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  • Microsoft lines up seven patches for Windows, Office and .NET next week

    Another round of patches are scheduled for release by Microsoft next week, on the 8th of May to be exact which many refer to as Patch Tuesday. There are seven to come out in total with four being rated as Important, and three Critical.

  • Google Drive arrives, 5GB of free storage included

    Wave bye bye to Google Docs and say hello to Google Drive, as the much rumoured and leaked service has gone live, more or less at least. Google seems to be rolling out the service step by step and if you haven't gotten it yet do not fret as it should arrive shortly.

  • Microsoft to release second Windows 8 preview in June

    Microsoft will release a second preview version of Windows 8 in June as the countdown to the launch of the new operating system begins.

  • Microsoft and Intel hope to cut iPad market share to under 50 percent

    Microsoft and Intel are hoping that a slew of Windows 8 tablets will storm the industry and lower iPad's market share from 70 percent to under 50 percent within a year's time.

  • Microsoft reveals three Windows 8 versions, mentions a fourth

    We're not sure if this is good news, but it's most definitely not bad news, as Microsoft appears to finally have understood that having half a dozen different consumer oriented versions of Windows is a bad thing, the company will only offer three different versions of Windows 8 when it launches. As such, expect to

  • Microsoft pulls plug on mainstream support for Vista

    "Mainstream" support for Microsoft's ill-received Vista operating system has ended today where it has now entered a secondary "Extended Support" stage that lasts until 2017 when the doors will be shut on this operating system for good.

  • Microsoft preps four critical and two important updates for next week

    Microsoft has made an announcement today detailing plans to roll out six new security patches on this month's 'Patch Tuesday' scheduled for next week. Four of these are rated Critical, with the other two being Important.

  • LG Miracle Windows Phone with 4-inch NOVA display revealed

    There hadn't been many manufacturers pushing the Windows Phone aside from Nokia, HTC and Samsung. LG's new Windows Phone has been leaked since last year, but till now, we have yet to see or hear any update of it. Pocketnow has recently revealed the new Windows Phone, which comes in the form of LG Miracle,

  • Intel’s Smart Response, Smart Connect and Rapid Start requirements detailed

    With the introduction of its new 7-series chipsets – specifically the Z77 and H77 as well as a few mobile variants – Intel will be adding two new technologies in addition to Smart Response. These two new additions will be known as Rapid Start and Smart Connect and the requirements have now been detailed courtesy

  • Windows 8 screen resolution recommendations suggest 2560×1440 tablets

    Microsoft has apparently decided that Apple's retina display on the new iPad just doesn't cut it, as the company has released details covering common screen sizes for Windows 8 which points towards tablets – or slates as per the diagram – with resolutions of up to 2560×1440 pixels which equates to 291 DPI on a

  • Windows 8 is expected to launch in October

    Not entirely unexpectedly, Microsoft is aiming for an October launch for Windows 8 and we should see both the x86 and ARM versions launch at the same time. This would give Microsoft ample time to get its new OS out into the channel in time for the holiday shopping season, be it on new devices

  • Download Windows Server 8 Beta and SQL Server 2012 RTM Final

    Keeping in line with its strategy of releasing public previews of their next-generation software, Microsoft has released public beta versions of their next generation operating system and SQL for the enterprise.

  • White Nokia Lumia 800 comes to Singapore

    Aside from the black, fuchsia and cyan flavors that are currently available in the market, Nokia has introduced the white version of the Lumia 800. The white Windows Phone is now available in Singapore.

  • Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday to roll in six new updates

    Microsoft is gearing up for another Patch Tuesday next week which will comprise six new updates – one rated as being 'Critical', four that are 'Important' and one 'Moderate'.

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview reveals nine SKUs

    Following the release of Microsoft's Windows 8 Consumer Preview on Wednesday which was super quick to see over a million downloads within the first 24 hours, through some deeper investigation via the system registry it's been discovered that there will likely be no less than nine variations of the operating system when it hits shelves

  • Microsoft releases Windows 8 Consumer Preview

    Microsoft has released a consumer preview of Windows 8, the next version of its popular operating system, giving people a sneak peek at what is to come and letting them help iron out any kinks before its expected release later this year.

  • Microsoft announces Skype for Windows Phone; new hardware support

    At the Mobile World Congress 2012, Microsoft has announced the beta version of Skype for Windows Phone; new hardware support; and new developer opportunities with the launch of the Windows Phone marketplace in 23 more markets, including China, Thailand and Vietnam for Asia.

  • Microsoft to remove “Windows Live” and “Zune” branding in Windows 8

    It has been discovered through Microsoft's soon to be released Windows 8 Consumer Preview that the software giant is planning to do away with a couple of its big user-facing brands, namely Zune and Windows Live. The associating programs will still be there, but with simpler names applied to appear more seamless with the whole

  • Early Microsoft Office 15 screenshots are out

    Some screenshots have appeared online of Microsoft's Office 15 productivity suite following a Technical Preview release that was provided to a number of businesses and partners last month. All applications within are designed to run as standard on Windows 7 or 8 with the ribbon interface that we saw introduced in Office 2007 making its

  • Microsoft’s Windows 8 Logo takes a radical change

    Say goodbye to the multicolored Windows flag, as what you see here is the new Windows logo for Microsoft's next consumer level OS, Windows 8. Some radical changes are on the cards with Windows 8 especially pertaining to the mobile/touchscreen friendly Metro UI and Microsoft wanted to reflect Metro's emphasis on cleaner lines in its