The madness is about to begin, so are you willing to endure it all for a chance at grabbing a Retina iPad with a $60 gift card for $499.99?

Black Friday is quickly approaching, and if you’ve been setting aside a few bucks here and there for a chance at grabbing cheap tech then maybe an iPad with Retina bundled with a $60 gift card for $499.99 from Target will empty the pig and satisfy your urge for a new toy.

Wal-Mart will, too, have an iPad sale, but it’s not the one with Retina.  Rather, Wal-Mart will be selling the iPad 2 for $399.99 and will come with a $75 gift card.  Wal-Mart will open early, and promises that the iPad 2 will be in stock for at least an hour. 

If you’re willing to endure the crowd and risk losing a body part in all the madness then I have this to say to you: “May the force be with you.”  Wouldn’t it be nicer just to stay at home to enjoy the left-over turkey and catch up with family and friends?