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  • Facebook adds voice to Messenger & VoIP for Canadian users

    Facebook has added voice to its independent messenger app, and experimenting with VoIP in Canada.  They are also offering a new advanced developer feature called ‘flexible sentences’ that will help modify sentence structure.

  • LG demos voice-to-video conversion over a LTE network

    At the Mobile World Congress, LG demonstrated world’s first voice-to-video conversion over a LTE network, which allows users to switch between voice and video during an ongoing call.

  • Skype teams up with Telylabs to deliver Tegra 2 powered HD camera

    Ah yes, home video conferencing, an area where Skype is trying hard to be the leader and although we've already seen a few solution from Skype's partners that work with a select few TV sets, none of them are anything like the telyHD from Telylabs. That said, you'll need to have a real desire to

  • Plantronics unveils Calisto 800 multi-device speakerphones

    The new Plantronics speakerphones claim to provide intelligent streamline audio communication across PC-based phones, mobile phones, and even home landlines. The hands-free Calisto 800 is designed for office professionals and is optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator and Lync.

  • Samsung to launch Korea’s first Android-based Smart Home Phone on July

    Considering how Google's Android operating system was originally designed to be an OS which is meant to be used exclusively by smartphones, it would be expected that Samsung's idea of introducing a line of portable media players that are powered by Android would raise more than just a few eyebrows. However, leave it to Samsung to put

  • Skype launches Skype for Mac (Mac 5 Gold)

    Skype has announced the Skype for Mac (Mac 5 Gold), which is no longer a beta. According to the company, the group video calling is part of the premium package and will also include live chat customer support.