The singing, dancing, driving superstar of Taipei posed with what appears to be an iPhone 6 on Weibo recently.


The much-rumored iPhone 6 is expected out later this year. Almost every aspect of the phone has already been leaked — as is the tradition with upcoming hotly anticipated Apple products.

Keeping with that tradition, Taiwanese singer, actor and professional race car driver Jimmy Lin recently posted a picture  of himself with what appears to be an iPhone 6 on his Weibo profile. Lin did a similar stunt last year, posting a picture on Weibo with the yet-unveiled iPhone 5C.

Of course, this could be an elaborate ruse: a fake iPhone 6 mockup would be relatively easy to manufacture. The same shady ODM factories that make knock off Apple products could easily churn one out.


But this could also be a stunt to build hype for a phone in the now relatively crowded smartphone market. It isn’t just a Apple-Samsung duopoly any more: there are now a half-dozen companies producing high-end smartphones at a more competitive price than Apple. Simply put, Apple no longer has the clout it once had in a world with Xiaomi and ZenFones.

Source: Weibo



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