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  • Via’s Isaiah II might be Intel’s first real mobile x86 competitor

    With AMD’s mobile failings, it might be time to give for Via to give Intel a run for its mobile SoC money.

  • VIA introduces WM8880 dual-core CPU for entry level phones and tablets

    VIA Technologies has added a new product to its ARM based portfolio – the low power WM8880 dual core chipset tailored for low-end smartphones and tablets.

  • VIA Releases ROM, Kernel, and Boot-Loader of APC

    In June, VIA claimed that its APC (Android PC), a neo-ITX motherboard compatible with most ITX/ATX cases based on an ARM SoC and PC-like interfaces, was a sell-out success thanks to its $49 price-tag. The company today deleased all the software and documentation needed by developers and geeks to get started with the kit. 

  • VIA ARM-Powered Pico-ITX Motherboard Launched

    VIA announced the VAB-800, a motherboard in the pic-ITX form-factor (10 cm x 7.2 cm, ATX/ITX compatible), driven by an ARM-based SoC. The company claims the SoC powering the board is capable of 1080p video playback, drawing less than 5W power. It features most common PC interfaces.

  • VIA announces ultra-affordable $49 Android PC, we go hands on

    Google's Android OS has so far ended up in just about every device imaginable, but apparently one market has so far been ignored, the humble desktop. Taiwanese VIA Technologies spotted this omission though and has developed the APC – or Android PC – which actually is more of a motherboard than a complete solution.

  • VIA announces 1080p capable, fanless Pico-ITX based AMOS-3002 PC

    The ultra compact fanless PC market has just seen the addition of a new entry from VIA sporting the company's tiny EPIA-P900 Pico-ITX board.

  • Hands on with VIA’s new quad core mini-ITX motherboard

    All the way back in May of last year, VIA announced its first quad core CPU, simply named QuadCore which was known as the L4700. Now the company has announced its first mini-ITX motherboards based on its QuadCore processor, albeit this time we’re talking about an E-series – or embedded series – processor on the

  • Is VIA getting into the SSD controller market?

    VIA has teamed up with a company called Tensilica to license its Xtensa dataplane processors – or DPUs as the company calls them – to create its own SSD controller. Tensilica is a company that develops IP for customizable RISC cores – much like an FPGA in some ways – as well as a wide

  • VIA Accelerates USB 2.0 Using USB 3.0 Hubs. Confused?

    VIA Labs Inc., a subsidiary of VIA Technologies just announced a new way to accelerate the USB 2.0 devices using "USB2Expressway Dedicated Bandwidth Technology" feature.

  • VIA releases VE-900 Mini-ITX mainboard for DIY enthusiasts

    VIA Technologies on Friday released the VIA VE-900 Mini-ITX, a Mini-ITX Mainboard that the company says provides an ideal platform for DIY enthusiasts keen on building their own Mini-ITX home desktop and media center PCs.

  • USB 3.0 Speed Tests: 7-Way Host Controllers Roundup

    Believe us when we say that this is one of the most epic reviews we've ever put together. Not because it was the hardest roundup we've ever done, but it's by far the most time consuming one and it doesn't even have anything to do with the benchmarks we ran. We thought it'd be a

  • VLI finally gains USB-IF certification

      This one has been a long time coming, but VLI (VIA Labs Inc.) has finally gained the much needed certification from the USB-IF for its VL800 and VL801 USB 3.0 host controllers. The good news for consumers are that finally you can buy any USB 3.0 host controller and know that it has received

  • VLI launches the VL751 USB 3.0 NAND Flash controller

    VLI's NAND Flash controller has been long time coming and the company has finally announced the VL751 today. It's an affordable single-chip NAND Flash controller for USB 3.0 Flash drives. Not only should it allow for more affordable USB 3.0 Flash drives, but we should also see improved performance compared to many solutions currently in

  • HTC gobbles up S3 Graphics

    Now here's an interesting turn of events, HTC has bought S3 Graphics, from VIA. This has a lot of interesting implications, least not for VIA which might be standing without a graphics partner for its future chipsets. That said, considering that HTC and VIA has common owners; this isn't a very likely outcome.

  • VLI shows off some new USB 3.0 solutions at Computex

    VIA Labs Inc. or VLI had a few new USB 3.0 solutions to show off as well at Computex, some rather interesting solutions and some other ones that have a lot more practical usage. VLI has as yet to pass USB-IF certification for its host controllers, but is expecting to do so later this month,

  • VIA Technologies Inc. @ Computex 2011: The power of quads

    Good old VIA Technologies Inc. While most older hardware enthusiasts will probably have some memories of the company, the same usually cannot be said of the younger generation of this particular group of people, many of whom are probably not even aware of the fact that there exists a third developer of x86 chips besides

  • VIA QuadCore benchmarked against AMD’s E-350

    We'll take these numbers with a large helping of salt, but some VIA produced benchmark figures of its new QuadCore processor have appeared on a Japanese website. We're not sure why these numbers didn't show up until now, as we haven't seen them posted elsewhere. VIA put it's 1.2GHz+ CPU up against AMD's 1.6GHz E-350

  • VIA goes QuadCore

    It's sometimes easy to forget that there are three x86 CPU makers, as VIA, or rather should we say Centaur has such a small share of the market that no-one really ever thinks of them these days. The company has now announced a new model simply named the VIA QuadCore and as of right now

  • VLI Preps New VL750 SuperSpeed USB to NAND Flash Controller

    VIA Technologies, VIA’s subsidiary, is preparing to release the VL750 SuperSpeed USB to NAND Flash controller.

  • VIA Technologies To Release First Dual-Core And Quad-Core Processors

    After years of trailing behind the competition, Taiwan-based VIA Technologies has finally announced its plans to roll out dual-core and quad-core variants of its VIA Nano processors. Will this move serve as the push needed to help VIA regain its competitiveness in the PC processor market dominated by Intel and AMD? Read on to find