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  • New images of ZTE’s WP7-powered smartphone now available

    ZTE may not be all that well-known in certain parts of the world, but there is no denying that the company is one of the larger players when it comes to producing mobile phones for the Chinese market. And from the looks of it, it seems that one such ZTE-branded smartphone that will eventually make

  • Microsoft issues Critical security bulletin for Windows Bluetooth Stack vulnerability

    Is your PC running off the Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating system? If your answer to that question is a "yes", you might want to start firing up the Windows Update utility in your operating system and performing a full system update today, for Microsoft has announced that it has released four security bulletins

  • UEFI coming to TI’s OMAP SoCs courtesy of Insyde

    With ARM processors being part of the Windows 8 eco system there are going to be some changes needed to how ARM systems work and as you may know, there's no BIOS to be found on a smartphone or tablet. Well, this is about to change as Insyde has announced that it will be offering

  • Angry Birds finally smashes into Windows Phone 7

    Microsoft may have left a less-than-favourable impression on Rovio Mobile by using the Angry Birds logo in an advertisement to tout that theWindows Phone 7 will have a ton of cool apps well before the latter has yet to even commit to such a port (if at all), but the latest turn of events seems to suggest

  • Nokia Windows Phone 7 “Sea Ray” Leaked

    Nokia unveiled the N9, the company's  first MeeGo device, at the Nokia Connection in Singapore last week. And not long after, the Finnish company's internal presentation was leaked, including a Windows Phone 7 smartphone codenamed "Sea Ray".

  • More hidden features in Windows 8 revealed

    We may still be months away from the RTM release of Windows 8, but that has not stopped developers and curious hackers from getting their hands dirty with the various leaked builds of Microsoft's upcoming operating system in the hopes of turning up new, unheard-of features that might eventually debut in its final release. And

  • Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific unveils STYLISTIC Q550 slate PC in Singapore

    Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific today launched their new STYLISTIC Q550 slate PC that is designed for business professionals. It is powered by 1.5GHz Intel Atom Z670 processor, runs Microsoft Windows 7 operating system and comes with an optional stylus pen for writing and drawing. The STYLISTIC Q550 is scheduled to be available next month.

  • Microsoft rejects WebGL over security concerns

    Say what you want about Microsoft, but it is clear that the Redmond software giant is taking a very strong stance on security recently, especially after its experience in dealing with the security disasters that were Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6. In fact, so uncompromising is the company's stand that Microsift has decided to

  • It is official: Windows Phone 7 will get one major release annually

    Seems like Microsoft has finally broken its silence over its plans for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Which, as most people will probably be aware, is currently lagging far behind the likes of Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating system in terms of popularity, in spite of its capabilities. Apparently, the world's largest software vendor

  • BlueStacks: High-Speed Android on Windows

    What if you could run Android on Windows in real time, side-by-side and without any lag whatsoever? BlueStacks promises all this – we go hands-on after the break.

  • Microsoft unveils Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface in Singapore

    This afternoon, Microsoft unveiled the highly anticipated Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface in Singapore. With Microsoft Surface, businesses and companies can offer information and services in a more engaging way. The software giant also showcased some of the new features of the upcoming Windows Phone "Mango" update. VR-Zone brings you the coverage

  • Microsoft Said To Preview Windows Tablet OS Next Week

    Microsoft is adding to the flavor of tablets with its own Windows Tablet OS, said to preview the new operating system next week.  Jump in to read more

  • Challenger Launches Windows Experience Zone in Singapore

    Enter Singapore's first Windows Experience Zone (WEZ) right at Challenger Funan, a unique retail zone that brings the complete PC buying experience to every consumer in this 24-hour operations store. What is in store in this unique zone ? More after the jump

  • NEC unveils Atom-powered tablet running Windows 7 for business users

    Mention the words 'tablet PC' to most consumers and chances are the mental image they will conjure about such a device is one that runs on ARM processors and comes preloaded with an operating system that is anything but Microsoft's Windows. While that may be true in the consumer space, it would appear that things

  • Microsoft rolls out “7392″ update for Windows Phone 7

    Microsoft may have been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons recently with regards to the rate software updates were being delivered for its Windows Phone 7 platform, but it would appear that the Redmond giant is doing its best to put all of that behind it as soon as possible. And what better way

  • Worldwide OS Market Grew to $30.4 Billion in 2010, Gartner says.

    As we all already know, Microsoft is still the biggest company for PC operating systems, at least according to the amount of revenue it generates. A new study from Gartner Research reports that Microsoft had $23.848 billion in revenue from its OS business in 2010 which gave it a 78.6 percent share of the entire

  • Microsoft releases tool to simplify development on Windows Phone 7

    Everyone knows that the size of its online app repository is one of the biggest factors that decides whether an operating system designed for use on a highly mobile, networked device such as a smartphone or slate PC will be able to hold its own against the likes of the competition currently available on the

  • Meizu to cease all development for M8

    Sure, most Meizu M8 users were already preparing themselves for the day where the company responsible for the production and marketing of their iPhone-lookalike handsets ceases all development for their device, but nothing beats an official announcement to announce the inevitable. And this was precisely what M8 users were treated to in an announcement posted

  • Rumour: Fujitsu to launch dual-booting Symbian smartphones?

    We have heard of various out-of-this-world claims made by the rumour mill when it comes to popular consumer electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets, but this particular one which has just come to our attention today is probably in a class of their own with regards to their credibility. That being said, does anybody fancy

  • Microsoft to release 17 security bulletins for April’s Patch Tuesday

    The second Tuesday of the month is soon upon us, and just as we had expected, Microsoft has published an advance notification of the security bulletins users can expect to receive for their operating systems when the time comes. And we got some news for you: this month's Patch Tuesday is not going to be