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  • VIA Labs launches its third generation USB 3.0 hub

    USB 3.0 hubs are apparently still being developed and VIA Labs announced a few days ago that it’s ready to unleash its third generation USB 3.0 hub controller. The big news this time around is a more power efficient design that allows for more bus powered devices to be used simultaneously.

  • VLI explains how USB2Expressway works

    If you're a regular reader you might remember that VIA Labs announced its USB2Expressway technology back at CES, but it wasn't really clear as to how it worked. Well, we've now had a chance to sit down with the company for an explanation and it's actually a lot simpler than it seemed.

  • Is VIA getting into the SSD controller market?

    VIA has teamed up with a company called Tensilica to license its Xtensa dataplane processors – or DPUs as the company calls them – to create its own SSD controller. Tensilica is a company that develops IP for customizable RISC cores – much like an FPGA in some ways – as well as a wide

  • VIA Labs mixes up USB 3.0 and fibre optics for extended range

    One of the drawbacks of USB, no matter the version is the limited range of 5m, not an issue for most home users, but known to be a big problem when it comes to a lot of vertical markets. With USB 2.0 it was easy enough to extend the connections over an Ethernet cable with

  • USB 3.0 Speed Tests: 7-Way Host Controllers Roundup

    Believe us when we say that this is one of the most epic reviews we've ever put together. Not because it was the hardest roundup we've ever done, but it's by far the most time consuming one and it doesn't even have anything to do with the benchmarks we ran. We thought it'd be a