to “be a Jetpack test pilot.” With a start bid price of USD$30,000 for six flights on the jetpack on eBay, anyone (with the cash, of course)

  • Fallout 3 Laser Rifle

    Some dude has managed to create an exact replica of the AER9, a military-grade Laser Rifle used by the Brotherhood of Steel in Fallout 3, with pictures on Flickr charting the progress of the DIY project. Fans of Fallout 3, click here to find out more!

  • Missing Floppy…Reward if found

    Have you seen his floppy drive? This guy is pretty upset someone has stolen his beloved floppy drive and it seems he has been looking high and low for it…So folks, if you do see it, return it to him for a reward!