What happens when underage kids take compromising images of themselves, and then finding that somehow those same explicit images end up on porn sites?

According to a report from 9News.com, a 17-year-old US teenager by the name of Michael has been arrested by Cobb County Police for hacking minors' cellphones with a bogus text ad that, when clicked on, would install a piece of phone-controlling malware.

As bad as that might be, it is only the beginning as it appears that teen pervert would then scan  the phone for compromising images.  Even more disturbing is that he also takes control of the phone’s camera to take nude pictures unbeknownst minors.

Cook would then download those images and then upload them to pornographic sites. At this point, the police know of eight victims, with the youngest being 14 years old.

Police have charged the teen with eight counts of cruelty to children, and one count of sexually exploiting children.  Police, however, also admit that they may never know the total number of victims, because it was difficult to identify some of the victims in the confiscated pictures.

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