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Chromebooks can now run Windows…sort of

Google may have explicitly declared that their Chromebooks will not allow a user to install anything to the local storage, much less replace the stock Chrome OS operating system with an alternative OS such as Windows 7 or a Linux distribution. However, the good news is that Chromebook owners who

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Google Search: now shipping with malware detection

Wouldn't it be nice if users could be given real-time notifications as to whether their PC's have been infected by malware by simply having websites and search engines passively monitor for unconventional strains of network traffic? Well, the good news is that such a feature is now available on Google's

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Microsoft rejects WebGL over security concerns

Say what you want about Microsoft, but it is clear that the Redmond software giant is taking a very strong stance on security recently, especially after its experience in dealing with the security disasters that were Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6. In fact, so uncompromising is the company's stand

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