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  • Watch it OLED, LCD, Plasma: Mitsubishi’s “LaserVue” Laser Projection TV Wins Energy Star Award

    While OLED is taking a lot of media space recently, and LCD and Plasma TVs are touting 3D and Smart TV technologies, there is a new player coming to the market. Mitsubishi's "blast from the past" TV entered retail sales in the U.S.

  • Microsoft might launch an Xbox TV

    Microsoft might launch an Xbox TV in the future, which could be its contribution to the eight generation of gaming consoles or an entirely new product altogether, with gaming occuring on the cloud.

  • Intel’s Berryville Atom CE processors revealed

    By the end of this quarter, or early next quarter Intel should be unveiling its next generation of Atom CE processors, currently codenamed Berryville. Although as amusing as the code name might be, Intel has gone through great lengths to make Berryville a real contender in the consumer electronics market space and maybe even giving

  • Intel is betting on Tizen and Atom marriage for smart TVs

    With Intel having lost its opportunity with Google TV, the company is now re-focusing its efforts in the smart TV business towards its own Linux operating system – no not MeeGo, but rather Tizen. There will be a smart TV specific version called Tizen TV which will run on Intel's CE range of Atom processors,

  • SingTel offers free mobile calls, SMS, MMS and mio TV treats for Lunar New Year

    SingTel users have something to celebrate for this Lunar New Year. The telecommunication operator has announced that it is providing free mobile calls, SMS, MMS and mio TV treats for 48 hours, from 23 to 24 January. Read on for the details.

  • Wi-Fi Display coming by mid-year, partners already working on it

    Last week we wrote about Intel's plans for its WiDi technology and one of the new additions this year will be support for Wi-Fi Display, although we didn't know much about it at the time. Now some additional details have emerged at CES and as we suspected, Wi-Fi Display is a standard by the Wi-Fi

  • Samsung reveals connected ecosystem for its range of products, content and services

    Samsung has unveiled their vision for future of consumer electronics, which is to have a connected ecosystem among the various products, be they TVs, phones, tablets, PCs, cameras or appliances. This would allow user to easily share and enjoy content across all these devices anywhere, anytime.

  • Samsung, LG and others to release Google TV devices

    Samsung, LG and others are to join a growing list of TV manufacturers announcing Google TV products at the Consumer Electronics Show next week.

  • Skype teams up with Telylabs to deliver Tegra 2 powered HD camera

    Ah yes, home video conferencing, an area where Skype is trying hard to be the leader and although we've already seen a few solution from Skype's partners that work with a select few TV sets, none of them are anything like the telyHD from Telylabs. That said, you'll need to have a real desire to

  • Google drops Intel in favour of ARM for Google TV

    In a surprise to no-one move, Google or rather Marvell has come clean on the fact that Google TV will be moving away from Intel and onto ARM. The first new Google TV boxes should be based on the Marvell Armada 1500 HD media SoC and should make a debut at CES next week.

  • Roku goes tiny with its upcoming Streaming Stick

    It's really a shame that Roku's products are only available in the US due to the technicalities of streaming content over the internet, something the traditional TV companies obviously are very much against even though they are allowing for it to a degree. The company has come up with a simple and elegant solution that

  • Broadcom announces smart TV chips

    Just ahead of CES, Broadcom has announced four new solutions related to Smart TVs which will be displayed at the show. Some of the chips are intended for integration inside the TV unit while others are destined for media streamers or what Broadcom calls Over-the-Top media players.

  • LG unveils world’s largest OLED TV

    LG will unveil a 55-inch OLED TV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week, touting it as the largest of its kind and the “future of TV technology”.

  • Samsung and others settle LCD price-fixing case for $553 million

    Samsung and a number of other LCD display makers have settled a price-fixing case for $553 million.

  • LG showcases 55-inch OLED display

    LG has announced the development of a 55-inch OLED display which claims to be less than 5mm thin, consumes less power and has higher than 100,000:1 contrast ratio compared to the conventional LCD panels.

  • Samsung is hoping for 2012 to be the year of transparent LCDs

    Ahead of CES Samsung has been busy pimping all sorts of technologies, but it seems like the company is very serious about transparent LCDs and in this case we're looking at large screen applications. We're not sure if the world is ready for this technology as yet and it looks like we've got a while

  • Sony and Samsung part ways on LCD partnership

    The two consumer electronics giants Sony and Samsung has decided to part ways on their joint LCD manufacturing business, S-LCD with Samsung taking the reins. This doesn't come free for Samsung though, as the company is paying a fair amount of cash up front to Sony to take over the LCD manufacturing business on its

  • Western Digital announces WD TV remote control app for improved media player navigation

    Western Digital has announced a WD TV remote control app for Apple iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or Android mobile devices, which offers WD users improved media player navigation.

  • StarHub to offer free preview of over 140 TV channels for the New Year

    Good news to those of you who are staying at home this festive season, and has a StarHub cable TV box at home. The Singapore info-communications provider is offering free previews of over 140 TV channels for customers and their families.

  • Sharp plans to sell 90-inch LCD TV in US, 80-inch in China and Japan

    LCD TVs are getting bigger by the months. Japanese manufacturer Sharp has recently announced plans to sell the 90-inch LCD TV in US, and 80-inch LCD TV in China and Japan.