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Tens instagram sunglasses

‘Tens’ sunglasses are the real-life Instagram photo filter

Have you ever wanted everything to look like something out of an Instagram photo?

Tens instagram sunglasses

Sunglasses have been around – and in popular use – since the middle of the twentieth century for blocking harmful sunlight, or for pretending to be a fighter jet pilot, and it appears that they are about to get a boost in the market with the introduction of vibrant new lens / filters, inspired by those available in modern smartphones.

Popularized single-handedly by Instagram, and all the photo-editing smartphone apps released in its wake, photo filters help make mediocre cellphone photos look surprisingly good – the oddly named Tens sunglasses use a special lens to apply the same concept to real-life.

typical lens vs tens instagram sunglasses

Here’s how the world looks like through Tens’ Classic.

Like any good pair of sunglasses, Tens will block all harmful rays so you can enjoy your day without squinting your eyes from indirect glares.

You can pre-order Tens‘ Classic sunglasses right now from their Indiegogo campaign. Packages start at an acceptable £36 ($61), and go up to £66 ($111), including shipping.

Source: Indiegogo

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