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Taiwanese actor gets his hands on iPhone 5C casing with regulatory markings on the back

A well known Taiwanese actor has got his hands on the purported iPhone 5C casing we’ve been seeing a lot recently, the pictures he has posted show regulatory markings on the back of the device.


iPhone 5C rumors are a dime a dozen these days, despite the fact that Apple has not confirmed yet if it is indeed going to unveil the much rumored low cost iPhone, a.k.a iPhone 5C, next month. We’ve seen the same polycarbonate casing multiple times over the last couple of weeks, in different colors, and it is widely believed to be the real deal. Jimmy Lin, a well known Taiwanese actor and singer, seems to have got his hands on a similar casing, but his pictures show relevant regulatory markings, which are not plastered on a prototype.


Of nearly all of the iPhone 5C casings we’ve seen right now, almost all of them have not contained these markings. The fact that these pictures come from a Taiwanese actor, who is from a country where many of Apple’s component suppliers are located, might indicate the possible mass production of iPhone 5C, which may well be already underway. Obviously there’s no way of judging the authenticity of this casing, but popular view is that this is exactly what Apple’s budget iPhone is going to look like.

Lin posted these pictures on Sina Weibo, which is China’s Twitter clone. He doesn’t reveal any additional information and only shows the back of the device, which leads me to believe that he’s only got his hands on the casing, not a fully assembled device. Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 5S next month.

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