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Tegra 4-based Acer TA2 tablet shows up again, WQXGA display nearly confirmed

Nvidia’s Tegra 4 chips might have little to no chance of ever achieving the heights of popularity of their predecessors (aka Tegra 3), but that doesn’t mean we can’t get psyched over the handful of devices that will end up using the costly platform.

Acer logo

So far, there’s the Nvidia Shield, which sadly has seen its release pushed back a couple of times, plus the HP Slatebook 10 X2 and Toshiba’s new Excite family members. Oh, and ZTE’s Geek U988S, the only Tegra 4-based smartphone confirmed so far.

Quite a “select” club, but there’s at least one more tablet looking to join. Spotted in a couple of benchmarks last week under the confusing TA272HUL codename, this Acer-made gadget has popped up in GFXBench’s database too, going by a much simpler moniker – TA2.

Of course, that’s still unlikely to be the slate’s final market name. Not that that matters too much. What matters is the tab is just about confirmed, as is the running of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and the 1.8 GHz Tegra 4 CPU beneath its hood.

Acer TA2

The only other feature this latest benchmark “confirms” is the display’s resolution – 2,560 x 1,344 pixels, which sounds a little off, but it’s likely just WQXGA (2,560 x 1,600) with on-screen navigation buttons. Either that, or it’s QHD (2,560 x 1,440), but my money is on the former.

The screen size is still the biggest question mark regarding the Acer TA2, but the close second in my book is the reason why the newly leaked slate seems to perform worse in 3D graphics compared with the HP Slatebook 10 X2. After all, the Slatebook does pack the same chip clocked at the same 1.8 GHz, hence the same GPU as well, so what’s up with those score differences?

I’m afraid wait and see is all we can do, with TA2’s ETA being an even bigger mystery than its display size.

Via [Tech Kiddy] and [GFX Bench]

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