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  • Toshiba gearing up for Ivy Bridge + Kepler in 17.3-inch 3D Qosmio X870 laptop

    A new gaming weapon reminiscing of Alienware's design cues is on the horizon from Toshiba under its Qosmio series, the X870. While now unveiled, all that is waiting for its arrival in store shelves is the availibity of Intel's next-gen Ivy Bridge processors and an NVIDIA (Kepler) GeForce GPU with 3GB of GDDR5 memory on

  • Toshiba and Western Digital sign agreement to exchange HDD assets

    Toshiba and Western Digital have signed an agreement to exchange certain assets relating to their hard disk drive (HDD) businesses in efforts to increase capacity and expand market portfolios.

  • Toshiba unveils world’s thinnest and lightest 10.1-inch Android tablet

    Toshiba Singapore has launched their new REGZA AT200 which claims to be the world's thinnest and lightest 10.1-inch tablet on the market. It measures 7.7mm from front to rear, weighs 535g, and runs Google Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS.

  • First looks: Toshiba Portege Z830 and Satellite U840 – Ultrabooks for during and after office hours

    Half a year into their launch, Ultrabooks are expanding beyond the niche expensive business market into the 'enthusiast consumer' stream as well. Here we look at how they differ in a quick half-day preview, with Toshiba's two flagship entries from each camp, side by side.

  • Toshiba updates netbooks, forgets to add HDMI

    Although only available in Japan so far, Toshiba has updated its netbooks with Intel's Cedar Trail Atom N2800 processor, although for whatever reason, the company decided to forgo HDMI output, one of the key features of the new Atom models. Presumably we'll be seeing what is known as the Dynabook N301 in Japan in other

  • Toshiba launches Satellite U840, company’s first 14-inch Ultrabook

    Toshiba Singapore has announced their latest 14-inch Ultrabook, U840 which is not just stylish, but also offers good computing performance and weighs a portable 1.59kg.

  • Toshiba launches BookPlace DB50 Android ebook reader in Japan

    Toshiba has announced the launch of their BookPlace DB50 Android ebook reader in Japan. The DB50 has a 7-inch LCD display, is powered by a 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM and 8GB storage, and boasts 7.5 hours of battery life.

  • Toshiba to promote TransferJet at CES

    You may or may not be familiar with TransferJet, a technology that allows for short range wireless data transfer speeds of up to 560Mbps using the 4.5GHz band. So far there isn't much in terms of devices that supports the standard, but Toshiba and the TransferJet consortium are set to change this at CES where

  • VR-Zone Christmas Gift Guide – Tablets

    Ever since the Apple iPad was introduced to the market, tablets have become one of the popular technology gadgets for content consumption; you can use it to surf your favorite web sites, watch videos or play some games. Well, besides the iPad, there are other choices that run Google Android as well as Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems. This

  • Kingston Buying Up Large Volumes of Elpida, Toshiba DRAM Chips

    The DDR3 memory industry is suffering with indigestion. Quite literally. Upstream component manufacturers, as well as vendors have jointly overproduced, and hence we're seeing unreal memory prices. DRAM chip vendors Elpida and Toshiba are two of those companies suffering with inventory digestion problem, and they could be the worst hit, given that they're both Japanese,

  • Toshiba Singapore launches PORTEGE Z830 Ultrabook, Qosmio DX730 AIO and REGZA tablets

    Toshiba Singapore has launched their new PORTEGE Z830 Ultrabook, which claims to be the world’s lightest and thinnest 13.3-Inch Ultrabook that weighs a mere 1.12kg. In addition to the slim ultra-portable notebook, the company also unveiled their new Qosmio DX730 All-in-One and REGZA AT100 and AT1S0 Android tablets.

  • Toshiba unveils its first Ultrabook in Japan

    So far only two Ultrabooks have made it to the market, Asus' Zenbook and Acer's Aspire S3, but now it looks like Toshiba is getting ready to join in with its dynabook R631 in Japan. That said we're expecting it to carry the Portégé brand outside of Japan, as is generally the case for its

  • Toshiba Smartens STOR.E TV For Living Room Goodness

    Content consumption media is in a state of flux. From disc players to media players that take USB mass storage devices, the evolution is on at breakneck pace. Hard disk drive vendors such as Toshiba and WD have taken the initiative to combine their external hard drive expertise with media center hardware to eat into

  • Toshiba to release an ‘iPad-killer’ at IFA 2011?

    Even though it has already released a handful of tablets for sale, Toshiba remains relatively unknown in this particular market segment, although it seems that the Japanese electronics company about to make an attempt to change that situation. Apparently, word has it that Toshiba is planning to release an 'iPad-killer' of sorts come IFA 2011,

  • Toshiba unveils new standard-height, 1TB hard disks for notebooks

    Well, that sure didn't take very long. In less than two weeks after we published the news of Western Digital's success in rolling out what was probably the world's first standard-height, 1TB-touting mobile hard disks for notebooks, out comes Toshiba with its own variant of such a hard disk, the MQ01ABD100, which the Japanese company

  • Toshiba announces 24nm eMMC toggle-mode DDR NAND Flash

    Fed up with running out of memory in your smartphone/tablet/, well, Toshiba has announced that it's getting ready to solve that little problem with a range of new eMMC memory devices. The new chips will range from two to 128GB in size, so expect to see plenty more storage memory in next year's

  • KDDI unveils Windows Phone 7 “Mango”-powered smartphone in Japan

    KDDI has announced the availability of its new Windows Phone 7 "Mango"-powered smartphone, the IS12T, in Japan. According to the Japanese operator, the new IS12T smartphone is produced by Fujitsu Toshiba Mobile Communications and will boast various features such as integration with Windows Live and various other social networking services, as well as sport a body

  • KDDI shows off working prototype of upgraded REGZA Phone IS11T smartphone

    KDDI has unveiled a working prototype of its upgraded REGZA Phone IS11T smartphone, which is an Android-powered mobile phone with a sliding QWERTY keyboard and is reportedly desgined to cater to "heavy users of social networking services and email, especially those who frequently text with Twitter and Facebook".

  • Toshiba Singapore Unveils 14-inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor

    Need an additional display to your notebook PC? You can consider getting this new Toshiba 14-inch USB Mobile LCD Monitor. The widescreen LCD monitor weighs just 1.27kg and measures about an inch thick and is available in stores now.

  • Hynix and Toshiba team up to develop MRAM

    The major computer memory technology today is SDRAM in various shapes or forms, but there have been talks about various solutions set to replace the aging memory type with faster and more power efficient options with vastly improved performance. Well, Hynix and Toshiba has announced that the two are teaming up to develop Spin-Transfer Torque