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Tech website releases alleged pictures of iPad mini

Tech website UkrainianiPhone has released some exclusive pictures of what are alleged to be parts of the upcoming iPad mini. These pictures are consistent with another leak that happened in August.

In the same way that that the iPhone used to be the smartphone (and many would argue that it still is), the iPad was, and remains, the tablet. That doesn't mean that it's the best tablet by subjective or objective standards, but that it is the most popular – the tablet that everybody looks up to as the standard to imitate.

But over the last year or so, Apple's reign has been challenged in this area, especially by smaller and cheaper tablets like Amazon's Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. While these tablets are not particularly competitive in their specs, they do have a price tag to attract consumers, who may not be as interested in a tablet the cost of a medium-grade desktop computer.

But it is expected that Apple will make an attempt that could regain even this price territory, with the launch of an anticipated product: the iPad mini. The iPad mini, as it is known now, is really just a smaller and lesser version of the iPad.

Today, tech website UkrainianiPhone released some exclusive pictures of what is allegedly the iPad mini. The pictures were supposedly taken by a source "close to Apple production line in China". This particular leak release is made less dubious by its consistency with a previous parts leak. The parts are seen below, and labeled respectively:

Black outer housing, as the device would be seen from the back

The same housing, as seen from the inside: 1 = stereo mini-jack, 2 = Plastic cover for Wi-Fi antenna, 3 = NanoSim tray, 4 = Lightning connector dock

iPad mini touchscreen

Like the iPhone 5, the material on this alleged iPad mini's back panel is annodized aluminum. Assuming this leak is real, that may not be such a popular feature, due to the tendency of the iPhone's back to scuff.

Sources: Gizmodo and 9to5mac via UkrainianiPhone

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