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  • China Cracking Down on Free Speech (Again)

    Sina, a prominent Chinese media company that runs a Twitter-like microblogging service (Weibo), has announced new rules for its users that threaten to end the relatively open, anonymous discussion of issues through their service.

  • Twitter demeans recent info dump

    Twitter responded to a recent massive dump of usernames and passwords, saying that many of them were duplicates or banned spam accounts.

  • Facebook to file $5 billion IPO

    Facebook is to file an initial public offering request worth $5 billion today, a move which will set it on the road to becoming a public company.

  • Twitter may introduce censorship in specific countries

    Everyone has rights to free speech, and you can tweet whatever you want on Twitter  social networking site. As Twitter expands its reach to other countries, it seems like the company may be introducing censorship due to content restriction in some countries.

  • Korean actress Han Chae-young criticized on Twitter for luxurious car

    Korean actress Han Chae-young was recently criticized on Twitter for flaunting her wealth when she posted a New Year greeting to her fans, with a picture of her driving a luxurious car, even though that was not her intention.

  • Twitter acquires web security firm Dasient

    Twitter has acquired web security firm Dasient, which could result in a more secure micro-blogging service with fewer malware messages.  

  • Old Twitter users to be upgraded to New Twitter this week

    Are you still using the old Twitter interface which has now been dubbed by many as 'Old Twitter'? Well, if you are, you might want to actually start getting used to the new interface which the popular microblogging service has rolled out way back last year; the company has confirmed that it plans to upgrade

  • Twitter for Android: Now with push notifications

    If you are the proud owner of an Android-powered smartphone who cannot afford to pass a single day without getting your daily fix of Twitter on your mobile phone, today will definitely be a very good day to hit the Android Market and update that Twitter app currently residing in your smartphone to the latest

  • Twitter shoots down rumours that it intends to charge for its services in Japan

    Rumours may be a good source of information at times, but there can also be cases whereby certain rumours may be nothing more than hoaxes with the potential to adversely affect the reputation of individual people or even huge companies. And in this case, the unfortunate victim of a recent rumour is none other than

  • ad:tech Singapore 2011 Kicks Off: Some Interesting Facts

    ad:tech Singapore 2011 enters its fourth year today where brands, agencies and publishers come forth to share new ideas, new technologies and know-hows on the digital front. Leading agencies like BBDO/Proximity, Grey Group, Starcom, Dentsu, Omnicom, Hakuhodo and major publishers such as Financial Times, Wall Street Journal Asia, Bloomberg are listed as participants of this event.

  • LulzSec leaks porn sites, mil, gov passwords; threatens to hack Brink servers

    Renowned hacker group LulzSec who has caused Sony lots of woes in the past few weeks, has recently posted a huge list of usernames and passwords including admin/webmasters from porn sites, as well as government and military emails. According to reports, LulzSec is planning to hack Brink servers for online multiplayer first-person shooting game by Bethesda studios.

  • Twitter Hacked By Cross-Site Scripting

    Twitter may be a great way to inform friends about what one is currently doing in the form of short text messages, but is its service safe enough? That is a question you will have to ask yourself, especially after the popular service had been compromised yesterday by a hack which exposed users to pop-ups