Teclast China TL-M66 HD MP4 Player

Teclast China has unveiled their new TL-M66 HD MP4 Player which sports a 5-inch LCD display (800×480), supports high definition 720p videos and is capable of 1080p video output too.

The Teclast China TL-M66 is the latest HD MP4 player with a 5-inch display (800×480). With a thickness of just 11mm, the player supports MKV, RMVB, AVI, H.264 video formats at 720 high definition resolution.

It also comes with video and audio output, USB port, earphone jack, infrared and a unique USB-to-2mm connector for charging the device. (You can use a Nokia phone to charge the MP4 player via the phone’s 2mm jack).

The manufacturer has also included the digital format of popular Taiwanese singer, Jolin Tsai’s latest album “Flower Butterfly” in the player.

At press time, the TL-M66 HD MP4 player is retailing at CNY699 (approximately USD100) for the 8GB model.

And it is not surprising that the manufacturer is using a beautiful model to promote their product. Check out the gallery to see more pictures of the model.

Source: Teclast China, AkihabaraNews