Nvidia has announced that its Tegra 4i chip now supports LTE speeds of up to 150Mbps, an increase from the slower 100Mbps LTE speed.

The Tegra 4i, an offshoot of the Tegra 4, only required a software update to enable the LTE-Advanced functionality.  Of course the updated chip will also support LTE Cat 3, 3G, and 2G just in case LTE-Advanced isn’t available.  Also on the agenda is another software update somewhere down the line which will enable voice-over-LTE for the Tegra 4i.

While competitors, which include the likes of Qualcomm and Samsung, are making strides, the Santa Clara, California-based Nvidia is still struggling to convince manufacturers that the Tegra 4 (and its variants) is the correct choice.  Despite the “future-proof” nature of the Tegra 4, it remains that Qualcomm and company are gobbling up more and more market share with each passing day.

Source: bgr