Teclast T56

Teclast China has unveiled their new T56 which claims to be the world’s first portable media player (PMP) that supports high definition (HD) 1080p H.264 videos. On top of that, it also has HDMI output for user to output the HD videos on their LCD TVs.

While the current breed of MP4 players are capable of 1280×720 RMVB high definition videos, playing H.264 720p HD stream can be a challenge. Teclast China has released news of their MP4 player T56 which can playback 1920x1080p Full HD videos and will be available soon.

According to the company, the T56 uses Telechips’ TCC8900 processor based on ARM11 instruction set architecture.

The T56 supports high definition video streams including H.264 and VC-1. It features a HDMI connector to output the video to LCD TVs for Full HD viewing. The 5-inch display supports 800×480 resolution with viewing angle of almost 180-degree. No pricing details available yet though.

Source: Teclast