‘Starship Bridge demo’ is the first Oculus Rift demo running on the recently released Unreal Engine 4.


Ever since Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton closed in 2008, Star Trek fans that have longed to explore the bridge of one of the Federation’s vessels have been out of luck. Now Trek fans that happen to own a Oculus Rift headset can tour the bridge of the USS Voyager thanks to indie developer Thomas Kadlec’s “Starship Bridge demo”.

Kadlec’s tech demo runs on the Unreal 4 Engine, the only game engine to ship with out-of-box support for Oculus Rift. Speaking with Road to VR, Kadlec sang praises of the engine’s ease of use.

“I almost have the sensation of being a “movie director” when working with Unreal Engine 4,” he said. “I can come up with an idea and in a matter of minutes you can come up with an implementation that looks really amazing.”

If you have an Oculus Rift headset, you can grab the demo here. For the rest of us, below is a video showing of the space Kadlec designed and some of the impressive lighting effects from the new Unreal Engine.

While VR headsets aren’t likely to catch on with the mainstream anytime soon for gaming due to resolution and refresh rate issues, demos like this could make anyone long for one of these headsets.

Unfortunately, Seven of Nine does not make an appearance in the demo.

Source: Road to VR